Life is too short, be unbalanced

so it’s 9.30 pm and i find myself sipping √§lskling’s yummy fruit cocktail and watching soccer. Not just watching, actually caring. That only happened once before. World cup 1998.
Fun fact, at that time i was 12 and cheering from all my heart for my country and its awesome team. Today, im 25 and cheering with all my heart for whichever team bits my country. Ironically enough it was Sweden, and then Spain, 2 countries i’ve recently learnt to know better ūüôā

I’m not a very patriotic person, i love France, it’s my country, it’s a part, and always will be, of who i am. But that’s it. It does not mean i’ll take umbrage at someone’s comment about Parisian’s habits or so. I don’t really care what people say. Most of the time it makes me smile.

But for once it actually affected me. It wasn’t even about soccer anymore. It was personal. I wanted them to lose. So bad. I wanted them to be as big losers as Les bleus were heros in 98.

Close enough. Thanks Nasri.

Donc il est 21h30 et je me retrouve √† siroter le d√©licieux cocktail de fruit d’√§lskling tout en regardant un match de foot. Je ne fais pas que regarder d’ailleurs, je m’interesse. Ca, ca n’√©tait arriv√© qu’une fois avant, Coupe du monde 1998.
A cette √©poque j’avais 12 ans et je soutenais de tout mon coeur mon pays et notre super equipe. Aujourd’hui j’ai 25 ans et je soutiens de tout mon coeur n’importe quelle √©quipe qui met une racl√© √† mon pays. Ironiquement, ce fut la Su√®de puis l’Espagne, deux pays que j’ai¬†r√©cemment¬†appris √† bien connaitre ūüôā

je ne suis pas quelqu’un de tr√®s patriotique. J’aime la Farnce, c’est mon pays, et une partie de moi, pour toujours. Mais ca s’arr√™te l√†. Ca m’importe peu que les gens critiques les parisiens ou autres, ca me fait plutot sourire.

Mais pour une fois, ca m’a touch√©. Ca ne concernait m√™me plus le foot, c’√©tait personnel. Je voulais tellement qu’ils perdent. Je voulais qu’ils deviennent d’aussi gros losers que les bleus avaient √©t√© nos heros en 98.

Mission accomplie. Merci Nasri.

Life is too short to finish that plate !

Sooo…breakfast today was just CRAAAAAZY. We went to that place called Portage Bay cafe that serves the biggest pancakes i have ever had and on top of that you can add as many/much raspberries, strawberries, maple syrop and whipped cream as you want, as many times as you want.

i have too admit i was not able to finish everything. It was monstrous.

After a few hours we managed to move again and took a tour of Seattle University.

and after a really disappointing shopping trip we drove to the beach.

In the evening, we went to see the STORM (the Seattle¬†women NBA team)¬†play thanks to Sash’s friends who actually own the team ! It was a great game, so much fun, many punches, damn those women are big…unfortunatly they lost ūüė¶

I form l√∂ppet !

Not to be mistaken with “En forme l0pette !” in french¬†(shape up queer ! in english).

We did it. A√Įda and i registered for this race about a month ago without really realizing what we were getting ourselves into.
I got really into it and started to train regularly. And on Wednesday we ran our race under the lovely evening sun of Stockholm.

We’re kinda super proud of ourselves now ! We did good and it felt great !¬†261 out of 457¬†women,¬†59min and 28 sec, just under one hour.

Can’t wait for the next race now ! If only my gym teachers from highschool could see me now…ah ah ah.


I ran 10km today. In 1h08. First time in life in run that long. So proud of myself. It’s good cause i just registered for a 10K race on August 17th. Now i know i can do it on the treadmill, just need to do it outside !


im not quite sure i get why they call it “Midsommar” since it’s actually just the beginning of the “sommar” , if it really means that it is the middle of it and that in 2 weeks it’s fall already…well it sucks.

anyway, enough with my retarted questionning, we have a 3 day weekend and that’s basically all that matter !

It started really well yesterday night with a bbq and mojitos on the roof !

then, today we are going Kayaking with Alice !¬† Hopefully we won’t drawn. Or get lost.

