Life is too short to stay at the same place too long…

Friday 2nd was my last day at work. I don’t think i realized yet cause i have had so much on my mind. After 2 years at the Ambassy i cleaned up my office, said bye to m colleagues (got pretty cool presents) and that was it.

It’s tough to think that soon someone else will be at my desk, dealing with my colleagues, organizing events i organized before him…doing what i did for 2 years and probably doing it really well… how will people remember me? Will they?

(Lea, my favorite colleague) 

 and party one last time with your friends !

Plus, i have tones of new projects ahead of me… like… while you’re reading this i’m in a flight to San Francisco where i will meet up with älskling and his mom, then älskling and i will fly to Seattle to spend 3 weeks with our awesome friend Sash !!! SO EXCITED !

the garden party

well i only got to stay 30 min but it was a good 30 min with Champagne, bread (real bread) cheese and about 568 macarons.  And most importantly my friends and boyfriend all dressed up !

I was gone but i heard the rumor that Älskling ended up staying till the end, talking with H.Excellency, the Embassador himself.


today Clint was in town. Clint is a professor. Clint used to be a bar and a club owner. He is american but spend 6 months a year traveling and teaching in every country in the world. We first met Clint 4 years ago while studying at Arkansas State University, Älskling, Jean Philippe and I…

He is teaching in Finland right now, flying to Austria in a week and visiting us for the weekend… What a wonderful surprise and a wonderful trip down memory lane…


This proud feeling

I’m sitting on my couch chatting with älskling’s mother.

How is that an accomplishement?

She doesn’t speak a word of english and for the last 4 years all we managed to say to each other is “hi” and “bye”.

We are now catching up 4 years of getting to know each other, in swedish. And it feels awesome.

depressingly awesome

Yesterday evening Älskling had booked us for an “Around the world” presentation at Kilroy, a scandinavian based travel agency. A dude who visited 58 countries was telling us about what you should think of before taking an around the world trip and of couse, Älskling had billion of questions to ask. It was extremely interesting, and, one rock two birds, a good 2 hours of training my swedish. This guy knew pretty much everything, from the insurance cost if you wanna jump from a cliff in Brazil to the prices of accomodation in Fidji and the time you need to wait in Hong Kong before you can get a visa to China (3 days btw). I left this place totally depressed.


Pippi & the french artist !

in english: my friends Cindy and Marcus had their moving in party yesterday. And since she is french and he is swedish, they decided to have a really fun theme: All french people had to dress “swedish” and every Swedes had to dress “french” !!!!  It was a lot of fun, unfortunatly, there’s always some boring people “too cool to dress up”….

can you believe they ALL had the same idea??

In french:  hier soir, mes amis Cindy et Marcus ont fait leur pendaison de craimaillère. Et comme c’est aussi un couple mixte, ils ont eu l’idée d’un thème rigolo: Les suédois devaient se déguiser en francais et les francais en suédois. C’était vraiment très sympa ! Malheureusement il y a toujours des gens “trop cool” pour se jouer le jeu…

A swedish attempt: Igår var det inflyttning fest av mina vänner Cindy och Marcus. Eftersom de är fransyska och svensk de bestämde att ha en ganska rolig tema: alla svenskar var tvungna att klä ut sig som franskman och alla franskman, som svenskar. Vad roligt det var !!! Tyvärr finns det alltid personer som är “för kul” för att klä ut sig…

sea, ice and sun

In english: On Sunday, last week i was tired of staying inside and decided to have lunch at a really cute little restaurant by the water called Loopen Marin. älskling was too lazy so i took a book, my swedish homework and i was on my way. It was lovely. So sunny. So wonderful to be outside, eventhough it still is really really cold. Love it. Love the idea that spring is not so far away.

In french: Dimanche, il y a deux semaines, j’étais fatiguée de passer mon weekend à l’interieur et j’ai décidé d’aller déjeuner dans un adorable petit restaurant au bord de l’eau appelé Loopen Marin. älskling était trop paresseux pour se bouger alors j’ai attrapé un livre, mes devoirs de suédois et je me suis installée au soleil au bord de l’eau. C’était merveilleux, malgré le froid, ce sentiment que le printemps n’est plus si loin.

