Bday celebration day 1: Model for a day

this weekend we had a two day birthday celebration for me ! Let’s face it i’ll be 25 pretty pretty soon now.

So on Saturday afternoon we played models for a day at The Studio: make up and hair done, our best outfits and a photograph. Feels really nice to be taken care of like you’re some kind of actress about to walk the red carpet.

Turned out to be super fun, eventhough it’s actually pretty tough to relax in front of the camera and to not laugh doing all those weird poses.

Somehow seems pretty silly to have pictures like that, but also kinda cool. 🙂

 The last one we did we were dressed up for my party…which theme was…GREASE !!!

 meet Marty, Sandy and Rizzo 

sunday was sunny….I heard.

what a lovely weekend.fleur

what a lie.

I went out once to buy a baguette and some croissants

I spent the whole weekend writing either about chinese women or inequalities in France

it’s monday soon and i feel i didn’t any of the thing i really wanted to to

like sleep, paint my nails, go for a walk or bake cookies…

It was sunny today, i could feel it thru the windows…

Is Spring really here? 


It’s 11.50 and I just woke up. That feels sooooo good.

Yesterday night I decided to use all the make up I had in my room and never really used because “too fancy”. The thing is, we are lucky anough to have an aunt that works at Chanel and brings us small stuff every now and then, it’s really cool to have so many really beautiful stuff, but that’s when I realize… I don’t know how to put make up on…