News flash

just learnt, through Facebook…, that my cousin was getting married. Im not blaming her for not telling me directly since 1) we are not that close, she is brittish (and by this i mean that we did not grow up together, not that i cannot get close to brittish people!) and last time i saw her we were 15 and 2) she probably sent a note to my parents about it…so i blame my parents.

Anyway, she is my age. My age exactly. And she is getting married when my major concern right now is finding out if the weather will be nice enough to go to the beach this weekend. I’m so confused. I’m also super happy for her. But really, so confused that 2 people sharing the same last name, the same blood, at least half of it, and that at one point also shared a desastrous fashion sense….could grow to have such different lives. But it’s great !!  HAPPY WEDDING DAY JENNIE !

Jennie, myself, nicola and Crispin in the back sitting.


24 going on 9.

Im known for being the girl who loves princesses, and kids stuff in general. My mom is like that, my sister is like that, we just can’t seem to understand why we should stop wearing pink, sing Disney songs and were tiaras just because we’re not 10 anymore. I’m turning 25 in 2 months…and i’ll keep wearing funny mice shaped shoes !



The Chai Latte effect

I first tried the Chai Latte like 3 weeks ago at Camelia’s. You know the warm milk with this Chai sirop. It’s weird cause i usually really dont like milk. But OMG i love this thing, it s so warm and smooth…and sweet… it’s just like getting hugged by a giant teddy bear. It’s just very comforting; always makes me feel better.


I’ve finished my very first real serious book  in swedish (if you can call The sisterwood of the traveling pants, a serious book) last week and now i started with a new one for my swedish class. I had been refusing to read in swedish because reading is supposed to be a pleasure and looking up every second word in a dictonnary is not really my definition of pleasure. But sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. It went much easier that i expected. But this new one is a challenge.

La semaine dernière j’ai fini mon premier livre serieux en suédois (si on considère que 4 filles et un jeans est un livre serieux), et je viens d’en commencer un autre pour mon cours de suédois. J’avais jusqu’alors refusé de lire en suédois parce que pour moi lire est un plaisir, et chercher un mot sur deux dans le dico n’est pas vraiment ma définition du plaisir. Mais desfois il faut se faire violence et se lancer. Et finalement ca c’est plutôt bien passé. Mais ce 2e livre va être un sacré challenge.

Förra veckan läst jag färdig min först seriös bok på svenska (om man kan kallar Systrar i Jeans en seriös bok) och jag började precis med en ny för min svensk kurs.  Tills nu hade jag vägrat att läsa på svenska eftersom jag tänker att läsa är en nöje och att kolla up varje två ord i ordboken inte är riktig min beskrivning av nöje. Men ibland måste man tvinga sig. Och det gick bättre än jag förväntade det. Men den här nya böken blir en utmaning.

This oceanic feeling…

ok, ok, ok i said i was back and i kinda wasnt. I could blame work, i could blame älskling being back from Africa, i could also be honest and say i wasn’t feeling much inspired.
But one of my dearest friend, Marie is moving to Australia next Wednesday, and she started a blog for us to follow her around. And i felt it again. This envy to share what’s happening in my life again. Plus, i’ll get to follow her and she’ll get to follow me.
So let’s hope that’s not just another try.

ok,ok, ok  j’ai dit que j’étais de retour, et en fait, pas vraiment. Je pourrais dire que c’est à cause du boulot, à cause d’älskling qui est de retour, mais honêtement c’est surtout que l’inspiration n’était toujours pas de retour.

Mais mercredi prochain Marie part pour l’Australie. Elle a crée un blog pour que nous puissions suivre ses aventures et ca m’a redonné envie de continuer. Pour qu’elle aussi puisse me suivre. J’espère que cette fois je suis de retour pour de bon.

   och nu försöker jag på svenska !

ok, ok, ok. Jag sa att jag var tillbaka och jag var inte. Jag skulle kunna skylla jobbet, eller älskling som är tillbaka från Afrika, men ärligen, jag var inte motiverad.
Men en av mina bästa vänner åker till Australien nästa önsdag och hon skapade en blogg och jag kände som jag ville börja igen. Så hon kan också följa mit liv.

ett år i Sverige / a year in Sweden

Yesterday was a special anniversary. I moved to Sweden exactly a year ago.  OMG everything that happened since September 16th 2009. I can’t believe it’s only been a year. But i also can’t believe it’s already been a year !!! It’s the longest i lived in another country.
I had swedish class from 6 to 8 so i had time to process the fact that after a year of studying that language…i still can’t speak it. How frustrating. I feel like giving up sometimes. But i promised myself i won’t leave Sweden before i can speak Swedish.

