This proud feeling

I’m sitting on my couch chatting with älskling’s mother.

How is that an accomplishement?

She doesn’t speak a word of english and for the last 4 years all we managed to say to each other is “hi” and “bye”.

We are now catching up 4 years of getting to know each other, in swedish. And it feels awesome.


Today im taking my first real swedish test ! im kinda stressed, especially that i had totally forgotten about it and hence, didnt study at all…. It is a placement test to study at the university next year. Im kinda excited too.

painting by Crispin


it was tougher than i expected. We had to fill in blanks in textes picking from different different options…i didn’t know most of the words there 😦
My only hope is the 300 words essay we had to write about “what is important in a job? What is your dream job?”

Damn. Besviken. That word i know. Disappointed.

bicycling is a group activity

For Easter’s week end i had my friend Elo over. I was sick but still managed to enjoy the lovely weather. We decided to enjoy Stockholm and took a long tour bicycling around Djurgarden. it took a while (LONG while) to find 9 city bikes but it was worth the wait.

älskling was really elegant,

i love this one,


I’ve finished my very first real serious book  in swedish (if you can call The sisterwood of the traveling pants, a serious book) last week and now i started with a new one for my swedish class. I had been refusing to read in swedish because reading is supposed to be a pleasure and looking up every second word in a dictonnary is not really my definition of pleasure. But sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. It went much easier that i expected. But this new one is a challenge.

La semaine dernière j’ai fini mon premier livre serieux en suédois (si on considère que 4 filles et un jeans est un livre serieux), et je viens d’en commencer un autre pour mon cours de suédois. J’avais jusqu’alors refusé de lire en suédois parce que pour moi lire est un plaisir, et chercher un mot sur deux dans le dico n’est pas vraiment ma définition du plaisir. Mais desfois il faut se faire violence et se lancer. Et finalement ca c’est plutôt bien passé. Mais ce 2e livre va être un sacré challenge.

Förra veckan läst jag färdig min först seriös bok på svenska (om man kan kallar Systrar i Jeans en seriös bok) och jag började precis med en ny för min svensk kurs.  Tills nu hade jag vägrat att läsa på svenska eftersom jag tänker att läsa är en nöje och att kolla up varje två ord i ordboken inte är riktig min beskrivning av nöje. Men ibland måste man tvinga sig. Och det gick bättre än jag förväntade det. Men den här nya böken blir en utmaning.

Sunday brunches

The gang at the String Café

in english:  lots of food (including pancakes), a fun surrounding and awesome friends…i can’t get over it.

in french: une tonne de bouffe (dont des pancakes), un décor sympa et de super amis…je ne m’en fatiguerai jamais.

A swedish attempt: massa mat ( varav pannkakor), ett roligt ställe och underba vänner…jag kan aldrig bli trött av det.

Pippi & the french artist !

in english: my friends Cindy and Marcus had their moving in party yesterday. And since she is french and he is swedish, they decided to have a really fun theme: All french people had to dress “swedish” and every Swedes had to dress “french” !!!!  It was a lot of fun, unfortunatly, there’s always some boring people “too cool to dress up”….

can you believe they ALL had the same idea??

In french:  hier soir, mes amis Cindy et Marcus ont fait leur pendaison de craimaillère. Et comme c’est aussi un couple mixte, ils ont eu l’idée d’un thème rigolo: Les suédois devaient se déguiser en francais et les francais en suédois. C’était vraiment très sympa ! Malheureusement il y a toujours des gens “trop cool” pour se jouer le jeu…

A swedish attempt: Igår var det inflyttning fest av mina vänner Cindy och Marcus. Eftersom de är fransyska och svensk de bestämde att ha en ganska rolig tema: alla svenskar var tvungna att klä ut sig som franskman och alla franskman, som svenskar. Vad roligt det var !!! Tyvärr finns det alltid personer som är “för kul” för att klä ut sig…

sea, ice and sun

In english: On Sunday, last week i was tired of staying inside and decided to have lunch at a really cute little restaurant by the water called Loopen Marin. älskling was too lazy so i took a book, my swedish homework and i was on my way. It was lovely. So sunny. So wonderful to be outside, eventhough it still is really really cold. Love it. Love the idea that spring is not so far away.

In french: Dimanche, il y a deux semaines, j’étais fatiguée de passer mon weekend à l’interieur et j’ai décidé d’aller déjeuner dans un adorable petit restaurant au bord de l’eau appelé Loopen Marin. älskling était trop paresseux pour se bouger alors j’ai attrapé un livre, mes devoirs de suédois et je me suis installée au soleil au bord de l’eau. C’était merveilleux, malgré le froid, ce sentiment que le printemps n’est plus si loin.

A swedish attempt: Sondag, för tva veckor sen var jag trött att stänna i så bestämde jag att äta lunch ute pa en jättesöt restaurang vid vatten kallade Lopen Marin. älskling var för lat för att följa med så tog jag min bok och mina svenska böker och gick jag. Och trots att det var jättekallt, det var också underba att känna att våren är inte sa lång bort.

Big stupid brother…



In english:
Just a tiny short note to ask What on earth is the point of this show? It just started again after some years here in Sweden…i do not get it. And it’s not just because my swedish is bad. This show is pathetic.

