Life is too short, even shorter on holidays.

Gosh. Am i already back? Didn’t i leave yesterday?

Ok physically im much better: first of all i now have a human skin color, no more Casper in sight. Then, my hair got blonder, and finally, im rested. And that was needed.

But moraly, boooooh. I spent an awesome week with my parents and älskling eating constantly, paddling in the swimming pool, reading, checking out adorable villages, sun bathing and TALKING ! When im in Stockholm i feel my parents miss so much of my life, so when i m in France, i talk constantly.
Now that i’m back and älskling is still enjoying his last week of vacation i’m alone at home and it feels soooo empty…do not even get me started on the weather in Stockholm. I mean, im seriously considering asking for a refund for this summer.

Ok, Mo, shape up, put on a scarf and go back to work with a smile on your face and the head full of beautiful memories:-)

Oh mon dieu. Je suis déjà de retour? Je ne viens pas de partir?

Ok, physiquement ca va beaucoup mieux: ma peau a repris couleur humaine, plus de Casper a l’horizon, mais cheveux ont blondi et je suis enfin réellement reposée.

Mais moralement, c’est plus dur. Aprés une semaine avec mes parents et älskling a barboter dans la piscine, manger continuellement, lire, visiter d’adorables petits villages, bronzer et parler ! Lorsque je suis en Suède je me dis qu’il a tellement de chose que mes parents ratent de ma vie du coup lorsque je suis en France je parle constamment.
Et de retour a Stockholm, sans älskling qui profite de sa derniere semaine de vacances, je me retrouve bien seule sous le ciel gris de Stockholm. A ce sujet “remboursez notre été svp”.

Bon allez, on se re motive. On enfile un bonnet et on retourne au boulot le sourire aux lèvres et la tête pleine de beaux souvenirs.

2 thoughts on “Life is too short, even shorter on holidays.

  1. Welcome to Sweden, where the summer never shows and it’s fall year around :/

    This summer has been the worst in a long time ! Man, I’m so disappointed !! And yey I found my way back to your blog 🙂

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