“That’s some hot love you gave me”

ok this time im back for good i promise.

I know i was away for sooo long but i have a very good excuse. älskling was back for a 3 weeks leave. And we got busy. He’s leaving tomorrow for 3 more months so i m back. With so much stuff to say i don’t even know where to start.

But first of all, a HUGE thank you to Lilija and Cia who still gave me an beautiful blog award eventhough my blog was in a coma for 3 weeks.


So i’m suposed to pass it on to 7 other bloggers and tell 7 interesting things about me…I don’t know about the “interesting” part but here it is:

  •  It’s been 15 years and im still laughing out loud at most of the jokes in Friends (doing it right now)
  • I got such gorgeous shoes in Dublin i actually use them as decoration items in my appartement
  • After 3 years i was able to communicate with älskling’s mother for the very first time a week ago (she doesnt speak english)
  • About 3 years ago i decided i can t have Nutella anymore (seriously i was eating a huge jar a week) and i kinda replaced it with honey…not sure it’s better for my health though
  • I can’t buy any love story movie anymore since i saw The notebook. Except maybe 500 days of summer.
  • I learned how to play poker last weekend
  • my favorite disney princess is Sleeping beauty

I’ll pass it on Elisabeth (welcome back), Princess Liberty, Erica, Victoria (hope you’re doing better) , Sher, Libertad and Ariella !!

Glad to be back ! Now i have to catch up !  


Blog dans le coma pendant 3 semaines, älskling était en permission et repart demain matin.

Entre temps j’ai tout de même eu le plaisir de recevoir un award pour mon blog 😉

Je dois raconter 7 choses interessantes à propos de moi, interessantes je ne sais pas mais voilà:

  •  Ca fait 15 ans et je rigole toujours aussi fort aux blagues de Friends
  • Les chaussures que j’ai acheté à Dublin sont tellement belles que je m’en sert de déco 
  • La semaine dernière j’ai pu communiquer pour la première fois en 3 ans avec la mère d’älskling (elle ne parle pas anglais)
  • Il y a 3 ans je me suis interdit le Nutella (serieusement ca devenait dangereux) et je l’ai remplacé par le miel…pas certaine que ce soit meilleur pour ma santé…
  • Je ne crois plus aux films d’amour depuis que j’ai vu “n’oublie jamais”. Sauf peut être 500 days of Summer 
  • J’ai appris à jouer au poker le weekend dernier
  • La belle aux bois dormant est ma princesse préférée


    it’s the end of the sales period here, “slutrea” and to celebrate, i got myself a new skirt. I don’t have so many skirts (so i think). And this one is colorful and comfortable. And it was 80 sek (8 euros) !

    Weekend was lovely, doing absolutly nothing med älskling, he taught me how to use my swedish online bankaccount, cause i’ll be paying my own bills now (don’t laugh, i never did that before !), i did my swedish homeworks, we watched calendar girls and a lot of Friends !

    And now it’s monday again …

    une nouvelle jupe pour fêter la fin des soldes, un weekend de feignasse comme je les aime, Friends, devoir de suédois, online compte en banque tutorial (oui oui, je vais payer mes factures toute seule pour la premiere fois de ma vie!)  et hop, c’est déjà lundi 😦

    My lovely Sash

    sashMy dearest friend Sash went to a play last night

    she send me a pic of her dress she bought years ago in Denmark

    she wasn’t so sure about it anymore

    She looked so cute  i asked her to send a “ready” pic so i could post it here !

    I miss her really much and wish we were living closer

     not separated by the ocean….

    let it snow….once again…


    ok there is no way anything’s gonna be achieved today. It’s 11.30 am and it’s sooo dark outside and snowing like crazy !!!  I don’t get it. it usually never snows here…or only once a year,and  it’s the 3rd time in 2009 !! I’m in bed watching How i met your mother / having breakfast (i know…crunchies !) .  I think  i can be honest to myself and say… LAZY day in perspective.


