Life is too short, ESCAPE !

argh how many times did i say it: I love my job. Well i’ll say it once more.

Got invited to the release party of the new Romantic Escape magazine after work: Champagne, finger food and tones of fun people to chat with…and of course…gooooooodies !

Combien de fois ai-je d’éjà mentionné à quel point j adore mon boulot? Et bien une fois de plus.

Hier j étais invité à l’After Work pour le lancement du nouveau magazine de voyages “Romantic Escape“: Champagne, amuse-bouche et plein de gens sympathiques …et surtout…des goodies 🙂




life is too short to stop eating

We went out for diner with some of Sash’s friends on Thursday night, we went to this really nice restaurant downtown called Purple specialized in wine and cheese…helloooooo. You could order 3 different wine to taste for 14 dollars !

After diner we wanted to go have some drinks in a bar but we could not get in cause we did not have our passports and apparently our ID were not enough to prove we were over 21…seems like the state of Washington is super strict about this.

Friday morning we decided to start working out for real and started Jillian Michaels’s 30 days work out video ! YEAH, for real.

And after as a reward, i made crepes !!! YUMMY !

Then Sash and i got manucures and pedicures !!!! Soooo awesome, just like in the movies, one woman taking care of my feet, another one doing my nails, chatting with Sash about a stupid TV show on tv…it felt unreal. She even got me to wax my eyebrows….Hurts like hell but…well it DOES look much better.

Then we went up the highest building in Seattle, the Colombian Center, much higher, and cheaper, than the Space Needle.


life is too short to stop walking

on Saturday morning i took a guided tour with a kinda crazy/very knowledgable/ super fast walking guide. I had a blast. I love walking, i love walking thru cities, i love walking fast and i love stories about buildings and streets.


Then i met Dave and his mom and we went thru the Chinese district where they had a huge celebration….after about 30 minutes we were all craving for chinese food and ended up in a small restaurant where we stuffed ourselves with delicious weird looking asian food.

Then we went thru another festival in the italian district ! We climbed all the way to Hyde street to see the cable car go down and took about 1,5 billion pictures, of course we went down and up the Lombard street along with 80 other tourists.

Yeah for our matching outfits…

We walked down th the pier, shopped a bit, had a delicious crêpes and took the cable car back to to hotel. After one last drink it was time for Dave’s mom to pack and go to bed to be up at 7 and catch her flight back to STHLM.

Life is too short to not enjoy the sun till the end

No time to think. The day after my last day at work we took a flight to Marseille with my friend Alice to go to Aix en Provence where we spent 3 wonderful days with Jean André !

It reminded me of movies i used to watch when i was a kid adapted after Marcel Pagnol’s autobiography…i used to love the sound of the places’ names “Aubagne“, “La baume de Marron“, “Cassis” or “Sainte Victoire“…

He showed us around Aix, Cassis, Marseille and eventhough the weather here starts to painfully remind you that summer is coming to an end, the weather down there was AMAZING ! We went to the beach, swam and even tanned !!

It felt really nice to be together again and we saw soo much !! It’s fun to discover your own country !

8 hours in Helsinki !

For my bday Alskling got me a cruise to Helsinki ! It was so cool ! We took the boat on Friday afternoon, got there on Saturday morning, had 8 hours there, which is totally ok cause Helsinki is tiny, and were back to Stockholm on Sunday morning !

I heard pretty often that Helsinki was not worth it, that it was pretty ugly and bla bla bla…

Sure it’s small and it’s not Stockholm but i beg to differ. It is cute. It is nice. It’s worth it.

The weather was perfect and we saw a lot of cool stuff !

we met Mumin !!

älskling got super excited when he found Moutain Dew and bought about 8 liters to bring back….

That’s it i have seen Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki !!

My number 2

I love churches. Im really not religious but  the building in itself, and the atmosphere of those places get me. . Everytime i see a church i wanna get in and feel it. I’ve been to so many i can’t even remember them all. Of course going to St Petersburg i knew it would be a challenge. It was impossible to see them all. The first one i wanted to check out was of course “Saint Sauveur sur sang versé/ Of the Savior on blood”. Älskling had actually cut out a tiny pic of it from a magazine some month ago and gave it to me…couldn’t stop thinking about it since then. I was not desappointed. This church definitly is my number 2. Number 2 because nothing can top the surreal church we found on the road 66 during our roadtrip in 2006. But omg this one was close. I’ve rarely seen such a georgous building, outisde and inside. I could spend days writting about it. I wont. It was awesome.

But some other churches also made the top 10:

such as the St Kazan cathedral


or this one by Petrov’s castle…but i forgot the name 😦

A dream come true.

The day of our arrival we went almost directly to the Opera Marinski to see Swan Lake. It was another dream come true for me. My first time at the Opera was after i moved to Stockholm, so i’m still a novice, so seeing a Ballet in St Petersburg…OMG. It was GORGEOUS !!!!! I had goose bumps and felt so fancy eventhough we were totally underdressed! We sat right next to a retired couple  from Orange County !

On the road again !

Tomorrow Alice, Romain, Adrien and i are OFF TO ST PETERSBURG !!

6 days to discover  another wonderful city ! CAN’T WAIT !


and after that, no time to take a breath, just time to grab clean panties and it’s Midsommar ! We rented a little “stuga” by the beach with a bunch of friends, should be pretty awesome !

(define awesome)


today Clint was in town. Clint is a professor. Clint used to be a bar and a club owner. He is american but spend 6 months a year traveling and teaching in every country in the world. We first met Clint 4 years ago while studying at Arkansas State University, Älskling, Jean Philippe and I…

He is teaching in Finland right now, flying to Austria in a week and visiting us for the weekend… What a wonderful surprise and a wonderful trip down memory lane…


depressingly awesome

Yesterday evening Älskling had booked us for an “Around the world” presentation at Kilroy, a scandinavian based travel agency. A dude who visited 58 countries was telling us about what you should think of before taking an around the world trip and of couse, Älskling had billion of questions to ask. It was extremely interesting, and, one rock two birds, a good 2 hours of training my swedish. This guy knew pretty much everything, from the insurance cost if you wanna jump from a cliff in Brazil to the prices of accomodation in Fidji and the time you need to wait in Hong Kong before you can get a visa to China (3 days btw). I left this place totally depressed.