Life is too short, buy running socks !

So i’m one of those people.
The kind that always wanna try a lot of new stuff but feels little (very) shy doing it alone and often makes up excuses to cancel at the last minute. Or at least i used to be.  I’ve been trying to get better at this.

Yesterday i had a break through. I had read about We Run STHLM in Metro and thought it would be really cool to do it. It’s a thing put together by Nike, every Wednesday they organise training races with leaders who run 3,5 or 10k with you around Stockholm and at the end you get a little healthy snack, and of course a t shirt 🙂

Of course i mentionned it to my friends who though it was a great idea but we never got around doing it. So i registered myself 2 days ago.

In the morning my determination had already began to shake a bit. Then on the way to the office i realized i had forgotten to take socks.  That was it. My excuse. I could see it. I was not going to do it, i couldn’t, i just couldn’t run without socks.
Then after a while, my determination came back, nope, i was going to be part of this thing, by myself. So on my lunch break i went down to Stadium and bought 5 pairs of socks.

And at 6 i got my t shirt and at 6h40 i got my snacks and juice, i was sweaty and ecstatic 😉

In the evening i treated myself with some European championship special edition m&m’s coming directly from Berlin thanks to awesome Flo ! (in yogurt, yes that’s the way i like it)


Je fais partie de ces gens.
Ceux aui ont toujours envie d’essayer plein de trucs nouveaux mais qui sont un peu (très) timide pour le faire seul et souvent finissent par trouver une excuse pour annuler au dernier moment. En tout cas j’en faisais partie. J’essaye de m’améliorer.

Hier, j’ai bien progressé ! J’avais lu que tous les mercredis Nike proposait de participer à We Run STHLM
, un petit entrainement de 3, 5 ou 10 k avec un “coach” et à la fin des petits rafraichissements; et un t shirt bien sûre !

Evidemment j’en ai parlé à mes amis qui ont trouvé l’idée sympa mais nous n’avons jamais eu l’occasion de le faire.  Du coup je me suis inscrite toute seule  avant hier.

Le matin, ma motivation avait déjà diminuée un chouille. Ensuite, en chemin pour le boulot j’ai réalisé que j’avais oublié mes chaussettes de sport. Et voilà, mon excuse. Je ne pouvais décemment pas courir sans chausettes !
Et puis au bout d’un moment la motivation à repris le dessus et à midi je suis allée m’acheter 5 paires de chausettes toutes neuves 🙂

A 6h je récupérais mon tshirt et à 6h40 je buvais mon jus de fruit, toute en sueur et toute fière !

Et en récompense, super m&m’s edition limité pour le championnat de foot en provenance direct de Berlin, merci merci Flo ! (oui dans du yaourt pourquoi?)


5 thoughts on “Life is too short, buy running socks !

  1. Well done, its little things like that which can give you an excuse not to run/gym but you did it anyway 🙂
    I have never tried M&M’s in yoghurt – is it nice?! The other day at work all the spoons had mysteriously vanished from the kitchen, so I ended up eating a yoghurt using a chocolate biscuit as a spoon. And then ate the biscuit. Delicious 😉

  2. hi hi hi i love to do that too 🙂 what a wonderful way to eat a biscuit without even “wanting to” 😉

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