24 going on 9.

Im known for being the girl who loves princesses, and kids stuff in general. My mom is like that, my sister is like that, we just can’t seem to understand why we should stop wearing pink, sing Disney songs and were tiaras just because we’re not 10 anymore. I’m turning 25 in 2 months…and i’ll keep wearing funny mice shaped shoes !



you said vintage?

I was a little pissed cause i missed the vintage fair in Paris and my mom and sis went and couldn’t shut up about how cool it was.
But they got me a gorgeous cardigan. So it’s ok. Plus, on Saturday i found those red patent “leather” shoes. Ok they are not officially vintage. But they feel like it. They are so cool !

J’étais un peu décue d’avoir raté le salon du Vintage à Paris, surtout que ma maman et ma soeur n’arrêtaient pas de me dire à quel point c’était sympa. Mais bon, elles m’ont ramené un superbe gilet. Donc ca va. Et puis samedi j’ai trouvé ces chaussures rouges vernies. Ok elles ne sont pas réellement “vintage” mais tout comme !

Jag var lite besviken att jag missade Vintage mässan i Paris, särskilt att min mamma och min syster kunde inte sluta prata om hur kul det var. Men de köpte mig en jättegullig caridagan. Sa det är ok. Dessutom hittade jag de här röda blänkläder skorna i Paris i lördags. Ok de inte verkligen är vintage…men det spelar ingen roll !


Well, Thursday night was the opening of the exhibition called FASHION at Fotografiska, and it was awesome !

Everything was so pretty, every one was dressed up, they had cameras, people taking pictures, we felt like Blair and Serena 😉

Im guessing they were taking pictures and intervewing famous swedish people… weird how we had no idea who they were.

So the pictures were georgous, the bar was…open sponsored by Absolut, the music was gooooood…. It was GREAT.

I got complimented on my dress, my coat and my shoes 😉 always feels good.



Jeudi soir, petite soirée VIP pour l’ouverture de l’exposition FASHION à Fotografiska. C’était dingue. Photographes, caméra, open bar, on se serait cru dans Gossip Girl.

Les photos étaient magnifique, et la soirée extra !   On a surement croisé quelques personnalités suédoises…mais on ne les connait pas 😉

En tout cas, mes chaussures, ma robe et mon manteau ont eu du succés 😉


My very own diamond shoes

I’ve been talking about them for a while, i wore them once, i admire them everyday… I think i have a crush on them. Im actually quite sure they love me back.


By the way people, can you believe i started to jog ? I did, i ran 25 min today…last time i ran that long was when i was 14 and my teacher made me. And the funniest part is that i love it ! We decided to train for a 10km race next summer. I’m on my way.

Tommorrow my friend Alice has invitations for the opening of an exhibition at Fotografiska called “Fashion”… the dress code is of course “Fashion” ! We are so excited !


Voici enfin les merveilles que je me suis achetée en Irlande et que j’aime à la folie !

Je me suis mise à la course à pied ! Moi, qui ne cours qu’après mon train !!  25 min aujourd’hui ! On se prépare pour le 10km dans Södermalm en Aout prochain.

Sinon demain, Alice et moi allons à l’ouverture de l’exposition “Fashion” à Fotografiska…le “Dress code”…Fashion of course !!!!

“That’s some hot love you gave me”

ok this time im back for good i promise.

I know i was away for sooo long but i have a very good excuse. älskling was back for a 3 weeks leave. And we got busy. He’s leaving tomorrow for 3 more months so i m back. With so much stuff to say i don’t even know where to start.

But first of all, a HUGE thank you to Lilija and Cia who still gave me an beautiful blog award eventhough my blog was in a coma for 3 weeks.


