Life is too short to finish that plate !

Sooo…breakfast today was just CRAAAAAZY. We went to that place called Portage Bay cafe that serves the biggest pancakes i have ever had and on top of that you can add as many/much raspberries, strawberries, maple syrop and whipped cream as you want, as many times as you want.

i have too admit i was not able to finish everything. It was monstrous.

After a few hours we managed to move again and took a tour of Seattle University.

and after a really disappointing shopping trip we drove to the beach.

In the evening, we went to see the STORM (the Seattle women NBA team) play thanks to Sash’s friends who actually own the team ! It was a great game, so much fun, many punches, damn those women are big…unfortunatly they lost 😦

you said vintage?

I was a little pissed cause i missed the vintage fair in Paris and my mom and sis went and couldn’t shut up about how cool it was.
But they got me a gorgeous cardigan. So it’s ok. Plus, on Saturday i found those red patent “leather” shoes. Ok they are not officially vintage. But they feel like it. They are so cool !

J’étais un peu décue d’avoir raté le salon du Vintage à Paris, surtout que ma maman et ma soeur n’arrêtaient pas de me dire à quel point c’était sympa. Mais bon, elles m’ont ramené un superbe gilet. Donc ca va. Et puis samedi j’ai trouvé ces chaussures rouges vernies. Ok elles ne sont pas réellement “vintage” mais tout comme !

Jag var lite besviken att jag missade Vintage mässan i Paris, särskilt att min mamma och min syster kunde inte sluta prata om hur kul det var. Men de köpte mig en jättegullig caridagan. Sa det är ok. Dessutom hittade jag de här röda blänkläder skorna i Paris i lördags. Ok de inte verkligen är vintage…men det spelar ingen roll !

got it in green?



In english:
I’ve been called “Santa”, “little red riding hood” for a while now. My coat is read, my scarf is red, (one of) my bag is red, my nails are red and my beret is red.
But my favorite color is actually green. So when i found this one in green, i thought it was time to show it.

In french:
Depuis un moment maintenant on m’appelle “Mère noël”  ou “le petit chaperon rouge”. Mon manteau est rouge, mon echarpe est rouge, (un de mes) sac est rouge, mes ongles sont rouges et mon beret est rouge.
Et pourtant, ma couleur préféré est le vert ! Alors quand je suis tombée sur ce beret, je me suis dit qu’il était temps de le montrer !

A swedish attempt:
Jag har blivit kallad “Jultomten” och “rödluvan” ett tag nu. Min kappa är röd är min halsduk röd, (en av) min väska är röd, mina naglar är röda och min beret är röd.
Men min favoritfärg är faktiskt grönt. Så när jag hittade den här i grönt, jag trodde det var dags att visa det.


The mushrooms and the pumpkin dress


In english:

How to explain…. found the dress in a secondhand shop Rue de la Roquette, the guy was super nice and gave me a good price.
The giant mushrooms in the middle of my livingroom? What we got Mom for her bday.

In French:

Comment expliquer….j’ai trouvé la robe dans une friperie Rue de la Roquette, le mec était super sympa et m’a fait un bon prix.
Les enormes champignons au milieu du salon? Le cadeau d’anniversaire que l’on a fait à Mom.

A swedish attempt:

Hur kan jag förklara? Hittade klädningen på en SecondHand affär, försäljaren var jätte snäl och gav mig ett bra pris.
De jättestora svamparna i mitten av vardagsrumet? Mammas födelsedags present.

back & gone again

im home for a few hours, leaving for the south west of France soon.

Just wanted to say “im still there” and “Irland with the family was pretty cool  (and wet)”


We shopped like crazy. I blame it on my friend Flo who lives in Dublin and introduced my to Penneys, and on the weather.  

oh yeah, and, despite my negociations with whoever is in charge of that, i did turn 24 on July 30th. I got super spoiled which made me forget for a while that im not ok about it.

i have 9 sisters…

what’s great about having 13 cousins and among them 9 girls, appart from the fact that they are AWESOME, is the fact that the oldest ones always bring mountains of gorgeous clothes and then we trade  !!!


My cousin Olivia fell in love with my london dress

and i had a big crush on her Australian dress…




Today after work i went to the hardest and longest bodypump class with the craziest trainer ever.

It was awesome.

At one point he asked something and i assumed, with my broken swedish that he asked if it was our first time in his class so i raised my hand…and he started talking to me.

When he realized i didn’t speak swedish (still don’t 😦 ) he started translating the exercices… so nice of him. And at the end he said i did good.
I don’t know if i was but it felt GREAT. Im exhausted.

Just watched a show about giving birth that makes you wanna get your tubes tied so now im gonna relax and watch So you think you can dance !



Le bonheur d’avoir 9 cousines avec qui partager les joies des essayages ! Je profite des trouvailles australiennes de ma cousine et elle porte mes frippes suédoises et londoniennes.

Ce soir je suis allée au cours de BodyPump le plus long et le plus dur de ma vie d’athlète (oui oui). Et le prof le plus taré. Lorsqu’il a pris conscience de mes capacités linguistiques limitées il s’est mis à traduire les exercices en anglais. Sympa. Et il m’a félicité à la fin. Voilà qui  motive !

Je viens de mater un documentaire sur l’accouchement qui vous donne envie de vous faire ligaturer les trompes dans la seconde, je vais donc décompresser avec So you think you can dance! maintenant. 

tea time

gosh our soccer team is pathetic. I have no words.

Those douchebags could at least have let South Africa qualify, they would have done ONE good thing.
Anyway, back to France. So wish they could all get fired.

älskling brought back some super good tea from the Seychelles…everytime i drink it i feel like im traveling a bit…plus they are in super cool “vintage” bags…

Crispin found this adorable necklace while she was in Stockholm

previously on Mo’s life

Last week 2 great friends of mine that i met in the US visited me. We had an awesome 4 days weekend that can be summed up to the following:

  • all kinds of cookies, hot chocolates, smoothies, muffins and cupcakes

  • hours of shopping

love that pic cause you see my friend Delphine in the back 😉

  • cuuuuuute babies

i finally got to see the baby bears (isnt there a real english word for them actually?) when i arrived they were not born, in winter they were sleeping…3rd time is a charm !

  • fun fun fun

Gröna Lund’s amusement park in the warm saturday sun was awesome ! we also got to see MANBOY but that’s another story and i would need a whole new post to explain MANBOY.

  • and drinks with more friends!


as it is the tradition, when spring comes it is time to clean up the winter mess.

Well spring finally has arrived here.

Right now all my summer clothes are laying on the floor ready to be put nicely in my closet.

And i aslo wanted a new “spring” atmosphere on my blog.

We’ll see how long it will last.

Thank God it’s Friday.

Don’ t really know what i’ll do tomorrow…

Here is what i did last saturday 🙂

Im not sure i like my face on that pic but it is such a fun picture !

btw that’s my new dress…it’s hard to truly appreciate its super cool shape here though