life is too short to stop walking

on Saturday morning i took a guided tour with a kinda crazy/very knowledgable/ super fast walking guide. I had a blast. I love walking, i love walking thru cities, i love walking fast and i love stories about buildings and streets.


Then i met Dave and his mom and we went thru the Chinese district where they had a huge celebration….after about 30 minutes we were all craving for chinese food and ended up in a small restaurant where we stuffed ourselves with delicious weird looking asian food.

Then we went thru another festival in the italian district ! We climbed all the way to Hyde street to see the cable car go down and took about 1,5 billion pictures, of course we went down and up the Lombard street along with 80 other tourists.

Yeah for our matching outfits…

We walked down th the pier, shopped a bit, had a delicious crêpes and took the cable car back to to hotel. After one last drink it was time for Dave’s mom to pack and go to bed to be up at 7 and catch her flight back to STHLM.


Life is too short to stay at the same place too long…

Friday 2nd was my last day at work. I don’t think i realized yet cause i have had so much on my mind. After 2 years at the Ambassy i cleaned up my office, said bye to m colleagues (got pretty cool presents) and that was it.

It’s tough to think that soon someone else will be at my desk, dealing with my colleagues, organizing events i organized before him…doing what i did for 2 years and probably doing it really well… how will people remember me? Will they?

(Lea, my favorite colleague) 

 and party one last time with your friends !

Plus, i have tones of new projects ahead of me… like… while you’re reading this i’m in a flight to San Francisco where i will meet up with älskling and his mom, then älskling and i will fly to Seattle to spend 3 weeks with our awesome friend Sash !!! SO EXCITED !

Crispin visited last week, it was AWESOME ! I had taken some days off and we enjoyed Stockholm under the sun together !

It’s always a lot of fun to play the tourist in your own city, it’s even funnier to do it with Crispin.


We were invited to Cindy and Marcus’s “Shtekare” theme bday party. So we dressed up and that’s always so much fun too.

and we baked…A LOT !!!!!! It was so cool, Crispin had so many ideas, we made so many different cupcakes and a super cool duke bday cake. I think everybody liked them !

and of course we went to Eric Saade’s concert !!!

Bday celebration day 2 part 2

Then we were supposed to fly our hot-air balloon. Remember? that’s the present Alice and Ro got me for my 24 bday but it got cancelled a first time because of the weather, then Ro was gone…Anyway, we had re booked it for Sunday…and well, it happened again. Too much wind. It got cancelled. I was really disappointed…but then Alice suggested we spend the afternoon at Gröna Lund and like a 4 year old kid you want to distract from her broken toy, i got super excited again.


and to finish “en beauté” this memorable weekend, Champagne with a view !

Bday celebration day 2

The next morning (13pm) some of us had brunch at Berns. Was my first time there but i had noticed the excitement in Alice’s voice everytime she mentionned the “dessert buffet” so i really was looking forward to it. I wasn’t disapointed. Did you know that for 55sek (about 6-7 euros) you get to enjoy the all you can eat dessert buffet???? 

And so we did.

Be prepared to hear the excitement in MY voice now.

Bday celebration, evening 1: Grease Lightnin’

After our little make over we headed back home to find our friends all dressed up, waiting for us with drinks and cakes !

I was soooo happy to see that everyone had really got into it !

and i opened wonderful presents ! Always amaze to realize how well people know me !

Among beautiful owl earings,  notebook, macarons hearplugs and M&M’s bag, i  also got a 2 hours baking course at our favorite Camelia’s cupcakes !!! Im really excited !

After karaoking some of Grease songs we headed to the Restaurant, Marion’s Gastro Dinner the perfect place for a 50’s party theme.
We had really good burgers and cocktails and i got to blow some more candles on an amazing home made pink cake with a duck on top !!!

Then it was time to play Bowling ! Some of us rocked, most of us sucked but damn we all had a great time !

” because it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s what you do with your dancing shoes “

Bday celebration day 1: Model for a day

this weekend we had a two day birthday celebration for me ! Let’s face it i’ll be 25 pretty pretty soon now.

So on Saturday afternoon we played models for a day at The Studio: make up and hair done, our best outfits and a photograph. Feels really nice to be taken care of like you’re some kind of actress about to walk the red carpet.

Turned out to be super fun, eventhough it’s actually pretty tough to relax in front of the camera and to not laugh doing all those weird poses.

Somehow seems pretty silly to have pictures like that, but also kinda cool. 🙂

 The last one we did we were dressed up for my party…which theme was…GREASE !!!

 meet Marty, Sandy and Rizzo 

the garden party

well i only got to stay 30 min but it was a good 30 min with Champagne, bread (real bread) cheese and about 568 macarons.  And most importantly my friends and boyfriend all dressed up !

I was gone but i heard the rumor that Älskling ended up staying till the end, talking with H.Excellency, the Embassador himself.

My number 2

I love churches. Im really not religious but  the building in itself, and the atmosphere of those places get me. . Everytime i see a church i wanna get in and feel it. I’ve been to so many i can’t even remember them all. Of course going to St Petersburg i knew it would be a challenge. It was impossible to see them all. The first one i wanted to check out was of course “Saint Sauveur sur sang versé/ Of the Savior on blood”. Älskling had actually cut out a tiny pic of it from a magazine some month ago and gave it to me…couldn’t stop thinking about it since then. I was not desappointed. This church definitly is my number 2. Number 2 because nothing can top the surreal church we found on the road 66 during our roadtrip in 2006. But omg this one was close. I’ve rarely seen such a georgous building, outisde and inside. I could spend days writting about it. I wont. It was awesome.

But some other churches also made the top 10:

such as the St Kazan cathedral


or this one by Petrov’s castle…but i forgot the name 😦

News flash

just learnt, through Facebook…, that my cousin was getting married. Im not blaming her for not telling me directly since 1) we are not that close, she is brittish (and by this i mean that we did not grow up together, not that i cannot get close to brittish people!) and last time i saw her we were 15 and 2) she probably sent a note to my parents about it…so i blame my parents.

Anyway, she is my age. My age exactly. And she is getting married when my major concern right now is finding out if the weather will be nice enough to go to the beach this weekend. I’m so confused. I’m also super happy for her. But really, so confused that 2 people sharing the same last name, the same blood, at least half of it, and that at one point also shared a desastrous fashion sense….could grow to have such different lives. But it’s great !!  HAPPY WEDDING DAY JENNIE !

Jennie, myself, nicola and Crispin in the back sitting.