So i’m suposed to pass it on to 7 other bloggers and tell 7 interesting things about me…I don’t know about the “interesting” part but here it is:

  •  It’s been 15 years and im still laughing out loud at most of the jokes in Friends (doing it right now)
  • I got such gorgeous shoes in Dublin i actually use them as decoration items in my appartement
  • After 3 years i was able to communicate with älskling’s mother for the very first time a week ago (she doesnt speak english)
  • About 3 years ago i decided i can t have Nutella anymore (seriously i was eating a huge jar a week) and i kinda replaced it with honey…not sure it’s better for my health though
  • I can’t buy any love story movie anymore since i saw The notebook. Except maybe 500 days of summer.
  • I learned how to play poker last weekend
  • my favorite disney princess is Sleeping beauty

I’ll pass it on Elisabeth (welcome back), Princess Liberty, Erica, Victoria (hope you’re doing better) , Sher, Libertad and Ariella !!

Glad to be back ! Now i have to catch up !  


Blog dans le coma pendant 3 semaines, älskling était en permission et repart demain matin.

Entre temps j’ai tout de même eu le plaisir de recevoir un award pour mon blog 😉

Je dois raconter 7 choses interessantes à propos de moi, interessantes je ne sais pas mais voilà:

  •  Ca fait 15 ans et je rigole toujours aussi fort aux blagues de Friends
  • Les chaussures que j’ai acheté à Dublin sont tellement belles que je m’en sert de déco 
  • La semaine dernière j’ai pu communiquer pour la première fois en 3 ans avec la mère d’älskling (elle ne parle pas anglais)
  • Il y a 3 ans je me suis interdit le Nutella (serieusement ca devenait dangereux) et je l’ai remplacé par le miel…pas certaine que ce soit meilleur pour ma santé…
  • Je ne crois plus aux films d’amour depuis que j’ai vu “n’oublie jamais”. Sauf peut être 500 days of Summer 
  • J’ai appris à jouer au poker le weekend dernier
  • La belle aux bois dormant est ma princesse préférée

    you know you’re swedish when?

    So i had a flash today during lunch break.

    Im getting used to some swedish habits.

    There is one that really  struck me when i first arrived, guys, and people in general, do NOT speak to strangers in the street. Guys do not look at girls, or if they do they are really subtile about it, they do not come to them and start chatting.

    Not that i get a lot of that usually, but being from Paris, you get comments at least once a week (usually not the smartest ones), and people come up to you once in a while talking about God knows why.

    So when i first arrived i was really surprised to see how people act in the streets of Stockholm, i guess that’s what make us (people from the “south”) say that nordic people are “cold”, which they are not actually but for that you need to get to know them. Anyway, im losing my point here which was:

    Today, in a store a guy came up to me and started with: ” i am sorry but you do not look swedish, so i wanted to talk to you and ask you

    And my answer was: ” no, i am not. And you must not be either, because a swedish guy would not come up to me like that”

    I was quite surprised that he came up to me, and even more surprised to be surprised if you know what i mean.

    Anyway, for those who are not lost with my rambling and who cares, he was indeed, not swedish.

    I had another awesome weekend in another part of awesome Sweden and i can’t wait to tell you about it but it’s getting late so more about it later !

    In the meantime here is what i wore last friday, and my new “Carrie” shoes as i call them


    aujourd’hui j’ai réalisé à quel point on s’habitue facilement aux “coutumes” d’un pays, sans s’en rendre compte. Un mec m’a abordé dans une boutique ! oui et alors me direz vous. Et bien ici ca ne se fait pas. PAS. JAMAIS. Les garcons ne regardent pas les filles (ou alors très subtilement), ne les arrêtent pas pour leur proposer un café ou leur balancer quelques phrases un peu lourdes mais qui finalement font toujours du bien à notre petit ego. Non pas que je sois sollicitée toute les deux minutes quand je suis à Paris, mais ca arrive. Ici. RIEN. donc je m’y suis faite. Apparement. Car quand ce garcon s’est approché en me disant:

    “désolé mais vous n’avez pas l’air suédoise alors j’ai voulu savoir…” je lui ai répondu ” non, je ne le suis pas, mais vous non plus car les suédois n’abordent pas les gens comme ca”

    rien a voir mais j’adore mes pompes “carrie”

    i forgot the laundry

    what a lovely sunny day. The Love Stockholm Festival is now at its height. Tones of concerts in every corners of the city, events everywhere such as, from the top of my head ” DJ classes for singles on the love bridge”, have coffee in an IKEA Tent, take a spinning class at Normalmstorg… pretty cool. But the best of all is gonna be OUR event, Make Musik STHLM festival organized by the french Embassy.

