Life is too short, where have you been?

here and there, but mostly playing a giant game of TETRIS in my our new appartment. The past few weeks have been hectic and it’s still pretty crazy right now both at work and at home.

Turns out, Älskling and i have totally opposit tastes and we didn’t even know it.
Turns out what we had in 23 square meter won’t fit in 40.
Turns out the 45 seconds i had to walk to get to my gym were a HUGE, if not, the main reason why i was exercising so much.
Turns out winter happened and the sun wont show up anymore
Turns out France is stuck in the Middle Age and we are, once again, making fools of ourselves, openly refusing human rights to humans.

Turns out i got sick and tired of it all. Voilà.


  ici et là, mais surtout ici à jouer à TETRIS avec les cartons dans l’appart. Ces dernières semaines ont été vraiment relous et ce n’est pas fini.

Il s’avère qu’Älskling et moi n’avont absolument pas les mêmes goûts, aprés 5 ans et demi, prise de conscience
Il s’avère que ce qui tenait dans nos 23m2 refuse de rentrer dans 40
Il s’avère que les 45 secondes qu’il me fallait pour atteindre ma salle de sport jouaient un rôle essentiel dans ma motivation pour faire du sport
Il s’avère que l’hiver est arrivé et que le soleil refuse de se montrer
Il s’avère que la France a replongé dans le Moyen-Age et que nous nous ridiculisons publiquement, une fois de plus, en refusant les droits de l’Homme à des Hommes.

Il s’avère que j’en ai eu ras le bol.


Tallinn’s rockin’

in English:
So Tallinn was COLD. But it was also really cute and fun ! We didn’t have so much time there but we managed to see the old market, take a really fun free guided tour, stuff ourselves with giant pancakes, shop for antiques, drink shots and enjoy our private sauna !!

in French:
Donc Tallinn était..FROID. Mais c’était aussi super mignon et fun! Nous n’avions pas énormément de temps sur place mais nous avons tout de même réussi à aller au vieux marché, à faire suivre une visite guidée un peu déjantée, à nous goinfrer de pancakes, à faire les boutiques et à profiter de notre sauna privée!!

A Swedish attempt:
Så Tallinn var KALLT. Men det var också fint och roligt. Vi hade inte så mycket tid där men vi hann att gå på den gamla marknad, att följa en konstig/rolig guide, att smaka jättestora/goda pankakor, att shopa och att njuta vår privat bastu !

ett år i Sverige / a year in Sweden

Yesterday was a special anniversary. I moved to Sweden exactly a year ago.  OMG everything that happened since September 16th 2009. I can’t believe it’s only been a year. But i also can’t believe it’s already been a year !!! It’s the longest i lived in another country.
I had swedish class from 6 to 8 so i had time to process the fact that after a year of studying that language…i still can’t speak it. How frustrating. I feel like giving up sometimes. But i promised myself i won’t leave Sweden before i can speak Swedish.

Over all it was a great year. I moved in with älskling, i started a new exciting job, i survived my first minus 20°c winter, learnt to know and love STHLM, i made awesome friends, i lived alone, i traveled around, i celebrated midsommar and got stuck on an island… and there are still so many things for me to do. Spännade !

On a total different note, but not that different cause after all, i’m going the distance, on tuesday Ro, Alice and i went to see “Going the Distance” with Drew barrymore and Justin Long. I didn’t really know what do expect but if they do a movie on long distance relationship, i HAVE to see it. I LOVED it. And suprizingly, it was incredibly funny. Not funny “ha ha” funny “laughing for 5 more minutes after the joke is over”.
It’s official i have a huge lesbian crush on Drew Barrymore.

Ok, time to start my “one year plus 1” day !!


Hier ça faisait exactement un an que j’étais en Suède ! Le moment pour les mises au point, reflexions sur le passé et l’avenir .-)

une super année finalement, tellement de choses ont changées depuis le 16 septembre 2009, pour le mieux. Encore au moins un an et tellement de choses encore à découvrir !

If i could start over…

I would study to be able to work with and study gorillas. They fascinate me. For my bday älskling took me to a huge animal park, Kolmården. It was amazing. I sat for 2 hours just watching the gorillas.

(yes, he is peeing)

But we also got to see other very cool animals and to do a Safari !!!!  We actually had a pretty close encounter with a Girafe. That was AWESOME !

I wanna take this opportunity to thank älskling again. But also to thank him for not making fun of my weird passions and to suprise me, always.


La surprise d’älskling pour mon anniversaire. Le paradis des gorilles. Moi qui en suis folle. C’était extraordinaire ! je suis  restée des heures à les observer. Puis nous avons fait un Safari ! Et rencontré une girafe de très prêt !!

Merci älskling !

“That’s some hot love you gave me”

ok this time im back for good i promise.

I know i was away for sooo long but i have a very good excuse. älskling was back for a 3 weeks leave. And we got busy. He’s leaving tomorrow for 3 more months so i m back. With so much stuff to say i don’t even know where to start.

But first of all, a HUGE thank you to Lilija and Cia who still gave me an beautiful blog award eventhough my blog was in a coma for 3 weeks.


