8 hours in Helsinki !

For my bday Alskling got me a cruise to Helsinki ! It was so cool ! We took the boat on Friday afternoon, got there on Saturday morning, had 8 hours there, which is totally ok cause Helsinki is tiny, and were back to Stockholm on Sunday morning !

I heard pretty often that Helsinki was not worth it, that it was pretty ugly and bla bla bla…

Sure it’s small and it’s not Stockholm but i beg to differ. It is cute. It is nice. It’s worth it.

The weather was perfect and we saw a lot of cool stuff !

we met Mumin !!

älskling got super excited when he found Moutain Dew and bought about 8 liters to bring back….

That’s it i have seen Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki !!

On the road again !

Tomorrow Alice, Romain, Adrien and i are OFF TO ST PETERSBURG !!

6 days to discover  another wonderful city ! CAN’T WAIT !


and after that, no time to take a breath, just time to grab clean panties and it’s Midsommar ! We rented a little “stuga” by the beach with a bunch of friends, should be pretty awesome !

(define awesome)

Tallinn’s rockin’

in English:
So Tallinn was COLD. But it was also really cute and fun ! We didn’t have so much time there but we managed to see the old market, take a really fun free guided tour, stuff ourselves with giant pancakes, shop for antiques, drink shots and enjoy our private sauna !!

in French:
Donc Tallinn était..FROID. Mais c’était aussi super mignon et fun! Nous n’avions pas énormément de temps sur place mais nous avons tout de même réussi à aller au vieux marché, à faire suivre une visite guidée un peu déjantée, à nous goinfrer de pancakes, à faire les boutiques et à profiter de notre sauna privée!!

A Swedish attempt:
Så Tallinn var KALLT. Men det var också fint och roligt. Vi hade inte så mycket tid där men vi hann att gå på den gamla marknad, att följa en konstig/rolig guide, att smaka jättestora/goda pankakor, att shopa och att njuta vår privat bastu !

Sexy rock

In english:
My weekend in Tallinn  was SUPER COLD COOL ! Seriously i don’t think i was ever that cold but i had a great (short) time in this adorable old city ! I’ll tell you all about it later but right now i have to hurry up. i’m gonna catch a movie with some friends. 127 hours. With James Franco. 1h38 minutes of James Franco. The review that made me buy the tickets: “Franco manages to turn a rock into something sexy”.

In french:
Mon weekend à Tallin était GELE GENIAL ! Serieusement je ne me rappel pas avoir jamais eu aussi froid, mais c’était tout de même très sympa de découvrir la ville entre amis ! Je vous raconterai ca plus tard, la je file, je vais voir 127 heures avec James Franco. 1h38 de James Franco. La critique qui m’a fait acheter les billets: “Franco arrive à rendre un rocher sexy”.

A swedish attempt:
Min helg i Tallinn var KALLT KUL !  Ärligen, kommer jag inte ihåg den sista gången jag var så kall. Men det var egentligen jätte kul att upptäcka staden med vänner. Jag ska berätta snart men nu har jag lite bröttom, jag ska pa bio med mina vänner. Vi ska se 127 timmar med James Franco. 1h38 av James Franco. I en artikel läste jag meningen som gjorde att jag köpte biljeterna: “Franco kan göra att ett hälleberg bli sexig”


Tallinn baby !!!

This morning im on the way to Tallinn for a 3 day weekend with älskling and 3 other friends !!

Ce matin je suis en chemin pour un weekend de 3 jours à Tallinn avec älskling et 3 autres amis !!

I morse är jag  på väg till Tallinn för en 3 dagar helg med Älskling och 3 vänner !!

Man Boy

Ok, so i need you to be very indulgent towards me with what’s following…

Since the Eurovision song contest last May (for those who don’t know the Eurovision song contest is, well a song contest in which every european country sends a singer selected either by national vote like in Sweden or mysterious selected by God knows who, like in France). Every year, in the capital of the last year winner a big show is broadcasted all over Europe. Call it tacky, call it pathetic, call it ridiculous… I think it’s hilarious and i love it. 

Anyhow, here in Sweden it’s a huge deal. before sending someone to the Eurovision there is the Melodifestivalen during which they get to select their representative, and this year, among them was Eric Saade.  The kid is 20, the kid is gorgeous and more importantly, the kid sang and danced on “MAN BOY”  under a shower on stage.  For some reasons that im not even gonna start discussing he did not win. Some other stuck up girl got sent to Oslo…and well let’s say it was embarrassing.

But from this day, Man Boy became our anthem and since STHLM is not that big and the kid became huge over night we started seeing him everywhere !

Yesterday was his last “concert” of the year at Gröna Lund, the amusement park of STHLM and we were of course there…surrounded by extremely loud and shameless 13 years old. It was worth it. The kid is great on stage.  The shower was there as well.