    December 6th, Saint Nicolas

    My mom’s family lives in the east of France where we celebrate Saint Nicolas rather than Xmas, so for us, the huge excitement was last weekend. And, it was, as usual awesome. Not perfect, because of previously “evoked” reasons, but still.  My family is awesome, we laugh, we eat ALL THE TIME and…woooaa I got sooo spoiled. I won’t even list all the presents i got cause that would be too long ! But just as an example, i got a gorgeous Ipod Nano 4G Green, a software to learn Svenska by myself 😉 good luck on that, a great skirt and a beautiful neckless…that I’ll show ASAPS dsc00098

    Now it’s back to work… and real life. Cool news today, the dude I was supposed to do my english presentation with on tuesday 17th dropped out ! I now have one week to re write a whole new presentation ! Yeah, I only accepted to talk about sustainable energies because he said he knew a lot about it but now I’m gonna talk about something I find much more interresting : sustainable tourism. My problem is/ are: I have sooo much to do ! I’m leaving to Sweden on december 23rd and before that I need to :

    •  find 2 presents for älskling (actually MAKE one)
    • find one present for his mom
    • find myself a dress for new year
    • go to the beauty shop to get my facial (present from my parents from last year that i need to use before the end of the year !)
    • find a present for my friend Flo (I’m his secret Santa)
    • organize a formal get together with my old classmates from 6th grade (december 19th)
    •  work work work works
    • I still didn’t find time to watch the new “how I met your mother” or “gossip girl”  😦 
    • i also need to catch up on everyone’s blogs !!!!

    “This is so going in my blog!”

    yeah, as a newborn fan of Barney I can’t stop quoting him. Anyhoo, i morgon jag ska gå till Sverige ! wooot wooot !!     I practiced some useful sentences such as : ”   en biljett till Malmö tack”  or ” gå taget till Malmö?” (I’m never sure I’m in the right train) and I decided I’ll say those sentences, no matter what, even if I know they either won’t understand me and/or answer in english. 

    I’m gonna try to go thru the 2 “last” days at work without …freaking out. Tonight I have sooo much to do, I still have to pack for example.

    16.11.08 Weekends, Ebay and friend’s jacket

    lovely weekend, I think i finally got enough sleep, it was awesome to wake up bymyself and not because of my alarm clock. I managed to get stuff done, like a terrible spanish text to understand and sum up, presents to “make” or buy, my grandma to visit at the hospital (she broke her hip),  Gossip Girl to watch and cookies to eat 🙂 

    I bought my very first item on ebay today woot woot !!!  I had no idea it could get so exciting to bid 🙂 Now i paid, and i just need to wait for it. Made me wanna check ebay a lot more often now. dsc00052

    At 4 today my friend Amandine came for the goûter (means eating cookies and drinking juice) and we had a loooot of fun, we are trying to organize a “middle school reunion” and it’s hard to schedule something for 20 people scattered around Europe ! Btw, she was wearing the cuttest vest from Zara  !

    november 11th, red day.

    wwwwwwwwhat a sucky day.

    oookey I do realize it’s like totally  politicaly uncorrect to say that on November 11th, commemoration day of the Armistice of 1918. But I did have a sucky day. and now it’s 10.30 pm, I have to go back to work tomorrow (i give you a hint , “sooo don’t wanna go”), I feel terribly bla and particulary stupid for…personal reasons. And, the cherry on top of that crap cake, the episode 7 of season 4 of “how i met your mother ” was supposed to be released today and I still can’t find it.



    in exactly 10 days I’ll be heading to SWEDEN (well actually Denmark and then I’ll take a train to Malmö but anyhoo) I’m so excited I haven’t been to Sverige in 6 months !

    This weekend is/was a 4 days weekend since tomorrow is a red day, it’s awesome. Less awesome is the fact that I ‘ve been like totally sick the last two days and, I swear it’s true, spent them watching 32 episodes of “How I met your mother” I started on saturday afternoon w/ the very first episode of season 1 cause one of my friend kept saying how good it was and comparing it to Friends, and by sunday night  I finished season 2. I’m now starting season 3…I think I’m addicted. It’s really good. I wouldn’t say “Friends’ level” good (but then again what is?) but it’s really fun. Just a little thing that bugs me…I stayed in bed for 2 days, I didn’t accomplish anything and I feel a little gilty. It seems like I’m feeling a little better today, maybe I should get dress and get out of the house today…”it’s gonna be LEGEN….wait for it….DARY”  😉


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