So i’m suposed to pass it on to 7 other bloggers and tell 7 interesting things about me…I don’t know about the “interesting” part but here it is:

  •  It’s been 15 years and im still laughing out loud at most of the jokes in Friends (doing it right now)
  • I got such gorgeous shoes in Dublin i actually use them as decoration items in my appartement
  • After 3 years i was able to communicate with älskling’s mother for the very first time a week ago (she doesnt speak english)
  • About 3 years ago i decided i can t have Nutella anymore (seriously i was eating a huge jar a week) and i kinda replaced it with honey…not sure it’s better for my health though
  • I can’t buy any love story movie anymore since i saw The notebook. Except maybe 500 days of summer.
  • I learned how to play poker last weekend
  • my favorite disney princess is Sleeping beauty

I’ll pass it on Elisabeth (welcome back), Princess Liberty, Erica, Victoria (hope you’re doing better) , Sher, Libertad and Ariella !!

Glad to be back ! Now i have to catch up !  


Blog dans le coma pendant 3 semaines, älskling était en permission et repart demain matin.

Entre temps j’ai tout de même eu le plaisir de recevoir un award pour mon blog 😉

Je dois raconter 7 choses interessantes à propos de moi, interessantes je ne sais pas mais voilà:

  •  Ca fait 15 ans et je rigole toujours aussi fort aux blagues de Friends
  • Les chaussures que j’ai acheté à Dublin sont tellement belles que je m’en sert de déco 
  • La semaine dernière j’ai pu communiquer pour la première fois en 3 ans avec la mère d’älskling (elle ne parle pas anglais)
  • Il y a 3 ans je me suis interdit le Nutella (serieusement ca devenait dangereux) et je l’ai remplacé par le miel…pas certaine que ce soit meilleur pour ma santé…
  • Je ne crois plus aux films d’amour depuis que j’ai vu “n’oublie jamais”. Sauf peut être 500 days of Summer 
  • J’ai appris à jouer au poker le weekend dernier
  • La belle aux bois dormant est ma princesse préférée

    Polar Circle…

    im going to Abisko for the weekend tonight !!

    I was in France when my friend asked me if i wanted to join him, i said yes and he took care of everything. And now it’s time to pack. So just to be sure i check Abisko on the map. I mean i know it’s high up in Sweden but how high can it be? Wait a minute, is that the Polar circle? Are we passing this thing?

    So FWI, it’s gonna be 5 degrees. I can’t even picture what kind of clothes you need for that. Well i could but that mean i would have to remember moments that i totally bolcked out of my mind from last winter.

    So hey girls, if im not back Monday it’s because i froze to death on a trail wearing my “Carrie” heels and a summer dress.


    Ce soir je prends le train pour Abisko !  Un ptit weekend avec Ro et une de ses amies. Bon, je n’ai réalisé que récemment que cette ville était située au dessus du cercle polaire !

    euh, ca veut dire que je prends quoi dans ma valise? j’ai peur.

    Si je suis pas de retour lundi c’est que j’ai gelé sur place en tenue d’été.

    the kouign amann family

    a kouign amann is an amazing traditional cake from britany made of butter…and …sugar.

    Days with my family are always wonderful.

    Full of laughter, games, crazy outdoor activities,

    funny and lovely cousins,

    dogs running around

    and FOOD

    breakfast, lunch and diner for 20 people and 6 dogs for a week…..activities in between were just a way to kill time till the next dish !


    Toujours la même chose les vacances en famille. Le bonheur.
    Cousins, chiens, jeux débiles et encore et toujours, des bons ptits plats.

    ah ah got’ ya !

    I’m probably on the beach right now or at a market place somewhere…but i thought it would be nice to keep posting about stuff that happened before i left.

    On the weekend of the 4th of July, my friend Ro and i decided, kinda at the last minute, to rent a car and drive up north. We spent 2 days driving around sweden stopping when we were seeing something pretty or weird…it was AWESOME !

    So that’s where we were:

    Sigtuna where we saw very very old churches from the 12 century and Sweden’s longest street

    Gävle, where we had lunch and learnt about the weird and not so old tradition of building a giant straw goat every year around Xmas and the whole country takes bet on how long it is gonna stay up until someone burns it.

    We also happened to kiss posters with Eric Saade on it because lets face it the kid is gorgeous.

    in Rättvik we rented a room, swam in the Siljan lake, had a picnic on the longest pier i’ve ever seen, and enjoyed a vintage american cars meeting

    In Tällberg, we had waffles for breakfast in an old style hotel

    we drove to Falun and went 65 meters down in the copper mine that used to be the biggest copper mine in the world till in closed down in 92

    Then we stopped in Sunborn where we visited Carl Larsson‘s house (extremly famous swedish artist who made amazing drawings) it was so so so so great and pretty !!! i want the SAME house

    on the way back we came across the weirdest hotel restaurant complex called Dragon Gate….it was like being in China for a few minutes

    And we ended our trip with a diner by the river at Uppsala.

    Amazing weekend.

    Midsommar 2nd episod

    On the friday evening my 2 great friends fom France arrived. The fact that they were here for Midsommar made this weekend even more special.

    We took a boat trip to an island of the archipelago, the name of the harbour we stopped at is Linanäs, and just that for me made it worth it ! We spent the day looking for ananas (pineapple).

    We had a picnic with great food and Champagne from France, and an “en gang grill” (one time grill) which is such an awesome invention !

    Then we had strawberries and whipped cream on a pier and jumped in the water in underwear !!

    After playing around for a while we all fell asleep in the sun on the pier……and woke up with uneaven tan (especially for the one of us that puts her camera in her bra)




    Midsommar 2e jour. Perfection. Une ile avec un nom rigolo, du champagne, des fraises, des amis chéris et des traces de bronzage pas très catholiques