    So a very good friend came back after 3 weeks in France tonight, we had fun walking around Stockholm, chatting and enjoying the wonderful Macarons he brought back, i totally lost track of time and forgot about the laundry….

    So i thought i’ll make the best of it

    And yes girls, my shoes match my dress ! And that is, according to  me, super cool !  (  i do realize it also match the laundry room floor but that is less cool)

    Vintage Mässan

    Today, after the now usual sunday brunch at the String Café, we went to the Vintage fair at Hornstull Strand.

    Here are the list of stores that were there:

    59 Vintage Store
    A. Marchesan
    Ayla Danielle Kristina
    Di Nuovo
    Emma Loca
    Humana Sthlm
    Less is More
    Little Shop of Fashion
    Livsvinst Vintage & Second Hand
    Lolux First & Second Hand
    Maskerad & Vintage
    OMA Vintage
    Orkan Lia
    Rost Vintage & Second Hand
    Sonja Maya
    Tanja Malo
    Veras Garderob
    Vintagebutiken i Vara

    Ann Boycott-Brown, Annica Ramström, Christina
    Holström, Elenor Bergqvist, Eva-Lena Almquist, Helena Öhman, Miklanders
    Vintage, Mor och Dotter Roos, Mariana Ehrenkrona, Maria
    Nordström & Niklas Hallberg, Miklanders Vintage,
    Splendid Baby, Tant Ekologisk, Vintage by Kat

    It was nice, some stuff were pretty cool

    And i had an ENORMOUS crush on this pink vest ! i turned around it, i tried it, i asked for the price…but there were a lot of stains on it 😦 so i left it…

    and since then i ‘ve been trying to convice myself that it was a good thing… it was…it was… was it?

    But there is one thing:  i was a little disapointed while walking around all those cute stands…

    why on earth are vintage clothes so freaking expensive?

    I mean, if someone already wore the stuff, i really don’t wanna buy if for double the price it would cost me in the store…

    am i crazy here?

    40 hours later

    It s 10pm here in Paris; I have officially been up  for 40  hours. Im not quite sure what keeps me from falling appart right this second.

    At 9pm yesterday i went to my friends for dinner; then we went to the Café Opera in Stockholm, could have been great but because of a stupid missunderstanfing we ended up spending like 20 minutes there.  Then went home and had a midnight breakfast until 3 am when i had to catch my subway to get to the central station to then get to the airport.   Ok Ok i slept 2 hours in the plane. Then my dad picked me up, and with my mom, Cripsin, my aunts and 2 of my cousins, we went shopping in Paris.

    Being exhausted did not stop me from spending thank God.

    Sometimes you just need one more pair of shoes: because they are your size, your color, your taste, your price….they are yours but just don t know it yet.     

    I can t wait for the weather to get better so i can actually wear them !  

    Il est 22h, c’est officiel je n’ ai pas dormi depuis 40h !!!!   Flippant ! Mais à peine descendu de l’avion j’étais déjà en train de faire les boutiques dans Paris, fin des soldes oblige !!!  Et j’ai fait quelques trouvailles, mais maintenant, DODO !!! 

    Blue, blue & some more blue

    to introduce some of my presents today, i picked the BLUE theme. Cause blue is pretty and makes me happy.

    Les cadeaux d’aujourd’hui sont bleus. Tout bleus.

    blue shinning shoes from my parents

    De belles chaussures bleues brillantes

    Blue, very soft, dress from my parents

    une robe bleue toute douce

    Blue vintage butterfly necklace from Crispin

    un collier papillon bleu

    ps: i still need to get the hang of my new camera… so sorry for the weird..quality sometimes…