Bday celebration, evening 1: Grease Lightnin’

After our little make over we headed back home to find our friends all dressed up, waiting for us with drinks and cakes !

I was soooo happy to see that everyone had really got into it !

and i opened wonderful presents ! Always amaze to realize how well people know me !

Among beautiful owl earings,  notebook, macarons hearplugs and M&M’s bag, i  also got a 2 hours baking course at our favorite Camelia’s cupcakes !!! Im really excited !

After karaoking some of Grease songs we headed to the Restaurant, Marion’s Gastro Dinner the perfect place for a 50’s party theme.
We had really good burgers and cocktails and i got to blow some more candles on an amazing home made pink cake with a duck on top !!!

Then it was time to play Bowling ! Some of us rocked, most of us sucked but damn we all had a great time !

” because it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s what you do with your dancing shoes “

The mushrooms and the pumpkin dress


In english:

How to explain…. found the dress in a secondhand shop Rue de la Roquette, the guy was super nice and gave me a good price.
The giant mushrooms in the middle of my livingroom? What we got Mom for her bday.

In French:

Comment expliquer….j’ai trouvé la robe dans une friperie Rue de la Roquette, le mec était super sympa et m’a fait un bon prix.
Les enormes champignons au milieu du salon? Le cadeau d’anniversaire que l’on a fait à Mom.

A swedish attempt:

Hur kan jag förklara? Hittade klädningen på en SecondHand affär, försäljaren var jätte snäl och gav mig ett bra pris.
De jättestora svamparna i mitten av vardagsrumet? Mammas födelsedags present.

If i could start over…

I would study to be able to work with and study gorillas. They fascinate me. For my bday älskling took me to a huge animal park, Kolmården. It was amazing. I sat for 2 hours just watching the gorillas.

(yes, he is peeing)

But we also got to see other very cool animals and to do a Safari !!!!  We actually had a pretty close encounter with a Girafe. That was AWESOME !

I wanna take this opportunity to thank älskling again. But also to thank him for not making fun of my weird passions and to suprise me, always.


La surprise d’älskling pour mon anniversaire. Le paradis des gorilles. Moi qui en suis folle. C’était extraordinaire ! je suis  restée des heures à les observer. Puis nous avons fait un Safari ! Et rencontré une girafe de très prêt !!

Merci älskling !

back & gone again

im home for a few hours, leaving for the south west of France soon.

Just wanted to say “im still there” and “Irland with the family was pretty cool  (and wet)”


We shopped like crazy. I blame it on my friend Flo who lives in Dublin and introduced my to Penneys, and on the weather.  

oh yeah, and, despite my negociations with whoever is in charge of that, i did turn 24 on July 30th. I got super spoiled which made me forget for a while that im not ok about it.


ooookey, so tomorrow night i’m going to FRANCE !! I’ll be staying at my oncle’s place for a week with my whole family for the 14th of July and it is gonna be pretty awesome !!!!

I did not have a whole week off since Xmas, damn im gonna enjoy this one ! Hopefully the weather is gonna be as AWESOME as it is here right now.

This is exactly how it’s gonna be…ice cream on the beach, my aunts amazing cakes and pies, fruitsalads and evening drinks !

(present from mom last time she visited, i am IN LOVE with this bracelet)


Enfin en vacances ! Je n’ai pas eu une semaine entière depuis Noël. Je vais la savourer celle ci. Une semaine en famille en Bretagne, ce qui veut dire: glaces sur la plage, gateaux et tartes de mes tantes, salade de fruit et drinks en soirée… mmm

I spent the weekend in a Disney movie

So this weekend was THE wedding. The wedding swedes ( and me) have been hearing about for months and months !

My mom, my sis and my grand pa were there. And we had a blast. I did not expect to see them at all. But we did. 3 times !

The weather was lovely, and cherry on the cake, i totally spoke swedish to at least 3 people, and totally understood Victoria’s speech.

We spent the rest of the evening watching the queens and princesses dresses on tv….

I can’t believe Madeleine was wearing that ugly blue feather dress btw

I got a lot of adorable presents from my family and of course Crispin made a bunch of cookies that i now have to go and eat !!!

sweets & hearts

i received an award yesterday ! From lovely Erica 😉   Tack sa mycket as they say here !

I was really touched as it is a “Stylish” award and i still have difficulties to consider my blog as a “fashion blog” eventhough that’s where i was planning to go at first !

so 5 random things about yourself?

1) i’ve recently started to feel…old.

2) as long as there is cake i will not stop eating

3) i feel pretty lucky with my life lately

4) the person i bought my bed from painting naked ladies under it and i think it’s pretty cool !

5) i do not have 5 things to say about myself which is pretty sad…

I’ll pass it on to :

Regine and Laia

Good night !

Happy US day ( lite för sent)

what a bad blogger i am  !

On wednesday, April 28th it was our Happy Us Day !

älskling and i have been together for 3 years !

I can’t believe it’s been that long !

Since he is away stucked on a boat i didn’t expect anything special but a phone call and a message on facebook, or maybe a letter.

I got all this. And more.

I was sooo surprised and soo happy !!!

So thank you so very much  and  “happy Happy Us Day” älskling !


For my parents’ birthday (february for mom and today for dad, happy bday dad !), älskling paid for the four of us to have a drink in the ICE BAR in STockholm on saturday evening !!!!  It was a big surprise for my parents  and Crispin and they loved it ! and so did i !

It minus 5 degrees in there, and you can only stay about 45 minutes.

You get a special cape and gloves, so we all looked like weird Santa’s helpers.

Absolutly everything is made of ice

and you get one vodka based cocktails …yummy !

It was GREAT !!! Thanks älskling !


today was a bad day. Really stupid bad day. One hour at the gym and raspberry icecream did help a little.

Now the only two good things about today:

  1. i picked up my lens at the Optician and when i asked for them in Swedish, the lady said my swedish was good !!! (doesn’t matter that we had to switch to english right after that)
  2. My new petit BAG !!!! present from mom, it matches my coat PERFECTLY !