A swedish attempt: Sondag, för tva veckor sen var jag trött att stänna i så bestämde jag att äta lunch ute pa en jättesöt restaurang vid vatten kallade Lopen Marin. älskling var för lat för att följa med så tog jag min bok och mina svenska böker och gick jag. Och trots att det var jättekallt, det var också underba att känna att våren är inte sa lång bort.

Tallinn baby !!!

This morning im on the way to Tallinn for a 3 day weekend with älskling and 3 other friends !!

Ce matin je suis en chemin pour un weekend de 3 jours à Tallinn avec älskling et 3 autres amis !!

I morse är jag  på väg till Tallinn för en 3 dagar helg med Älskling och 3 vänner !!

Smooth smoothly smoothie

2 or 3 weeks ago we organized a Smoothie Contest at our place with 6 of our friends. We provided the milk and yoghurt, everyone had to bring their fruits. It was really serious. We had a table to fill in with grades from 0 to 5 for each smoothie judging the aspect & the texture, the balance of the blending, the risk taking and the name !! It was so much fun ! And most of the time…so good. Eventhough after 7 tries we all felt kinda sick.

älskling ended up winning with his all fruit cocktail “absolut frutti”. He got his prize (Kinder eggs) and his diploma 😉

Il y a 2 ou 3 semaines nous avons organisé un concours de Smoothie chez nous. Nous fournissions le lait et le yaourt et chacun amenait ses fruits. C’était pas de la rigolade. Nous avions un tableau de notes à remplir sur 5 pour chaque smoothie. Nous notions l’aspect et la texture, la qualité du mélange, la prise de risque et le nom. C’était vraiment sympa ! Et, la plupart du temps, super bon. Bien qu’après 7 essais on se soit tous senti un peu malade.

älskling a gagné le concours avec son cocktail “Absolut frutti”. Il a eu son prix (des oeufs Kinder) et son diplome 🙂

För 2 eller 3 veckor sen arrangerade vi en Smoothie tävling hemma hos oss.  Vi skaffade mjölk och  yoghurt och alla tog med de frukterna de ville använda.  Det var jätte seriös. Vi gav betyg till alla smoothie. Vi beaktade texturen och aspekten, kvalitet av blandningen, äventyrande och namnet. Det var jätte roligt,och, for de flesta, jätte gott. Trots att efter den sjunde prov kände vi lite sjuk.
Det visade sig att älskling vann med sin smoothie “Absolut frutti”. Han fått sin belöning (Kinder ägg) och sin diplom 😉

This oceanic feeling…

ok, ok, ok i said i was back and i kinda wasnt. I could blame work, i could blame älskling being back from Africa, i could also be honest and say i wasn’t feeling much inspired.
But one of my dearest friend, Marie is moving to Australia next Wednesday, and she started a blog for us to follow her around. And i felt it again. This envy to share what’s happening in my life again. Plus, i’ll get to follow her and she’ll get to follow me.
So let’s hope that’s not just another try.

ok,ok, ok  j’ai dit que j’étais de retour, et en fait, pas vraiment. Je pourrais dire que c’est à cause du boulot, à cause d’älskling qui est de retour, mais honêtement c’est surtout que l’inspiration n’était toujours pas de retour.

Mais mercredi prochain Marie part pour l’Australie. Elle a crée un blog pour que nous puissions suivre ses aventures et ca m’a redonné envie de continuer. Pour qu’elle aussi puisse me suivre. J’espère que cette fois je suis de retour pour de bon.

   och nu försöker jag på svenska !

ok, ok, ok. Jag sa att jag var tillbaka och jag var inte. Jag skulle kunna skylla jobbet, eller älskling som är tillbaka från Afrika, men ärligen, jag var inte motiverad.
Men en av mina bästa vänner åker till Australien nästa önsdag och hon skapade en blogg och jag kände som jag ville börja igen. Så hon kan också följa mit liv.