Life is too short, think big !

When we accepted to host Raika and Anna from Germany for a couple of days we didn’t expect to get along so well, we didn’t expect to book a trip to Helsinki, and we sure didn’t expect that they would be such good cooks ! Anna baked several stuff that always turned out to be ENORMOUS.

We got to try HUGE apple pancakes…YUMMY
♥ Nous avons eu droit à d’enorme pancakes aux pommes, délicieux♥

 And A GIANT brioche that grew so much it almost couldn’t fit in the oven by the end !
♥ et une brioche GÉANTE qui tenait à peine dans le four !♥

We also got to try great pastas and a carrot soup to die for ! Good thing we also got to walk around a lot in Helsinki 😉
♥ Nous avons aussi pu déguster une soupe aux carottes extraordinaire ! Heureusement que l’on à eu l’occasion de bien nous dépenser à Helsinki♥

Helsinki, Sibelius monument


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