On the road again !

Tomorrow Alice, Romain, Adrien and i are OFF TO ST PETERSBURG !!

6 days to discover  another wonderful city ! CAN’T WAIT !


and after that, no time to take a breath, just time to grab clean panties and it’s Midsommar ! We rented a little “stuga” by the beach with a bunch of friends, should be pretty awesome !

(define awesome)

24 going on 9.

Im known for being the girl who loves princesses, and kids stuff in general. My mom is like that, my sister is like that, we just can’t seem to understand why we should stop wearing pink, sing Disney songs and were tiaras just because we’re not 10 anymore. I’m turning 25 in 2 months…and i’ll keep wearing funny mice shaped shoes !



Make Musik STHLM 2011

It was awesome thank you very much.

The weather was amazing, i was in charge of the Normalmstorg stage with my great friend Romain and we had fun fun fun…we also had to deal with some line up problems and one irritated trumpet player but appart from that it truly was a success, all over the city. We even got to see the Royal Family pass by on their way to Skansen (let’s not forget it also was the Swedish National Day).

At 10pm all the volonteers joined the public at the after party. We were all exhausted after standing hours in a row in the sun but we used what little energy we had left to set the dancefloor on fire. can’t wait for next year ! Hope i’ll be around.


Other excuses…

Other reasons why i didnt post in a while:

My friend Simone visited us for the weekend

We went to the Amusement park Gröna Lund and had a lot of fun….. until…we walked bare foot in puke.

Walking in puke doesn’t really prevent you from blogging but… well it’s gross enough to be mentioned.

too busy to beeee

I have very good excuses for why i didnt post in a few days. First of all, i was too busy eating. This weekend was the food festival in Stockholm “Smaka på Stockholm“. it’s when Kungsträdgården transforms into a beehive and tones of little stands offer food from all over the world for really reasonable prices. All of this, in music of course, it’s Sweden.

Then, it was one of the first super sunny weekend so we had to pay our respects and have picnics several times a day…


today Clint was in town. Clint is a professor. Clint used to be a bar and a club owner. He is american but spend 6 months a year traveling and teaching in every country in the world. We first met Clint 4 years ago while studying at Arkansas State University, Älskling, Jean Philippe and I…

He is teaching in Finland right now, flying to Austria in a week and visiting us for the weekend… What a wonderful surprise and a wonderful trip down memory lane…


Make Musik STHLM D – 6

My friend and colleague Alice is organizing the Make Musik STHLM festival for the second year in a row. It is the Swedish version of the french festival Fête de la Musique created in 1982 in France and celebrated every year since then on June 21st. It has now spread in 350 cities all over the world. The idea is “celebrate music”, absolutely everyone can play, absolutely everywhere, and absolutely free !

Since it’s a pretty new concept here in Sweden it has to be a little more organized than in France. This year about 100 bands and more than 50 volonteers registered and in 6 days, on June 6th (Sweden national day btw) we will ROCK this city !

Yesterday evening was the first volonteer meeting and we helped out with the organization and the badges ! Sweet little helpers !

Just checking.

There are still people asking me which is my favorite movie. It’s not like i don’t give hints.

Il y a encore des gens qui me demandent quel est mon film préféré. Ce n’est pas comme ci je ne donnais pas d’indices !

Det finns  fortfarande personer som frågar “vilken är din favorit film?” ….Det är inte som jag inte ger tipsen !