j’adoooore le chocolat !!

 But who doesn’t right?
Got this brooch in Paris and it brook the second i tried to put it on. So mom sewed it to my coat !

Mais qui n’aime pas ca hein?
J’ai trouvé cette broche à Paris et à la minute ou j’ai essayé de la mettre elle a cassé. Alors mom l’a cousu à mon manteau.

Men vem gör det inte?
Jag hittade den här broschen i Paris men det gick sönder precis när jag försökt att lägga den på mig. Så mom sydde det till min kappa.

 And that’s THE real thing. Angelinas hot chocolate in a wonderful tea cup.

Et ca, c’est la crème de la crème. Le chocolat chaud Angelina dans une tasse maginifique.

Och det här är den REAL THING, Angelinas varm choklad i en underbra kopp


got it in green?



In english:
I’ve been called “Santa”, “little red riding hood” for a while now. My coat is read, my scarf is red, (one of) my bag is red, my nails are red and my beret is red.
But my favorite color is actually green. So when i found this one in green, i thought it was time to show it.

In french:
Depuis un moment maintenant on m’appelle “Mère noël”  ou “le petit chaperon rouge”. Mon manteau est rouge, mon echarpe est rouge, (un de mes) sac est rouge, mes ongles sont rouges et mon beret est rouge.
Et pourtant, ma couleur préféré est le vert ! Alors quand je suis tombée sur ce beret, je me suis dit qu’il était temps de le montrer !

A swedish attempt:
Jag har blivit kallad “Jultomten” och “rödluvan” ett tag nu. Min kappa är röd är min halsduk röd, (en av) min väska är röd, mina naglar är röda och min beret är röd.
Men min favoritfärg är faktiskt grönt. Så när jag hittade den här i grönt, jag trodde det var dags att visa det.


Angelina (not her)

On saturday, sun was shinning over Paris. Mom, Crispin and I took a walk in the beautiful city, and had a wonderful hot chocolate at Angelina with amazing cookies. It was a perfect afternoon. Angelina is the most wonderful Salon de thé, it’s so chic. Their chocolate is so delicious. I felt like royalty.


this is my “don’t bother me while i’m eating  a raspberry” look



samedi dernier, le soleil brille sur Paris, et c’est idéal pour un gouter chez Angelina, le meilleur chocolat chaud du monde, des gateaux extraordinaires dans un décor magnifique. Perfect.

i planned everything except the time to do it

i suck. Im going away for 2 weeks tomorrow evening and i m freaking out thinking of all the stuff i have to do till then. I wanted to plan some posts and i didn’t have time 😦  Hope you won’t forget about me while im in Irland and France !

Abisko was GREAT btw, i’ll tell you about it when i get back !

See you on August 15th !


Je suis noyée sous les fringues en train d’essayer de faire ma valise, j’ai tellement de chose à faire avant mon départ pour l’Irlande puis la France que je n’ai pas pu prévoir de posts 😦

Abisko était génial, je vous raconte le 15 !

the kouign amann family

a kouign amann is an amazing traditional cake from britany made of butter…and …sugar.

Days with my family are always wonderful.

Full of laughter, games, crazy outdoor activities,

funny and lovely cousins,

dogs running around

and FOOD

breakfast, lunch and diner for 20 people and 6 dogs for a week…..activities in between were just a way to kill time till the next dish !


Toujours la même chose les vacances en famille. Le bonheur.
Cousins, chiens, jeux débiles et encore et toujours, des bons ptits plats.


ooookey, so tomorrow night i’m going to FRANCE !! I’ll be staying at my oncle’s place for a week with my whole family for the 14th of July and it is gonna be pretty awesome !!!!

I did not have a whole week off since Xmas, damn im gonna enjoy this one ! Hopefully the weather is gonna be as AWESOME as it is here right now.

This is exactly how it’s gonna be…ice cream on the beach, my aunts amazing cakes and pies, fruitsalads and evening drinks !

(present from mom last time she visited, i am IN LOVE with this bracelet)


Enfin en vacances ! Je n’ai pas eu une semaine entière depuis Noël. Je vais la savourer celle ci. Une semaine en famille en Bretagne, ce qui veut dire: glaces sur la plage, gateaux et tartes de mes tantes, salade de fruit et drinks en soirée… mmm

tea time

gosh our soccer team is pathetic. I have no words.

Those douchebags could at least have let South Africa qualify, they would have done ONE good thing.
Anyway, back to France. So wish they could all get fired.

älskling brought back some super good tea from the Seychelles…everytime i drink it i feel like im traveling a bit…plus they are in super cool “vintage” bags…

Crispin found this adorable necklace while she was in Stockholm

glad påsk?

First of all, thanks a LOT to all of you for your sweet messages about my hair !! really means a lot ! I m still adjusting to it but i really enjoy it too !!

Then, i had a BLAST with my family, my adorably funny cousins, my hilarious uncles and aunts, my awesome grandpa,  and all the chocolates in the world.
I even had time for a drink (ok 3) with my best friends in Paris on friday.

I hope everyone had a great long weekend too !

Here is the dress i got at Cubus (not Bocus like i wrote before), the tights are from H&M

Today is älskling’s bday…he’ll be somewhere around Djibouti and i’ll be here in Stockholm. Sucks.


finding your way home

first of all (hum, hum): “April April din dumma sil !”

Apparently that’s the swedish traditional song for April 1st.

Another cool thing about becoming a swede, it seems like the days before a red day are red days as well ! Today, people started to leave the office at 12 !

I left at 4 and went shooopping. I bought tights and a beautiful summer dress at Bocus, i’ll hopefully be able to wear it this weekend !

I sent away älskling Bday present today. His birthday is on the 6th…i know it will arrive too late though. If it ever arrives. im a little confused about how it’s ever gonna get on the boat…it’s a little like a bottle in the ocean …

älskling and i on our way to Poland last spring. We through 2 messages away…

guess what? I’m going hom tomorrow ! Im gonna stuff myself with Easter chocolates at my grandparents, it’s gonna be AWESOME.