At 9 pm it was already over (little girls have to sleep tight) and we were celebrating with a cookie dough ice cream when we saw a line by the stage… turns out he was there all smiling all signing t shirts, posters, arms and bellies. So we got in there, pushed around grabbed him and we totally used the “french” card on him. Which worked.



Pour la faire courte, hier c’était le dernier concert d’ Eric Saade (notre chouchou heureux perdant du Melodifestivalen qui choisi le representant suédois pour l Eurovision) à STHLM. Autant dire que nous y etions, entouré de jeunes demoiselles hurlantes nous arrivant sous les épaules.
Le gus est super bon on stage.  Il nous a même refait le coup de la douche sur scène.

Après une petite Ben&Jerry’s pour fêter ca nous avons pu tester une fois de plus le pouvoir de “we are french” 😉

back & gone again

im home for a few hours, leaving for the south west of France soon.

Just wanted to say “im still there” and “Irland with the family was pretty cool  (and wet)”


We shopped like crazy. I blame it on my friend Flo who lives in Dublin and introduced my to Penneys, and on the weather.  

oh yeah, and, despite my negociations with whoever is in charge of that, i did turn 24 on July 30th. I got super spoiled which made me forget for a while that im not ok about it.

Polar Circle…

im going to Abisko for the weekend tonight !!

I was in France when my friend asked me if i wanted to join him, i said yes and he took care of everything. And now it’s time to pack. So just to be sure i check Abisko on the map. I mean i know it’s high up in Sweden but how high can it be? Wait a minute, is that the Polar circle? Are we passing this thing?

So FWI, it’s gonna be 5 degrees. I can’t even picture what kind of clothes you need for that. Well i could but that mean i would have to remember moments that i totally bolcked out of my mind from last winter.

So hey girls, if im not back Monday it’s because i froze to death on a trail wearing my “Carrie” heels and a summer dress.


Ce soir je prends le train pour Abisko !  Un ptit weekend avec Ro et une de ses amies. Bon, je n’ai réalisé que récemment que cette ville était située au dessus du cercle polaire !

euh, ca veut dire que je prends quoi dans ma valise? j’ai peur.

Si je suis pas de retour lundi c’est que j’ai gelé sur place en tenue d’été.

questioning – Europe – äntligen solen

Lately i had that weird lack of inspiration for my blog. It really bugs me cause i don’t wanna stop. I just don’t feel into it…what’s with this?

anyway, the photo uploading is working again so let’s try to start were we left on….

As…not so many people know actually, May 9th is Europe Day. 60 years ago, one of the European Union’s funding father, Robert Schuman, was presenting his idea of a better Europe.
For that event i got the privilege to stand on a stage in the middle of the Central Station at 8h am to talk about my job !!!!!! It was actually super fun !

A couple of friends visited me the last  2 weeks and we had an AWESOME time ! Especially that spring is finally here !!

3 weeks ago now we took a trip to Vaxholm, the biggest island of the archipelago

was really nice

and super yummy

it’s today. Wanna go home. To Paris.

so…älskling left Sweden today… the boat is sailing towards Africa. Damn i woke up feeling miserable. I m off for 2 days and have no idea what to do. Im so confused. I hate not being able to reach him. Ever. He’s the one who can call. I can’t.

I so wish i would be home with my family. Have our weekend routine with huge breakfast, walking the dog, watching stupid shows… pffffff

So i bought myself a big kannelbulle, watched Extreme Make Over (and cried as always), and i think i might try to bake a quiche later.

today the cute Erica from Sweats and Heart left me a comment saying she was going to Paris for the first time in May, and i thought of all places i’m missing there. And i thought, why not share with you my favorite places in Paris?  I just through out the ones that first came to my mind now but i’ll be updating.

1) Food and Drinks

2) Stores

3) museums and monuments

  • Trocadero (make sure you arrive by Trocadero to see the Eiffel Tower it’s the best view)


  • St Michel area with all the small restaurants where you can eat snails and frogs for 10 euros 😉 ,
  • the Ile de la cité with the cathedrale

  • the latin area
  • the japonese area rue st Anne by the opera
  • the Halles
  • the Sacré Coeur where you can seat on the stairs and listen to one of the numerous singers performing live everday, while enjoying the view over Paris….

3) vintage stores

Boutique vintage Mamz’elle Swing 35 bis rue du roi de sicile Paris 3e

Boutique vintage Mamie 73 rue Rochechouart et Mamie Blue 69 rue de Rochechouart dans le 9e

Casablanca 17 rue Moret 11e

La Belle Epoque 10 rue du Poitou Paris 3e

La Jolie Garde-robe 15 rue des Commines Paris 3e

Iglaïne 12 Rue de la Grande Truanderie Paris 1er

Falbalas Marché aux Puces de Saint Ouen, Marché Dauphine,140 rue des Rosiers Saint Ouen ( Samedi – Dimanche- Lundi)

more to come 😉