Back in the game

woooooooooooooooooooo im back !!!! it’s been so long i can’t believe it !!! i really missed blogging ! Soooo much happened in 2 weeks….

Ok so in a nutshell, we moved in to our new place. It took 3 whole weekends and it s not perfect yet but at least it looks like an appartement now. And i LOVE it, i am so happy about it, it’s so cute and i LOVE the location right in the middle of everything ! I just need to find a way to fit my 20 pairs of shoes and my million dresses…

I really wanna show the place but i rather wait till it’s done so here you can have a glimpse…

our first night in the appartement: Champagne and a memories book “our house”

some of the shots i get in every city i visit…

a little piece of home…

so much happened it’s hard to catch up in just one post but i’m definitly back now !

as for today, im sick ūüė¶

And one more thing, thank you very much to all of you for still checked on me while i was gone ūüėČ

Me revoil√†, pour de bon cette fois ! Dans un tout nouvel appartement, dans le super quartier de S√∂dermalm ! Voil√† un ptit preview mais l’appart n est pas encore pr√™t √† se montrer au public ūüėČ

Juste heureuse d’√™tre de retour

Beddinge, Karlstad och other saker

Swedes don’t go to church on sondays, they go to Ikea

And so we did.

We agreed on the matress,

We discussed the mirror,

We did not like the same lamps

We fought over the couch.

My taste


his taste

What did Kate Winslet say in Titanic? ” the difference between my taste in art and Cal’s is that i have some”¬† or something like that ūüėČ

But after all it doesn t really matter, what matter is that we will be moving in on february 6th !!!!!!!!

Im so excited i can t wait !


Un dimanche chez IKEA comme tout bon su√©dois qui se respecte. Une bonne dispute autour des canap√©s. Et plus que quelques semaines d’attente avant l’ enm√©nagement !!


i’m living w/ a swede !!!

When you live with a swede… (second row, second from the left)

Quand on vit avec un suédois (deuxième rang, deuxième en partant de la gauche)


there are certain rules that must be followed….


loving Abba, spending sundays at IKEA, eating meat balls, recycling everything…

Il y a quelques règles à suivre:

aimer Abba, passer son dimanche √† IKEA, manger des boulettes de viande, recycler tout ce qui nous passe sous la main…


But most of the time… mais la plupart du temps…


(here is something you didn’t expect/ voici quelque chose que tu n’attendais pas)

moving in with someone is … always an adventure and never quite what you expected. / Enm√©nager avec quelqu’un est une aventure, et ce n’est jamais exactement ce que l’on attendait.

This week is being crazy. I come in at 8h30 and leave at 6h30, im exhausted and really stressed. Tomorrow is my first “student fair”. I’m supposed to answer people’s questions about going to study in France. I’m nervous. / Cette semaine est super charg√©e. je fais du 8h30 – 6h30, je suis crev√©e et stress√©e, demain, premier forum √©tudiants….

On monday we went to see swedish Idol live (we got free tickets somehow). It was fun. The stage is freaking small. As well as the candidates actually !/Lundi soir on a √©t√© voir “la nouvelle star” su√©doise en live (pour une raison inconnue on a eu des tickets gratuits), c’√©tait marrant. le plateau est minuscule, mais pas autant que les candidats ! (en tout cas bien meilleur niveau qu’en France!)

On tuesday we went to the premier of a french movie here in Stockholm, called “Je l’aimais” in french, ” i loved her” in english and weirdly enough “jag √§lskade honom” in swedish (honom meaning “him”). We got free tickets from the embassy. Kinda cool ! / Mardi, c’√©tait la premi√®re en Su√®de du film fran√ßais “je l’aimais” avec Daniel Auteuil, ils ont traduit √ßa par “jag √§lskade honom” (sachant que honom veut dire “lui”, j’ai pas compris…) Bref, on a eu des tickets gratuits par l’Ambassade…la classe ūüėČ

i’m super tr√∂tt nu (tired now) so …pizza och …bed. Je suis √©puis√©e, pizza et dodo.

sweet summer where did you go?


omg i miss summer so much already…being working like crazy on my dissertation and presentations i didn’t even realize summer was slowly going away. And today my co worker mentioned the hard, freezing and dark winter in Stockholm and i totally freaked out !¬†Will Mo even survive her first winter in¬†Sweden?¬† Follow¬†her to¬†find out ūüėȬ†¬†

l’√©t√© me manque d√©j√† tellement…je suis¬†tellement la t√™te dans mon m√©moire que je ne l’ai¬†pas¬†entendu s’en aller. Et aujourd’¬†hui ma coll√®gue m’a parl√© des longs hiver froid et noir de la Su√®de et j’ai compl√®tement paniqu√© ! Survivrai-je mon premier hiver au pays du meuble en kit?


my life changed in exactly 2 days

well well well, turns out :

im moving to Stockholm!!!!!!


A swedish love story

 pics from here


¬†For at least 1 year,maybe 2, on september 14 or so!!!!!!!!!¬† I just¬†CANT believe it !!!!¬† I ¬†received a call on¬†wednesday, i got the interview friday morning and at 6 pm i was “IN” !!!!!¬† OMG OMG there’s so much to do !!!!¬†¬†¬†

I’ll be working in the cultural departement of the French Ambassy. Dealing w/ students who wanna study in France. No need to say it’s my dream job so im pretty excited. Eventhough it’s kinda scary and I had to cancel my trip to Seattle to visit my dear Sash…

I’m sorry for this post, im just too super excited, i just wanted you to know…¬† I’ll try to organize my thoughts and write something better later !!!!!!¬†¬†¬†¬†Now i just have exactly 3 weeks to be ready !!!¬†


I had a crazy week

And it’s not over…

back to work tomorrow afternoon !

Big event is on monday…

I don’t know where I’ll find time to study

and let’s not even mention..find time for me…

presentation about IKEA on thursday…

didn’t go perfectly ūüė¶

you know what’s perfect?



a random friday night


a really good friend of mine I went to the US w/ wrote to me today (she’s still there, studying and teaching french). She mentioned our time in Arkansas and damn…im depressed now. It really was the best time ever. And we came to the conclusion we’ll never get over it… I watched my¬†old pictures from 2006… aaaaaaaaa. Everyting was so much easier. It was “The good life” .¬† Growing up sucks.

But overall today was a nice day. My theater exam turned out to be fun , im actually sad it was our last class. After class we went for a hot chocolate w/ some friends and ¬†to work on a project about IKEA ūüôā¬† and then i went shopping for presents for some friends. There’s nothing on tv so I might go to bed early for once ūüôā

What’s the most read book in the world?

The Bible? Interrestingly, nope. It’s the IKEA Catalogue. I read that in a magazine this morning. I find this incredibly funny. Religion¬†vs.¬† mass consumption?¬†


La bible? Apparement, non. Mais le Catalogue IKEA. J’ai lu √ßa dans un magazine ce matin. Je trouve √ßa tr√©s amusant. Religion vs. consommation de masse?

Viva Sverige !