Crispin visited last week, it was AWESOME ! I had taken some days off and we enjoyed Stockholm under the sun together !

It’s always a lot of fun to play the tourist in your own city, it’s even funnier to do it with Crispin.


We were invited to Cindy and Marcus’s “Shtekare” theme bday party. So we dressed up and that’s always so much fun too.

and we baked…A LOT !!!!!! It was so cool, Crispin had so many ideas, we made so many different cupcakes and a super cool duke bday cake. I think everybody liked them !

and of course we went to Eric Saade’s concert !!!

dancing in the raiiin

after a week under 35 degres, it really was a chock to come back to France, and to Gerardmer. Under the rain. Pretty much every day. But who cares when you have an awesome/slightly crazy family to spend your time with?

a week in Gerardmer is all about…food, walks, training (for some people), food, reading….food.

and i got to spend a week with my Boubou who was crazier than ever!

News flash

just learnt, through Facebook…, that my cousin was getting married. Im not blaming her for not telling me directly since 1) we are not that close, she is brittish (and by this i mean that we did not grow up together, not that i cannot get close to brittish people!) and last time i saw her we were 15 and 2) she probably sent a note to my parents about it…so i blame my parents.

Anyway, she is my age. My age exactly. And she is getting married when my major concern right now is finding out if the weather will be nice enough to go to the beach this weekend. I’m so confused. I’m also super happy for her. But really, so confused that 2 people sharing the same last name, the same blood, at least half of it, and that at one point also shared a desastrous fashion sense….could grow to have such different lives. But it’s great !!  HAPPY WEDDING DAY JENNIE !

Jennie, myself, nicola and Crispin in the back sitting.

24 going on 9.

Im known for being the girl who loves princesses, and kids stuff in general. My mom is like that, my sister is like that, we just can’t seem to understand why we should stop wearing pink, sing Disney songs and were tiaras just because we’re not 10 anymore. I’m turning 25 in 2 months…and i’ll keep wearing funny mice shaped shoes !



Daddy and Mommy

My parents visited this weekend. It was a wonderful and sunny weekend. It had been a year since their last visit, damn it felt good to have them here and show them my swedish life. It’s also cool to get to do tourist stuff !

Crispins brunch

my first day home was wonderful. It started at 8.30 when the sun woke me up. I was so happy and so amazed by the weather that i decided to take a long promenade with my dog along the river. It was so beautiful, i got lost in all the smells and the sounds of spring.
Then we got ready to have breakfast in the garden when my sister and my Mom went out with trays of food. Not any kind of food. Wonderful “wonderland style” home baked madeleines, brioches and all sorts of cookies. It was like a dream. Then my cousin Olivia arrived. We spent the morning in the sun, in loungers, stuffing ourselves and reading trash magasines…can life get any better?

 Ma première journée à la maison a été idyllique. Reveillée à 8.30 par le soleil, j’étais tellement emerveillée par le temps que j’ai décidé d’aller faire une grande promenade matinale avec mon chien. J’étais sous le charme des odeurs et des couleurs du printemps. Puis nous nous sommes installées dans le jardin pour le petit déjeuner. C’est là que ma maman et ma soeur sont arrivées avec des plateaux remplis de madeleines, de brioches, de cookies fait maison par ma soeur. On se serait cru dans un compte de fée !!!! Puis ma cousine Olivia est arrivée et nous avons passé la matinée sous le soleil, dans des chaises longues à déguster ce brunch féérique et à lire des magazines ! PERFECT.

 min första dag hemma var underbar. Det började vid 8,30 när solen väckte mig. Jag var så glad och så förvånad över vädret som jag beslöt att ta en lång promenad med min hund längs floden. Det var så vackert, jag förlorade i alla dofter och ljudet av våren.
Sen fick vi redo att äta frukost i trädgården när min syster och min mamma gick ut med brickor med mat. Inte någon form av mat. Underbart “Wonderland stil” hembakta madeleines, briocher och alla typer av cookies. Det var som en dröm. Då min kusin Olivia kom. Vi tillbringade förmiddagen i solen, i solstolar, stoppning oss själva och läsning magasines … kan livet bli bättre?

The mushrooms and the pumpkin dress


In english:

How to explain…. found the dress in a secondhand shop Rue de la Roquette, the guy was super nice and gave me a good price.
The giant mushrooms in the middle of my livingroom? What we got Mom for her bday.

In French:

Comment expliquer….j’ai trouvé la robe dans une friperie Rue de la Roquette, le mec était super sympa et m’a fait un bon prix.
Les enormes champignons au milieu du salon? Le cadeau d’anniversaire que l’on a fait à Mom.

A swedish attempt:

Hur kan jag förklara? Hittade klädningen på en SecondHand affär, försäljaren var jätte snäl och gav mig ett bra pris.
De jättestora svamparna i mitten av vardagsrumet? Mammas födelsedags present.

ooo Paris.

In english:

Spent a week in Paris thanks to my job again. 3 days training and 4 days enjoying myself with my family and friends. It was LOVELY. Mom had taken days off as well and we wandered the streets of Paris for 3 days in a row, window shopping or shopping, enjoying “hot chocolate from Angelina” and “macarons” breaks, eating brunch rue de la Roquette and enjoying a manucure and a face massage. 


In french:

J’ai encore passé une semaine à Paris grâce à mon travail.  3 jours de formation et 4 jours de pure hédonisme entre amis et en famille. C’était d’un relaxant ! Mom avait pris quelques jours de repos et nous avons déambulé dans les rues de Paris, léchant les vitrines, ne nous arretant que pour un chocolat chaud Angelina, un macaron, un brunch rue de la Roquette, un massage et une manucure.

A swedish attempt:

Jag var i Paris i en vecka igen, tack vare mitt jobb. 3 dagar träning och 4 dagar av ren hedonism med mina vänner och min familj. Mamma hade tagit semester och vi promenerade i Paris: vi shoppade, njutade Angelinas varma choklad och macarons, åt brunch Rue de la Roquette, och fått ånsikt massage och manucure.

The happiest place on earth

It’s the farm of my mom’s family, in the montains, in a city called Gerardmer in the east of France.

It has everything you need, and more importantly, it is big enough to fit  4 oncles, 4 aunts, 13 cousins, 9 dogs, a grand pa and tones of skiing material, and food. Oh, and it’s georgous.