Happy 14th of July !


okey, just so you don’t forget about me for a week i scheduled a post

So right now im guessing im at the beach w/ my cousins and we might be able to see some fireworks in the dark sky….  

here are some post cards i saw in the american store in Malmö and i found so fun ! 

I miss catching up on your blogs girls ! i’ll be back on sunday !


Sometimes you just need to check the mail…

it’s one of those days. It’s an ok day. The weather is great, you like your outfit , work wasn’t “kill self” boring and you had raspberry for lunch.

But still something ‘s missing. That thing that will make your day.

Mine was in the mail. Waiting for me. It came all the way from New Zealand ! I never received anything from there in my life. It’s a first for my mailbox. It’s a package.

But WHAT A PACKAGE. It’s perfect in every way. It’s sober and so cute, so smart and so funny, so adorable and unique.

It’s from Chelsea Jade.

Some days ago she offered to anyone interested to send her EP. “This is about activity”. I really liked her blog and her beautiful pictures so i was sure her music would be interresting. little did i know then. 


I didn’t know the adventure would start while opening the package. I can’t describe what i felt when i saw all those adorable notes and drawings, i felt it was from a best friend writting just for me. 

Might sound cheesy but i feel really touched, and i guess it was the least  i can do to write this post. As a HUGE thank you for “making my day” ……


of course i listened to “This is about activity”  and it’s like the soundtrake your dreams are missing.



L’art est dans la rue*

yesterday night i was a real parisian. One of my friend was on a trip for work and she left me the keys of her appartement in the 5th “arrondissement” of Paris. For the very first time it only took me 30 min to get “home” from work instead of the usual 1h30 !  It was nice…but kinda weird to be alone. It felt really nice to sleep a little longer, to buy a pain au chocolat in a Boulangerie on the way to work… I work in an adorable corner of Paris, la butte aux cailles… and in la butte aux caill es, l’art est dans la rue. Many amazing pieces of art on the walls…. they could be on a museum wall…


* Art is in the street   

“When I’m sick I just stop being sick and be awesome instead”

True Story….


That’s what would say Barney from How I met your Mother

I wish it would be that simple

But it’s not and I feel really bla

But still, i decided on playing w/ my grandma’s painting

I love how it’s the exact same shade of colors as my glasses…    

thanks a lot for your “get well” messages, it means a lot

Being bored, i studied some svenska, so here a today’s words :



I had a crazy week

And it’s not over…

back to work tomorrow afternoon !

Big event is on monday…

I don’t know where I’ll find time to study

and let’s not even mention..find time for me…

presentation about IKEA on thursday…

didn’t go perfectly 😦

you know what’s perfect?



F*** a Duck !

that’s what älskling always says when he’s mad. I love ducks. Don’t ask why. And today in a shop called Lagerhaus, dsc00542that sells lots of cute and fun stuff i found an adorable garlande !!!!

We’ve been playing the tourists in Malmö and Copenhaguen lately since it’s my friends first time here and it’s quite nice 😉 Can’t believe tomorrow is the last day of 2008… Can’t wait to celebrate 🙂

weekend…hence happiness

It’s amazing how I see everything in “pink” just because it’s friday !! FRIDAY ! I love fridays. People are more relax, they dress funny and..leave early !! It’s like the weekend started already ! Just the idea of being able to sleep in tomorrow makes me smile, I’m this close to set my alarm just to have the pleasure of ignoring it….I won’t though, that would be crazy… So tomorrow night is the “Nuit blanche” in Paris..that you could translate “white night” but it would’nt mean anything so it’s more like “the sleepless night. It’s just artistic stuff all around Paris the whole night, I don’t know if we are going yet though. Oh and just because I was so frustrated not to have a pic,  I drew it. I know. that’s crazy.   

c’est fou comme le seul fait d’être vendredi me fait voir la vie en rose tout à coup. J’adore les vendredis. Les gens sont plus relax, ils s’habillent marrant et quittent le travail plus tôt, bref c’est déjà le week end ! Juste l’idée de ma grasse mat de demain me donne le sourire, j’ai presque envie de mettre le reveil juste pour me payer le luxe de l’ignorer. Je ne le ferai pas…ça serais fou. Demain c’est “la nuit blanche”, je ne sais pas encore si on va y faire un tour. Ah oui, comme j’étais super frustrée de ne pas avoir de photo, je l’ai dessiné. ouai je sais, c’est stupide.