New Direction

Non je ne suis pas devenue fan du nouveau groupe “in” pour ado du moment (en même temps si je vous disais que j’ai versé une larme en regardant une emission d’Oprah sur Justin Bieber…)
Non, par New Direction il faut entendre, nouvelles bonnes résolutions 2013. Evidemment. Lors de mon nouvel an a Berlin j’ai trouvé quelque chose qui résume parfaitement mes objectifs:

Amour Gloire et Beauté quoi.


Bon, Beauté c’est un peu rapé pour le moment vu que j’ai un nez en patate couleur tomate qui pèle et que je nage dans les mouchoirs, mais j’y crois à mort.

Life is too short, but not THAT short

Today at 3pm i will be on vacation. I have been waiting for this, so i dont really give a s*** about whatever prophecy is supposed to accomplish itself today, i REFUSE the end of the world right now. Period.
Plus i have tones of good resolutions for 2013 that i would really like to be able to put into practice, and mom talked about a great brunch on Sunday, so there is just no way.

Not of mine at least.

Life is too short, Xmas is all around

Eventhough i do not celebrate Xmas the traditional way i still enjoy the Xmas frenzyness that starts in early November here: the ligths, the hot cocoa, the marshmallows, the snow, the carols, the glögg, the food, the warm blankets, the Xmas markets and the never ending queues in every store.

Last weekend my cousin was visiting and we walked around in a Stockholm that was about to OD on Xmas spirit.
So we did it all: we walked in the snow, threw snow bowls at people, drunk glögg and hot chocolate, ate cookies, went to markets and even went ice-skating!

Xmas actually, is, all around.


Life is too short, St Nicolas lasted a minute

The second weekend of December was the BEST time of the year. We do not celebrate Xmas in my family. We celebrate St Nicolas. And im sorry to tell you, but St Nicolas kicks Santa’s ass. Well mostly cause it means the whole family gathered in one house, chatting, catching up, painting each others nails, watching stupid tv, going shopping, eating, eating, eating and of course…a sea of presents.
And as usual, when you wait for something the whole year and have a blast, it seems like it goes by in a minute.
During that minute i took in all the love (and kilos) i could to survive another year. stnic



Le 2e weekend de décembre fut le meilleur moment de l’année. Dans ma famille nous ne célébrons pas Noël mais St Nicolas, et désolée de vous le dire mais St Nicolas bat Le Pére Noël à plate couture. Enfin c’est surtout ma famille qui se retrouve dans une maison pour papoter, faire des ateliers manucures, regarder des emissions débiles, faire du shopping, manger, manger, manger, et ouvrir des tonnes de cadeaux.

Comme toujours lorsque l’on attend quelque chose pendant longtemps et que l’on passe un super moment, le temps passe à la vitesse de l’éclair.
Pendant cet eclair, j’ai emmagasiné assez d’amour (et de kilos) pour tenir jusqu’à l’année prochaine.

Life is too short Thank and Give

We are a pretty busy bunch. So when we decided to celerbrate Thanksgiving, we realized we were only all available last weekend.

We also realized that celebrating Thanksgiving in Europe is not easy. No pumpkin can, deep frozen turkey that take hours to unfroze in the sink… but we made it, we had to adapt of course: exchange the pumpkin for something else, wait hours for the turkey to unfroze and then cook and consequently stuffing ourselves with lussekatter, glögg and fun labels wines, we also decided to exchange presents…

So anyway, eventhough it was a total mess “tradition wise” we had a great time.

IMG_5834 IMG_5827 IMG_5830

Life is too short, petit trip !

Last Friday we took the train to Copenhagen to visit friends. The weather was precisely as bad as in Stockholm but the change of scenery was welcomed. Copenhagen really is a nice/cool city with tones of adorable stores made for me. Bicycles in every color and shape pacifically occupy the streets and giant bicycle roads even in pouring rain.

So in a attempted to fit in we hopped on our friends’ christiania bike, childishly enjoyed Tivoli’s Xmas market, stuffed ourself at  brunch, bought a remarquably inexpensive (for pple leaving in Sweden) bottle of wine at a bar without anyone asking for our ID and then, i found THE teapot of my life.

The only downside of this weekend? We didnt get to finsih “love actually” 🙂

Life is too short, sum up

Gosh so much happened the past few weeks.