Over all it was a great year. I moved in with älskling, i started a new exciting job, i survived my first minus 20°c winter, learnt to know and love STHLM, i made awesome friends, i lived alone, i traveled around, i celebrated midsommar and got stuck on an island… and there are still so many things for me to do. Spännade !

On a total different note, but not that different cause after all, i’m going the distance, on tuesday Ro, Alice and i went to see “Going the Distance” with Drew barrymore and Justin Long. I didn’t really know what do expect but if they do a movie on long distance relationship, i HAVE to see it. I LOVED it. And suprizingly, it was incredibly funny. Not funny “ha ha” funny “laughing for 5 more minutes after the joke is over”.
It’s official i have a huge lesbian crush on Drew Barrymore.

Ok, time to start my “one year plus 1” day !!


Hier ça faisait exactement un an que j’étais en Suède ! Le moment pour les mises au point, reflexions sur le passé et l’avenir .-)

une super année finalement, tellement de choses ont changées depuis le 16 septembre 2009, pour le mieux. Encore au moins un an et tellement de choses encore à découvrir !

what makes you happy today?

this morning while reading Maria’s blog Lululetty,  i noticed a little sentence she wrote in one of her answers to readers’ questions. 

To the question ” […]do you have any days when you feel insecure about your body or looks?”

She answered: Loads of them. But it’s best to remember that it’s mostly in your head and that you’re actually incredibly lovely. You have to be your own cheerleader and shake yourself out of your funks. Besides no one is perfect and sometimes it’s those imperfections that make us unique and one of a kind.

You have to be your own cheerleader

This might sounds ridiculous but that sentence totally made my day. I found it so adorable and at the same time so full of truth.

Thank you Maria. This made me put of a lot of stuff into perspective today. Now that i wrote it down, i hope i’ll remember to be my own cheerleader when things are bad.  Have a great day evening everyone!

you know you’re swedish when?

So i had a flash today during lunch break.

Im getting used to some swedish habits.

There is one that really  struck me when i first arrived, guys, and people in general, do NOT speak to strangers in the street. Guys do not look at girls, or if they do they are really subtile about it, they do not come to them and start chatting.

Not that i get a lot of that usually, but being from Paris, you get comments at least once a week (usually not the smartest ones), and people come up to you once in a while talking about God knows why.

So when i first arrived i was really surprised to see how people act in the streets of Stockholm, i guess that’s what make us (people from the “south”) say that nordic people are “cold”, which they are not actually but for that you need to get to know them. Anyway, im losing my point here which was:

Today, in a store a guy came up to me and started with: ” i am sorry but you do not look swedish, so i wanted to talk to you and ask you

And my answer was: ” no, i am not. And you must not be either, because a swedish guy would not come up to me like that”

I was quite surprised that he came up to me, and even more surprised to be surprised if you know what i mean.

Anyway, for those who are not lost with my rambling and who cares, he was indeed, not swedish.

I had another awesome weekend in another part of awesome Sweden and i can’t wait to tell you about it but it’s getting late so more about it later !

In the meantime here is what i wore last friday, and my new “Carrie” shoes as i call them


aujourd’hui j’ai réalisé à quel point on s’habitue facilement aux “coutumes” d’un pays, sans s’en rendre compte. Un mec m’a abordé dans une boutique ! oui et alors me direz vous. Et bien ici ca ne se fait pas. PAS. JAMAIS. Les garcons ne regardent pas les filles (ou alors très subtilement), ne les arrêtent pas pour leur proposer un café ou leur balancer quelques phrases un peu lourdes mais qui finalement font toujours du bien à notre petit ego. Non pas que je sois sollicitée toute les deux minutes quand je suis à Paris, mais ca arrive. Ici. RIEN. donc je m’y suis faite. Apparement. Car quand ce garcon s’est approché en me disant:

“désolé mais vous n’avez pas l’air suédoise alors j’ai voulu savoir…” je lui ai répondu ” non, je ne le suis pas, mais vous non plus car les suédois n’abordent pas les gens comme ca”

rien a voir mais j’adore mes pompes “carrie”

lovely, colorful, sweet sunday

what a lovely sunday. It was so sunny when i got up so i decided to have a “breakfast Picnic” ! I bought a giant Kannelbulle, some juice and laid down on a blanket in a park and read magazines…. hellllo perfection.

It took me 2 hours to get cold and realize it was only 8 degres outside ! So i packed up my stuff, and took a walk in my neighborhood and got home.

Stockholm in the sun is a totally different city and i love it !

Here’s for the colorful and sweet ! Some delicious and tiny sirup my friend Dine brought from France !

raspberry pie, marshmallow,  love apple  and cotton candy !