Crispin visited last week, it was AWESOME ! I had taken some days off and we enjoyed Stockholm under the sun together !

It’s always a lot of fun to play the tourist in your own city, it’s even funnier to do it with Crispin.


We were invited to Cindy and Marcus’s “Shtekare” theme bday party. So we dressed up and that’s always so much fun too.

and we baked…A LOT !!!!!! It was so cool, Crispin had so many ideas, we made so many different cupcakes and a super cool duke bday cake. I think everybody liked them !

and of course we went to Eric Saade’s concert !!!

Bday celebration day 2 part 2

Then we were supposed to fly our hot-air balloon. Remember? that’s the present Alice and Ro got me for my 24 bday but it got cancelled a first time because of the weather, then Ro was gone…Anyway, we had re booked it for Sunday…and well, it happened again. Too much wind. It got cancelled. I was really disappointed…but then Alice suggested we spend the afternoon at Gröna Lund and like a 4 year old kid you want to distract from her broken toy, i got super excited again.


and to finish “en beauté” this memorable weekend, Champagne with a view !

Bday celebration day 2

The next morning (13pm) some of us had brunch at Berns. Was my first time there but i had noticed the excitement in Alice’s voice everytime she mentionned the “dessert buffet” so i really was looking forward to it. I wasn’t disapointed. Did you know that for 55sek (about 6-7 euros) you get to enjoy the all you can eat dessert buffet???? 

And so we did.

Be prepared to hear the excitement in MY voice now.

Bday celebration, evening 1: Grease Lightnin’

After our little make over we headed back home to find our friends all dressed up, waiting for us with drinks and cakes !

I was soooo happy to see that everyone had really got into it !

and i opened wonderful presents ! Always amaze to realize how well people know me !

Among beautiful owl earings,  notebook, macarons hearplugs and M&M’s bag, i  also got a 2 hours baking course at our favorite Camelia’s cupcakes !!! Im really excited !

After karaoking some of Grease songs we headed to the Restaurant, Marion’s Gastro Dinner the perfect place for a 50’s party theme.
We had really good burgers and cocktails and i got to blow some more candles on an amazing home made pink cake with a duck on top !!!

Then it was time to play Bowling ! Some of us rocked, most of us sucked but damn we all had a great time !

” because it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s what you do with your dancing shoes “

Follow the white rabbits

In english: My friend Alice turned 25 on February 19th. She is an Alice in Wonderland fan. She loves it so much actually that she decided to get a tatoo for her bday. She get “Follow the white rabbit” on her rib. It was my first time in a tatoo store and it was extremely impressive. I could NEVER do that.

And to go with it, we decided to throw her a “rabbit” theme party.


En francais: mon amie Alice à eu 25 ans le 19 février. Elle est fan d’Alice au pays des merveilles. A tel point qu’elle a décidé de s’offrir un tatouage pour son anniversaire qui dit “Follow the white rabbit”. Et nous, nous avons décidé de lui organiser une fête sur le thème des lapins blancs.

some people really got into it

A swedish attempt: min vän följde 25 den 19 februari. Hon är en Alice i Wonderland beundrare. Sa mycket att hon bestämde att fa en tatuering som säger “Follow the white rabbit” för hennes födelsedagen. Och vi, bestämde att organisera en fest med de tema “vita kaniner”!

ett år i Sverige / a year in Sweden

Yesterday was a special anniversary. I moved to Sweden exactly a year ago.  OMG everything that happened since September 16th 2009. I can’t believe it’s only been a year. But i also can’t believe it’s already been a year !!! It’s the longest i lived in another country.
I had swedish class from 6 to 8 so i had time to process the fact that after a year of studying that language…i still can’t speak it. How frustrating. I feel like giving up sometimes. But i promised myself i won’t leave Sweden before i can speak Swedish.

Over all it was a great year. I moved in with älskling, i started a new exciting job, i survived my first minus 20°c winter, learnt to know and love STHLM, i made awesome friends, i lived alone, i traveled around, i celebrated midsommar and got stuck on an island… and there are still so many things for me to do. Spännade !

On a total different note, but not that different cause after all, i’m going the distance, on tuesday Ro, Alice and i went to see “Going the Distance” with Drew barrymore and Justin Long. I didn’t really know what do expect but if they do a movie on long distance relationship, i HAVE to see it. I LOVED it. And suprizingly, it was incredibly funny. Not funny “ha ha” funny “laughing for 5 more minutes after the joke is over”.
It’s official i have a huge lesbian crush on Drew Barrymore.

Ok, time to start my “one year plus 1” day !!


Hier ça faisait exactement un an que j’étais en Suède ! Le moment pour les mises au point, reflexions sur le passé et l’avenir .-)

une super année finalement, tellement de choses ont changées depuis le 16 septembre 2009, pour le mieux. Encore au moins un an et tellement de choses encore à découvrir !

If i could start over…

I would study to be able to work with and study gorillas. They fascinate me. For my bday älskling took me to a huge animal park, Kolmården. It was amazing. I sat for 2 hours just watching the gorillas.

(yes, he is peeing)

But we also got to see other very cool animals and to do a Safari !!!!  We actually had a pretty close encounter with a Girafe. That was AWESOME !

I wanna take this opportunity to thank älskling again. But also to thank him for not making fun of my weird passions and to suprise me, always.


La surprise d’älskling pour mon anniversaire. Le paradis des gorilles. Moi qui en suis folle. C’était extraordinaire ! je suis  restée des heures à les observer. Puis nous avons fait un Safari ! Et rencontré une girafe de très prêt !!

Merci älskling !

back & gone again

im home for a few hours, leaving for the south west of France soon.

Just wanted to say “im still there” and “Irland with the family was pretty cool  (and wet)”


We shopped like crazy. I blame it on my friend Flo who lives in Dublin and introduced my to Penneys, and on the weather.  

oh yeah, and, despite my negociations with whoever is in charge of that, i did turn 24 on July 30th. I got super spoiled which made me forget for a while that im not ok about it.

Sthlm from above

on July 7th i had a REALLY early bday evening with my friends in Sthlm cause everybody is gonna be away on the 30th, me included.

We had raspberry cocktails on my friend Alice’s roof terrasse and then had a super nice diner in the greatest thai restaurant in Stockholm, Koh Phagam. This place is amazing, it’s like taking a trip to Thailand, in the rain forest or something. So fun.

And i even got presents. And omg great ones. My friends went crazy.

Can you guess what i got?

I could not believe it myself at first.

IT IS GONNA BE LEGEND…..wait for it…..AIRY !!!