This is what im planning on wearing

(everything but bag and shoes is from Bikbok)

And today at 6pm, 2 of my best friends arrive ! Im SO excited , it s there first visit !

Have a great midsommar !


Desfois j’ai des relents de courage et je me dis que je devrais √©crire plus souvent en fran√ßais, alors voil√† pour aujourd’hui. Midsommar. Je ne comprends pas pourquoi ils appellent ca “Mid” “sommar” alors que c’est le d√©but de l’√©t√©. Ou alors c’est une fa√ßon de nous pr√©venir que l’√©t√© se termine dans 2 semaines. Bonjour l’angoisse.

Mais le principal c’est que c’est F√ČRI√Č ! Aujourd’hui kayaking, et √† 18h arriv√©e de Marie et Elsa !!! YES YES YES !

tea time

gosh our soccer team is pathetic. I have no words.

Those douchebags could at least have let South Africa qualify, they would have done ONE good thing.
Anyway, back to France. So wish they could all get fired.

√§lskling brought back some super good tea from the Seychelles…everytime i drink it i feel like im traveling a bit…plus they are in super cool “vintage” bags…

Crispin found this adorable necklace while she was in Stockholm


friday 30th of April not only was the 64th bday of the King, it was Valborg. Valborg is a pagan fest celebrating spring.  (heard that spring? we are celebrating you, would be kinda cool to show up now).

It is also, as we’ve heard, the biggest student fest ever (with Midsommar). And the place to be was apparently Uppsala. So to Uppsala we went.

There are no words to describe the atmosphere and the mess there. It’s a carnival / home made boat race / music festival / most giant picnic ever

It was crazy !¬† So crazy that in the evening we were too tired to go out and watch the bonfire at Skansen so we stayed home and played Monopoly City. Did you know they don’t sell the actual Monopoly? The good old one that anyone knows how to play and where you don’t need to have a PhD and read a swedish instructions book !

Malm√∂ i mitt hj√§rta !

Girls (boys?), I’m back in Malm√∂ for 12 days¬† !! woot woot ! I arrived on friday¬†morning and didn’t even had time to¬†rest, we were already on our way to G√∂teborg (beautiful city w/ lovely churches) to see the soccer “U-21” (under 21 for those who don’t¬†know, like me)¬†¬†european semi-final between Sweden and England. I said it already im absolutly not a soccer fan but the city was YELLOW, sooo many people were wearing the swedish jersey (including me, √§lskling actually made me change in the middle of the street, but it’s ok i had a nice bra ūüėČ )and there¬†was so much excitement in the air that i kinda enjoyed myself !¬†¬†Even if Sweden lost. Then we went to Lisaberg,¬†the amusement park, it’s really adorable !¬†¬†¬† well….busy busy first vacation day !¬† Oh yeah i forgot to mention the weather is AWESOME !!!¬†¬†¬†can’t wait to go to the beach!



the very first thing i saw when i got off the train was the Metro newspaper saying ” Micka√ęl Jackson d√∂d inatt”¬†I stood there in shock. My swedish is getting better.¬†¬†

Busy bee weekend

Saturday was Sweden’s day,

sunday was mother’s day in France and “voting” day for the european¬† deputees elections and the french open final…¬†

So i wished a good day to älskling and all the Swedes, 

Crispin and i made a nice breakfast and gave mom a new bag,

i voted and i watched the final.  

update (june 8th: shame, shame on me, how could i forget to mention it was the D-Day commemoration and Obama was in Normandie ! April 22 ‘s comment was¬†my waking up call…i suck.

 no need to mention that my attempt to write about the impact of micro credit on women in Africa was a total failure. oups.

But who care when you have new shoes w/ awesome see thru heels right?

blackheels   from Besson

colorful day…

Blue…as the sky was on sunday morning in Paris…verte

Grey…the streets of le Marais,gay/jewish corner of Paris…

Brown,¬†the ¬†sign of the Vintage Store rue des Rosiers…

Green and pink the adorable skirt i got there for 5 euros…

Yellow, the color of my¬†cocktail at 5pm watching France loses at Rugby w/ my friends…

Lovely, my sunny sunday.