So to sum up:

  • We moved in and have been spending more time at IKEA than in our appartment since then
  • I went to a 3 day girly trip to Madrid and it rocked !
  • I went home twice in 10 days and it was awesome !
  • While in France i got to see my friends and it was NEEDED
  • We celebrated an election
  • I ate, ate, ate and baked a bit too

Beaucoup de retard alors pour résumer:

  • On a déménagé et depuis on passe plus de temps chez IKEA qu’à l’appart.
  • J’ai été 3 joursà Madrid entre filles et c’était genial !
  • Je suis rentrée à la maison 2 fois en 10 jours et c’était extra !
  • En France j’ai pu passer du temps avec mes amis et c’était necessaire !!!
  • Nous avons célébrés une election
  • J’ai mangé, mangé, mangé…et cuisiné un peu aussi


Life is too short, be spontaneous.

Im a shopaholic.  I LOVE shopping for clothes, mostly dresses.
I can be pretty spontaneous and just grab everything i like. I also have really deep relationships with my clothes, ,and for most of them, it was love at first sight. and if it fits, it’s mine (ok if i can afford it)

Never thought it would apply to bigger items. Like appartments.
2 weeks ago we went to a showing (in Sweden it’s open to everyone walking by) just because we are curious and love to check stuff out. But as i crossed the thresold, i got goosebumps. This was where i was supposed to live. This was MY appartment. It freaked us out a bit cause we were just not prepared for that at all but after lots of discussion, calculation and the single most stressful week of our lives, we are now the proud owners of a bathtub, a walk-in closet, a giant kitchen, a real bedroom with a door…and all the wall around that. It is still sinking in.
If everything goes smoothly, we will be moving in in 2 weeks. Hopefully i will have realized by then.

Je suis une shopaholic. J’ADORE faire les boutiques de vetements, en quête de robes essentiellement. Je peux être assez spontanée lorsqu’il s’agit d’acheter ce qui me plait. J’ai très souvent le coup de foudre pour mes fringues, et si elles me vont, je les embarques (ok si j ai les moyens aussi bien sur).

Mais je n’aurais jamais cru que ca s’appliquerait pour autre choses que les vetements…
Il y a 2 semaines nous sommes allés jeter un oeil à un appart à vendre par pure curiosité (en Suède les visites sont ouvertes à tous).  Mais en passant la porte j’ai eu la chair de poule: c’étais MON appart.
Nous etions bien secoués car nous ne nous y attendions pas et n’étions pas du tout prets. 
Mais aprés de longues discussions, de grands calculs, et la semaine la plus stressante de nos vies, nous sommes aujourd’hui les heureux propriétaires d’une beignoire, une vraie chambre, une grande cuisine, un dressing…et des murs qui vont avec. Je ne réalise toujours pas bien. J’espère que ca ira mieux dans 2 semaines lorsqu’il faudra déménager.

Life is too short, and the rain…rains.

Gosh that weekend was better than the last. Then again it was hard to do worst.
My friend Flo was here w/ his bf Daniel for the weekend, it was his 5th time in Sthlm so he knew exactly what he wanted to see and do, but it was Daniel’s first time and älskling and i felt really sorry for him when it rained from the minute they arrived till the Sunday morning (they left Sunday night). We still had a really nice time together, walking  swimming around the city, shopping and fika-ing.

After this November weather im actually quite surprised we are only September 3rd today. It’s going back to school day for a lot of french students today. Makes me feel a bit… nostalgic somehow. But i’m also a student this year. From tomorrow, at the university of Stockholm starts my swedish classes !! Need to get my backpack ready, and than means: “going back to school day” shopping !

Ah ce weekend fut bien meilleur que je dernier, mais bon c’était difficile de faire pire.

Mon ami Flo et son copain Daniel sont venu nous rendre visite. C’était la 5e fois pour Flo donc il savait exactement ce qu’il voulait faire et voir, mais la première fois pour Daniel, et älskling et moi furent bien désolé lorsqu’il a plut sans discontinu de leur arrivée au dimanche matin, jour de leur départ. Nous avons tout de même passé un très bon weekend à nous promener nager en ville, faire les boutiques et des pauses fika.

Après ce temps de novembre je suis presque surprise de n’être que le 3 septembre. C’est jour de rentrée pour beaucoup d’étudiants français  J’en serais presque nostalgique… mais finalement je serai aussi étudiante cette année. Demain démarre mes cours de suédois à l’université de Stockholm. Il faut que je prépare mon cartable ! Et ca ca veut dire: shopping de rentrée !