Busy being crazy. BRB.

The training is CRAZY. 8h45 am to 6pm everyday, knowing it takes me 1h30 to get there and get home, i basically just have time to eat and sleep. It’s interesting but so hard to stay concentrated  during all the presentations ! The cool thing is that i get to meet with people doing the same job as me all over the world !!!
Anyway, i  have many ideas but  not so much time to blog 😦


Pas trop le temps de “blogger” en ce moment, bien trop occupé à faire des journées de dingues pour me mettre à jour sur l’enseignement supérieur français. Passionnant mais crevant. 

this is the reason why

why i won’t be able to blog so much this week 😦

The 43 representatives of the 25 french schools and universities arrive this evening at 10.30 pm. I have to pick them up. (in the bus).

Then wedsnesday and thursday will be the big forum.

I cross my fingers everything will turn out well. No one will complain. There will be enough room for everyone, enough food, badges, enough students visiting(!!!), that the workshops will be interresting, that the banner won’t fall, that the table cloths will fit, that we will be on schedule, that no luggage gets lost, that everyone will be satisfied and fell it was worth coming, and that no one misses the plane to Helsinki. (next and last stop of the nordic tour). No, i have no reason to be stressed. right?


we are on facebook


La raison pour laquelle je ne serais pas trop sur le net cette semaine…

Les 43 représentants des écoles et universités françaises arrivent demain soir à 22h30, je dois aller les accueillir à l’aéroport…

Et puis mercredi & jeudi c’est le grand forum.

Je croise les doigts pour que tout ce passe bien. Pour que personne ne se plaigne, qu’il y ait assez de place pour tout le monde, assez de bouffe, de badges, d’étudiants (!!!), que les ateliers soient productifs, que la bannière ne tombe pas, que les nappes tiennent, que l’on soit dans les temps, que les bagages ne soient pas perdus, que tout le monde soit contents et heureux d’être venu, et que personne ne rate son avion pour Helsinki, la prochaine et dernière étape du tour. Pourquoi je stresse?

min första helg i Stockholm

my frist weekend in Stockholm“. It’s still so unreal. Thank God it’s weekend. And sunny. Apparently that “much” sun is totally unsusal for mid september and we’re supposed to really enjoy it! Second day was a little better, i went to a meeting held by 2 collegues, (my collegues happen to be really really fun and nice!!) then met with 2 superiors to define my tasks a little more… hopefully monday will be even better. We went out on thursday to have a drink with älskling and my new collegues, i found out they totally speak swedish !! i was so impressed. Im working on my own swedish but i really suck.

stockholm kitch

(the Kitschest sponge: Crown princess Victoria and her futur husband)

Saturday we went to a very small flee market (in the basement of a church!) and then to Gröna Lund, an amusement park, by boat, the entrance was free so we just went in for an icecream and have a look. Was really nice. We spent the afternoon cleaning up the place and trying our best to get rid of the weird stuff here. 😦

älskling is now having a beer with an old friend and i realize…thank God he’s here. Even if we fight like cats and dogs sometimes..I would be so lost without him now.


Mon premier weekend à Stockholm. Je n’arrive toujours pas à réaliser. Dieu merci c’est le weekend. Un weekend sous le soleil. Ce qui est apparement tout a fait inhabituel, il faut donc en profiter. Deuxième jour de boulot fut un peu mieux, mes collègues sont vraiment sympa et cool! On verra lundi pour ce qui est du boulot en lui même. Jeudi soir on a bu un verre avec älskling et mes 3 nouveaux collègues. Samedi matin nous sommes allés à une miniscule brocante dans la cave d’une église (!!) puis on a fait un tour à Gröna Lund, un parc d’attraction car l’entrée (mais pas les attractions) était gratuite, c’était très sympa. Aprèm réservé au nettoyage à fond de la cuisine et aux tentatives d’aménagement du salon ! GOooood luck!

For those who really care here is a video of the place BEFORE being re decorated/ Pour ceux que ça interresse, une vidéo de l’appart AVANT réaménagement perso

Sunday, busy sunday…

woooaaaaaaaa  TRÖTT (tired). Saturday in London was a awesome idea, we had a blast and the weather was perfect !  We arrived around 8.30 am and spent the morning shopping in Notting Hill, at the Portobello Market…i think it was my favorite place, all those adorable little shops…dad gave up pretty fast, (i was after all only trying on my 16th dress) and went by himself to the war museum… We met around Picadilly for lunch, yummy fish & chips of course, and then walked thru the chinese corner to Covent Garden where we shopped some more…we got a little lost on the way back and took the “tube” to St Pancras where we drove back to Paris at 9pm…EXHAUSTED but HAPPY and holding a dozen of bags 🙂

here is a little mix of a fun, cute and beautiful day !


my new jacket !



Le samedi à Londres, c’est une idée de génie, surtout avec un temps magnifique ! Arrivés par l’Eurostar vers 8.30 am on a passé la matinée à faire les boutiques et le marché de Notting Hill, papa a rapidement laché l’affaire (au bout du 16e essayage) et à continué son chemin. On s’est retrouvé à Picadilly pour déjeuner les traditionnels Fish & chips puis on a marché jusqu’a Covent Garden en passant par le quartier chinois et en s’arretant dans toutes les boutiques adorables sur la route… on s’est un peu perdu dans le “tube” mais on est arrivé à l’heure pour rentrer  à Paris, épuisés mais heureux et bien chargés de paquets !