En francais:
Juste une question, quel est le but de l’emission Big Brother? Ca vient de recommencer en Suède après plusieurs années d’absence. C’est vraiment pathétique. Je ne comprends pas. Et ce n’est pas seulement parce que mon suédois est mauvais.

A Swedish attempt:
Jag har bara en fråga. Var är Big Brothers poängen? Det började igen precis ikväll. Vad jättetråkigt !!!

week. finally. over

In english:
i couldn’t be happier that this week is ending. It was tough. Demanding. I feel empty. No energy, nothing. Earlier i almost cried cause i realized i had book the wrong time for laundry. This is how tired i am. So short post for today. Just wanted to show you the super cool youth hostel i stayed in while i was in Umea. It’s an old prison. So people sleep in tiny cells.



In French:
Je suis tellement soulagée que cette semaine se termine. Elle était longue, difficile et m’a complètement vidée de mon energie. Cette aprem j’ai pratiquement pleuré en réalisant que je m’étais trompé d’horaire en reservant la machine à laver. C’est à ce point là. Donc je vais faire court. Je vais juste vous montrer ou j’ai passé la nuit à Umea. Dans une ancienne prison transformée en auberge de jeunesse.


A Swedish attempt:
Jag är så jätteglad att veckan slutar. Det var lång och svår. Jag har tappade hela mitt energi. Den är eftermiddagen gråttade jag nästan när jag insåg att jag had bokat den fel tid på tvättstugan. Sa trött. Så det kommer bli snabbt. Jag vill bara visa er var jag sov i Umeå. På en gamla fängelse !


Today, in excrutiating details.

I thought it could be fun (or not) to have some kind of “live post” about my day today. Like i said im at a student fair in Umeå.
Right now it’s 9 am, i have been there for 30 min, my stand is ready and i already talked to 3 students. Great. But in english. Sucks. It’s too early and im too cold to concentrate on swedish. Plus, i don’t wanna be rude but people here have a weird accent.

9.06 am: got the “aren t french people rude?” question already. Bummer.

9.13 am: the girl at the stand in front of me has candies… bunch of students are blocking the way though….why do they wear their pants so low…might as well not wear anything…

9.28 am: i’ve been asked if i was swedish. The fact that i speak swedish like a spanish cow (total word for word translation of a wonderful french idiom) doesn’t seem to be giving them a clue.

9.53 am: im cold. im desperate to meet a student who actually knows about us. i think i made a friend. The guy on the other side offered to get me some coffee. What about a survival blanket?

10.11 am: jag pratade svenska !!! I spoke swedish. And she said i was good.

10.17 am: btw, i didn’t have time to say that but 127 hours was not good. I do not think it will win him an oscar. He can do sooo much better than that. Im sure of it. If you wanna know about the story, watch this instead. Honestly.

10.27 am: here we go. The “i need to pee but can i leave the stand alone” moment. I used to think “what the hell, we’re in Sweden” and twice that proved to be a bad idea. The first time my purse got stolen, the second time the trestle with our name was taken (still wondering what on earth you can do of a stolen trestle with another agency’s name on it..)

11.11 am: (make a wish) ok im gonna have to go to the restrooms. Of course that’s exactly when all the students are gonna come rushing to my stand asking about France. How typical.

12.39: so on my way to the restroom i came across the lunch room and thought what the hell, lets eat. It was nice. And warmed me up a bit. I also realized that “Blondinbella” was the guest speaker of the fair, a very famous swedish blogger. And honeslty im quite puzzled. I mean it’s a student fair, im not quite sure i understand what she is doing here…appart from the “attractive” thought of having a “famous/fashion/beautiful” speaker…the room was packed so i guess she has an important message to deliver. Im gonna have a look at 13.00

13.28: ok. I’ve been. I’ve seen. I’ve listened. And im shocked. Here comes this good looking, succesful, outgoing 20 years old in front of a room full of  very impressionable 16-18 years old. And what kind of message is she here to deliver? Basically “how to get tones of money through blogging so you don’t really have to work and can go out to super fancy parties every nights“. I mean OMG. I now understand swedish enough to know that saying “i started my blog at 15 and by 17 i could live off of it, so i got my own place, but i wanted more money so…”   to kids coming for a student fair, to pick their studies, their jobs, their future is NOT OK.
Don’t get me wrong. It’s great what happened to her. Wonderful. She is living her dream and she sounds like a smart girl who knows what she wants. And actually i understand that the main message to those kids must be “live your dream, be strong, you can set goals and achieve them” but unfortunatly they are just kids and i just don’t think it’s appropriate to tell a bunch of teenagers that that’s life. That if they start a blog they’ll get rich and succesful. Im afraid they might not be able to understand the core concept.

14.11: i wonder if i could be any good at drawing…. i never really tried. My sis is the artist so i never really given it much thoughts…

14.29: damn it The candy lady is packing up.

15.00: ok people are leaving. I m gonna go soon. Don’t really know where to go till my flight though. It’s not like i can walk around the city, it’s minus 20 people ! Anyway, that was fun. Bye bye.