My number 2

I love churches. Im really not religious but  the building in itself, and the atmosphere of those places get me. . Everytime i see a church i wanna get in and feel it. I’ve been to so many i can’t even remember them all. Of course going to St Petersburg i knew it would be a challenge. It was impossible to see them all. The first one i wanted to check out was of course “Saint Sauveur sur sang versé/ Of the Savior on blood”. Älskling had actually cut out a tiny pic of it from a magazine some month ago and gave it to me…couldn’t stop thinking about it since then. I was not desappointed. This church definitly is my number 2. Number 2 because nothing can top the surreal church we found on the road 66 during our roadtrip in 2006. But omg this one was close. I’ve rarely seen such a georgous building, outisde and inside. I could spend days writting about it. I wont. It was awesome.

But some other churches also made the top 10:

such as the St Kazan cathedral


or this one by Petrov’s castle…but i forgot the name 😦

I was born to late….

I’m leaving this afternoon to go to my family in the east.

It’s my cousin’s communion…

I’m not into those religious stuff at all

but i’m totally into my family, so i’m super excited to see them

I spent the morning trying on dresses in front of mom

i was born too late

This one is not the one i’ll be wearing but i had totally forgotten about it so to apologize to “her” I decided i’ll make “her” a post (yes, dresses have feelings, and don’t get me started on shoes)

I love this 60’s style…. I definitly was born too late….ironicly in the back, it’s  a painting of me in 1990…i was four.   

October 31st…

yeah, yeah, yeah it’s Halloween, yeah it’s 9pm and I’m at home, in my now famous jamies (see post below). Yeah, no party this year, I don’t know if im dispointed because I really wanted to go out or just because it feels geeky to stay at home on a friday night for Halloween…I’m so exhausted I think it’s ok I stay at home and watch Idol.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I don’t do politics but we can’t ignore it anymore. On the 4th we’ll know. And I can’t wait. I’ll be there American abroad for Obama which kinda means I’ll not sleep at all on tuesday night but I think it’s totally worth it. It’s living history live 🙂

In december 2006 on our way to the west coast we stopped by Sacramento and went in to the cuttest shop where  I bought these.

we can’t read so well, but it says 

“01-20-09 Bush’s last day”

when I bought that felt so far away and’s like..tomorrow.


the other one says “I found Jesus, he was behind the sofa the whole time” which I think was super funny. No way im making fun of Jesus or people who believe, I actually believe in something myself, but since I lived for 6 months in the Bible belt I thought it was kinda ironic to have. Enjoy Halloween everyone 😉

What’s the most read book in the world?

The Bible? Interrestingly, nope. It’s the IKEA Catalogue. I read that in a magazine this morning. I find this incredibly funny. Religion vs.  mass consumption? 


La bible? Apparement, non. Mais le Catalogue IKEA. J’ai lu ça dans un magazine ce matin. Je trouve ça trés amusant. Religion vs. consommation de masse?

Viva Sverige !