Plus, on thursday i received an amazing package from Dionne !!!

full of adorable gifts cute as buttons !!! I cant wait to use all of them THANK YOU SO MUCH !


Jeudi j’ai reçu un superbe paquet de la part de Dionne, rempli de magnifiques petits cadeaux plus adorables les un que les autres !!! MERCI !!

TACK & London’s calling

THANK YOU to all of you for your very nice and suportive comments !!! Today was my very last day at work !  They had a really nice “goodbye party” with Champagne, felt really cool and eventhough it was a tough year…it seems like im gonna miss some of the people there. BUT i’ll be working with some of them  in my new job, promoting French higher education in Sweden 🙂

Yesterday i had a blast with my friends and got awesome goodbye presents (i know another going away party) AND i received an awesome package…

I’m off to London for one day tomorrow with my family so no real updates but i’ll tell you all about everything on sunday !!

a lot of bisous for you


Un grooos merci pour tous ces adorables commentaires qui remontent le moral ! Aujourd’hui, dernière journée de boulot…sensation bizarre. Un pot très sympa pour mon départ, avec même des cadeaux, finalement, je me suis plaint toute l’année…certains vont me manquer. Mais il semble que je reste en contact avec eux dans mon nouveau job ! Et oui, la promotion de l ‘enseignement supérieur français en Suède… 🙂

Hier super soirée avec mes amis et tout plein de cadeaux, aujourd’hui un paquet est arrivé…

Mais je passe la journée à Londres en famille demain donc je vous raconte tout ça dimanche !!

des bisous !


sweet summer where did you go?


omg i miss summer so much already…being working like crazy on my dissertation and presentations i didn’t even realize summer was slowly going away. And today my co worker mentioned the hard, freezing and dark winter in Stockholm and i totally freaked out ! Will Mo even survive her first winter in Sweden?  Follow her to find out 😉  

l’été me manque déjà tellement…je suis tellement la tête dans mon mémoire que je ne l’ai pas entendu s’en aller. Et aujourd’ hui ma collègue m’a parlé des longs hiver froid et noir de la Suède et j’ai complètement paniqué ! Survivrai-je mon premier hiver au pays du meuble en kit?


my life changed in exactly 2 days

well well well, turns out :

im moving to Stockholm!!!!!!


A swedish love story

 pics from here


 For at least 1 year,maybe 2, on september 14 or so!!!!!!!!!  I just CANT believe it !!!!  I  received a call on wednesday, i got the interview friday morning and at 6 pm i was “IN” !!!!!  OMG OMG there’s so much to do !!!!   

I’ll be working in the cultural departement of the French Ambassy. Dealing w/ students who wanna study in France. No need to say it’s my dream job so im pretty excited. Eventhough it’s kinda scary and I had to cancel my trip to Seattle to visit my dear Sash…

I’m sorry for this post, im just too super excited, i just wanted you to know…  I’ll try to organize my thoughts and write something better later !!!!!!    Now i just have exactly 3 weeks to be ready !!! 

Malmö i mitt hjärta !

Girls (boys?), I’m back in Malmö for 12 days  !! woot woot ! I arrived on friday morning and didn’t even had time to rest, we were already on our way to Göteborg (beautiful city w/ lovely churches) to see the soccer “U-21” (under 21 for those who don’t know, like me)  european semi-final between Sweden and England. I said it already im absolutly not a soccer fan but the city was YELLOW, sooo many people were wearing the swedish jersey (including me, älskling actually made me change in the middle of the street, but it’s ok i had a nice bra 😉 )and there was so much excitement in the air that i kinda enjoyed myself !  Even if Sweden lost. Then we went to Lisaberg, the amusement park, it’s really adorable !    well….busy busy first vacation day !  Oh yeah i forgot to mention the weather is AWESOME !!!   can’t wait to go to the beach!



the very first thing i saw when i got off the train was the Metro newspaper saying ” Mickaël Jackson död inatt” I stood there in shock. My swedish is getting better.  

Busy bee weekend

Saturday was Sweden’s day,

sunday was mother’s day in France and “voting” day for the european  deputees elections and the french open final… 

So i wished a good day to älskling and all the Swedes, 

Crispin and i made a nice breakfast and gave mom a new bag,

i voted and i watched the final.  

update (june 8th: shame, shame on me, how could i forget to mention it was the D-Day commemoration and Obama was in Normandie ! April 22 ‘s comment was my waking up call…i suck.

 no need to mention that my attempt to write about the impact of micro credit on women in Africa was a total failure. oups.

But who care when you have new shoes w/ awesome see thru heels right?

blackheels   from Besson

i’ve come a long way…

you can say that.  I booked my ticket so late that for it to be afordable i   had to stop in Zurich. So after a 15h trip, 2 planes, 2 trains, 2 subways and 1 bus i made it to the house, but the hardest part was to make älskling open the door ! He did not. I had to sneak in.

Well, it was a success. He was chocked. It was a lot of fun to see him confused and repeat “how? how?”

Tack to you all for your really nice comments 😉 really means a lot

now we’re baking scones ! Then, shopping och fika in Malmö, jag älskar fika!


Dress from La Halles aux vêtements