First post of the year…wooaa. I can’t believe i’ve been blogging since 2008. Thank you everyone for being “here”  my blog really became an important part of my life, and you too;-)

Well, first of all, of course, happy new year, Gott Nyt Ar, Bonne Année to everyone.

Then, of course, the resolutions. I take some every year, and after february i don’t even know what it was anymore.
So this year, i only have 2.

my classes at the university start in 2 weeks and im super excited.

I ‘ve been complaining for months how i don’t feel comfortable anymore, how i don’t like myself so much anymore, it’s time to use the complaining energy to actually move my ass.

And thanks to a last minute Xmas present i know i CAN DO IT !!

Mes bonnes résolutions pour cette année (et cette fois je m’y tiens ! Promis à moi même)

Apprendre le suédois

Me bouger les fesses pour un corps de déesse 😉

Because i have to

because i have to keep going right? So i stopped the tears for a min and i wrote a post.

Parceque j’ai pas le choix, j’ai arrêté de pleuré 2 min et j’écris.

I feel empty. I feel so bad. so sad, so mad and lonely. It truly hurts. It’s ridiculous. Work takes all my energy, i work a loooot. It ‘s night at 4pm, it rains and snows. It doesn’t help the moral. It’s low. I don’t know what to do when im home. I have no one to talk, no one to share my day with. The tv is broken and i don’t understand how to fix it cause it’s in swedish. I can’t cook. Im a joke.

earlier I read something i really liked:

Living is, swimming from “me the shore” to “you the shore”  in “us the ocean”

Je me sent vide. Tellement triste, fachée et seule. Ca fait mal. C’est ridicule. Le boulot me pompe toute mon énergie; je bosse beaucoup. Il fait nuit 16h, il pleut et il neige. Ca n’aide pas les morales au plus bas. Je ne sais plus quoi faire quand je suis à la maison. Je n’ai personne  à qui parler, à qui raconter ma journée. La télé ne fonctionne plus et je ne comprend pas ce qu’il faut faire pour la régler…c’est en suédois. Je ne sais pas cuisiner. Je suis une blague.

J’ai lu quelque chose qui m’a plus:

“Vivre c’est nager de moi la rive, vers toi la rive, dans l’océan du nous”


Anyway, fun fact, on tuesday i received an invitation : the ambasador and his wife are asking you to do them the honor of your presence for lunch on thursday 4th at 12h30 at the french residency.  

Bref, petite anecdote quand même, mardi j’ai reçu une invitation: l’ambassadeur et sa femme vous demande de leur faire l’honneur de votre présence à déjeuner jeudi 4 novembre à 12h30  à la résidence française.

Kinda cool right? “do them the honor”…  well ok, to be totally honest i was invited cause they were 13 and you cannot sit 13 around a table so they needed a 14. But anyway, i got invited. It was…i have no words. The place was amazing, huge deep carpets, huge paintings, chandeliers, 4 waiters/maîtres d’hôtel.  Before going in the dinning room a woman was standing by the door with a small reproduction of the table so you could see where you’re supposed to sit so you don’t have to go around the table. There was 2 forks and 2 knives, i had to check on others which one to use when. The food and wine were delicious. I felt totally out of place but i loved it. I was sitting next to the director of the italian institute, by 2 editors, 2 french authors (the lunch was in their honor), one of them was the former ambassador, the ambassador himself and his wife.  It was so weird, and…sureal.

Plutot la classe nan? ” leurs faire l’honneur..”  bon, la vérité c’est qu’ils étaient 13 à table et donc il avait besoin d’un 14e convive, mais bon, le principal c’est d’être invité. C’était…impressionnant. La résidence est magnifique, des grands tapis mouelleux, des tableaux imenses, des chandeliers. 3 serveurs et maîtres d’hôtels. A la porte de la salle à manger une femme vous présente une table mignature pour que l’on trouve sa place sans tourner autour de la table. 2 fourchettes et 2 couteaux, j’ai du regarder les autres pour savoir quoi utiliser. Le repas était excellent. Je me sentais complétement pas à ma place mais c’était génial. A table avec l’ambassadeur, sa femme, le directeur de l’institut italien, 2 éditrices, 2 auteurs français (le déjeuné était en leur honneur), dont un, ancien ambassadeur de France…..tellement improbable.


I miss easier times…times with tales, princesses and princes..happily ever after and stuff…where princes don’t work far away…

Les contes de fées, avec les jolies princesses et les princes qui se barrent pas me manque…ça semblait plus facile…

Busy bee weekend

Saturday was Sweden’s day,

sunday was mother’s day in France and “voting” day for the european  deputees elections and the french open final… 

So i wished a good day to älskling and all the Swedes, 

Crispin and i made a nice breakfast and gave mom a new bag,

i voted and i watched the final.  

update (june 8th: shame, shame on me, how could i forget to mention it was the D-Day commemoration and Obama was in Normandie ! April 22 ‘s comment was my waking up call…i suck.

 no need to mention that my attempt to write about the impact of micro credit on women in Africa was a total failure. oups.

But who care when you have new shoes w/ awesome see thru heels right?

blackheels   from Besson

Damn it Sarko’s on TV

nicolassarkozyon 3 channels actually…live.

So boring, seriously, after 10h of class (yes, yes ) is this really what you wanna watch:   your president trying to avoid answering useless questions asked by a prostitute looking journalist (yes yes, i mean she obviously put on her make in a very dark room) ???????  

I said useless questions because the real question is : ” how do you live w/ the fact that you raised your salary by 172% when more and more people live in the streets and more and more parents working their asses off, can’t feed their kids anymore????

anyway….  tomorrow…  Theater exam…


Lovely France, baguettes, Berêts and F****** strikes !

so they don’t even bother telling what they complain about anymore. They just strike. I’m starting to think it’s for fun (let’s face it driving a train seems pretty boring), or bets (who can strike the longest?) or just cultural (we didn’t strike this year yet guys !), the point is, they just announce it on TV (how nice) and if you’re lucky enough to work/study in Paris and live in the suburb (like me)  you’re on for a living nightmare. 

You get up earlier cause you know you’ll lose time waiting for a train that won’t come. You wait and wait and wait, on the screen it says “Next train to Paris at 7.30” and at 7.30 it changes to 7.40 and so on. At 8, a train shows up and about 2 billion people ( figures based on personal estimate) pile up in each wagon . No need to stress that this is just what you wish for before starting work, fight w/ your neighbours for your 2cm vital space, suffocate on that woman’s curly hair in front of you (happened to me today) and the best part is, at every stop before Paris, when you thought you could not be more unconfortable, more people fight to death to get in…damn we must love our jobs. And eventually, we arrive, 2h late, all sweating and irritated and a whole day at work in front of you to chill, and Then, you have the way home. 🙂 

  What I don’t understand is why we accept it? why why why do we let them use us as hostages in their useless negociations w/ a government that is not even pretending to listen !?

image from here

05.11.08 5 am YES WE CAN



OBAMA’s president. It’s really happening. It was a long and awesome night. Elsa and 2 of her friends picked me up around 1am, I admit my motivation was not as high as 2 or 3 hours earlier but I pushed myself to stay awake. We drove to the Palais M, a club under the Palais des Congrés, not far from the Arche de Triomphe in Paris. There, we met w/ some more of Elsa’s friends and…more than hundred people in line (or what was supposed to be a line). It was a real, total mess. They didn’t expected so many people and were totally overwhelmed. They had a list of names and everyone was trying to get their attention. After at least 1.30 we managed to all get in. Inside it was…croweded. I was a little worried, thinking I’ll have to wait 5 hours like this but we ended up spending the night on confortable couches, thanks to dsc09933Elsa and her friends who study journalism and pretended (or for some of them it was true) to have an article to write about this event, so we got in the press “area”. woot woot. The atmosphere was really cool, big screens showed the different states races’ progress all night, loud music entertained us during breaks and thank God we had red bull 🙂  At 5am, we knew and then it was just hugs and smiles and happy tears everywhere you looked. Except for that Republican that obviously got lost there. We waited for the speeches, Mc Cain’s was honestly really good, respectful and smart. Obama’s could have been better I think but who cares?   We ended the night w/ Brioches and Champagne in the car at 7am, then drove Elsa to school (yes she can) and went home.

I believed in it, I really did. And I’m so glad I got to live this moment. Live history.

04.11.08 !!

I’ll be spending the night out in Paris, w/ some friends to support OBAMA and see the resluts of the elections live!! I can’t wait. I bought 2 redbulls just in case 😉




…last week I bought boots. Yes, the exact same I already had. I know, it’s stupid, but I LOVE them and mine had a big hole in the back… I needed new ones. For my defense they are 15 euros…then again maybe that’s the reason why the first ones broke…

October 31st…

yeah, yeah, yeah it’s Halloween, yeah it’s 9pm and I’m at home, in my now famous jamies (see post below). Yeah, no party this year, I don’t know if im dispointed because I really wanted to go out or just because it feels geeky to stay at home on a friday night for Halloween…I’m so exhausted I think it’s ok I stay at home and watch Idol.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I don’t do politics but we can’t ignore it anymore. On the 4th we’ll know. And I can’t wait. I’ll be there American abroad for Obama which kinda means I’ll not sleep at all on tuesday night but I think it’s totally worth it. It’s living history live 🙂

In december 2006 on our way to the west coast we stopped by Sacramento and went in to the cuttest shop where  I bought these.

we can’t read so well, but it says 

“01-20-09 Bush’s last day”

when I bought that felt so far away and’s like..tomorrow.


the other one says “I found Jesus, he was behind the sofa the whole time” which I think was super funny. No way im making fun of Jesus or people who believe, I actually believe in something myself, but since I lived for 6 months in the Bible belt I thought it was kinda ironic to have. Enjoy Halloween everyone 😉

1.40pm lunch break wisely spent.

ASOS Check Chiffon Pocket DressSo yeah, I’m at work (but I’m allowed it’s my break!) and I checked stuff on the net, like this suddenly “famous” but anonymous French lawyer’s blog, Eolas, and Asos’website, and I saw that dress, and I can’t explain why, cause it’s not usually what I would go for…but damn I love it. It’s 38.58 euros. It’s more than  I usually spend on dresses, and  + I have to add the shipping cost from UK. Is this really reasonable?

Je suis au boulot (mais j’ai le droit, c’est ma pause ! ) et je surf un peu sur le net, jsuis passée voir le blog de cet avocat dont tout le monde parle en ce moment Eolas, et aussi Asos. Et là j’ai vu cette robe. C’est bizarre c’est pas du tout le genre de truc qui m’attire d’habitude mais je la trouve super. Bon, c’est 38.58 euros. Plus que mon budget habituel, en plus il faut compter les frais de livraison…Est ce vraiment raisonnable?

Politics for beginners part 2

I know I already said I don’t do politics, but älskling found this on youtube and I just thought that was funny. Really funny. Je sais, j’ai déjà dis que je ne faisais pas de politique mais älskling à trouvé ça sur Youtube et c’est franchement drôle…enfin, chacun son humour aussi.