im not quite sure i get why they call it “Midsommar” since it’s actually just the beginning of the “sommar” , if it really means that it is the middle of it and that in 2 weeks it’s fall already…well it sucks.

anyway, enough with my retarted questionning, we have a 3 day weekend and that’s basically all that matter !

It started really well yesterday night with a bbq and mojitos on the roof !

then, today we are going Kayaking with Alice !  Hopefully we won’t drawn. Or get lost.

This is what im planning on wearing

(everything but bag and shoes is from Bikbok)

And today at 6pm, 2 of my best friends arrive ! Im SO excited , it s there first visit !

Have a great midsommar !


Desfois j’ai des relents de courage et je me dis que je devrais écrire plus souvent en français, alors voilà pour aujourd’hui. Midsommar. Je ne comprends pas pourquoi ils appellent ca “Mid” “sommar” alors que c’est le début de l’été. Ou alors c’est une façon de nous prévenir que l’été se termine dans 2 semaines. Bonjour l’angoisse.

Mais le principal c’est que c’est FÉRIÉ ! Aujourd’hui kayaking, et à 18h arrivée de Marie et Elsa !!! YES YES YES !


friday 30th of April not only was the 64th bday of the King, it was Valborg. Valborg is a pagan fest celebrating spring.  (heard that spring? we are celebrating you, would be kinda cool to show up now).

It is also, as we’ve heard, the biggest student fest ever (with Midsommar). And the place to be was apparently Uppsala. So to Uppsala we went.

There are no words to describe the atmosphere and the mess there. It’s a carnival / home made boat race / music festival / most giant picnic ever

It was crazy !  So crazy that in the evening we were too tired to go out and watch the bonfire at Skansen so we stayed home and played Monopoly City. Did you know they don’t sell the actual Monopoly? The good old one that anyone knows how to play and where you don’t need to have a PhD and read a swedish instructions book !

go green

It was earth day yesterday right?

Ive been a bad blogger lately, don’t understand how i manage to go out every night ! It’s great cause i never used to be like this but it’s also exhausting !

Maybe i m always out cause my appartement (that i love) is  tiny ?!

Because of all the dust Island is sending us we’ve been kinda “stuck” on our side of the sea for a whole week and my friends couldn’t make it last weekend… and apparently it’s not looking good for my other friend today 😦


Hej Hej,

I am sorry for the lack of posts, it’s not a lack of inspiration, i have billions of stuff to say and show, it’s just a lack of time. I m having the busiest days lately !

So here you can pick out my friend Dine, she is the weird one with the hat…

We went a little crazy at Beyond Retro

glad påsk?

First of all, thanks a LOT to all of you for your sweet messages about my hair !! really means a lot ! I m still adjusting to it but i really enjoy it too !!

Then, i had a BLAST with my family, my adorably funny cousins, my hilarious uncles and aunts, my awesome grandpa,  and all the chocolates in the world.
I even had time for a drink (ok 3) with my best friends in Paris on friday.

I hope everyone had a great long weekend too !

Here is the dress i got at Cubus (not Bocus like i wrote before), the tights are from H&M

Today is älskling’s bday…he’ll be somewhere around Djibouti and i’ll be here in Stockholm. Sucks.


Goldilocks is the bear

Yesterday night we went out for one of our friend’s last day , he’s going back to France today.  😦  Sad to see people leaving one after another.

We went to the Spy Bar, a club at Stureplan that i’ve heard a LOT about ! And is was super fun !! im not a club type of girl but i had a blast dancing on good music! Plus, God knows why, they gave away masks with bear and sheep faces. We all looked really weird 😉

i was wearing my black lace dress from Bikbok and the “belt” i made with a ribbon i got from the lovely Maria

Today i went to the gym and it felt great, im really starting to believe it is the way to prevent yourself from a hangover !

At 4 we’ll have a fika with my friends and then, laundry.

Back in the game

woooooooooooooooooooo im back !!!! it’s been so long i can’t believe it !!! i really missed blogging ! Soooo much happened in 2 weeks….

Ok so in a nutshell, we moved in to our new place. It took 3 whole weekends and it s not perfect yet but at least it looks like an appartement now. And i LOVE it, i am so happy about it, it’s so cute and i LOVE the location right in the middle of everything ! I just need to find a way to fit my 20 pairs of shoes and my million dresses…

I really wanna show the place but i rather wait till it’s done so here you can have a glimpse…

our first night in the appartement: Champagne and a memories book “our house”

some of the shots i get in every city i visit…

a little piece of home…

so much happened it’s hard to catch up in just one post but i’m definitly back now !

as for today, im sick 😦

And one more thing, thank you very much to all of you for still checked on me while i was gone 😉

Me revoilà, pour de bon cette fois ! Dans un tout nouvel appartement, dans le super quartier de Södermalm ! Voilà un ptit preview mais l’appart n est pas encore prêt à se montrer au public 😉

Juste heureuse d’être de retour


I am officially moving into my new appartement this week which means, no personal life, a mess everywhere you look, and… no internet at home until the weekend…. i miss blogging but it is essential that i take care of this first ! I’ll be back soon !


En plein déménagement, et pas d´internet à la maison, j´èspère être de retour rapidement !

40 hours later

It s 10pm here in Paris; I have officially been up  for 40  hours. Im not quite sure what keeps me from falling appart right this second.

At 9pm yesterday i went to my friends for dinner; then we went to the Café Opera in Stockholm, could have been great but because of a stupid missunderstanfing we ended up spending like 20 minutes there.  Then went home and had a midnight breakfast until 3 am when i had to catch my subway to get to the central station to then get to the airport.   Ok Ok i slept 2 hours in the plane. Then my dad picked me up, and with my mom, Cripsin, my aunts and 2 of my cousins, we went shopping in Paris.

Being exhausted did not stop me from spending thank God.

Sometimes you just need one more pair of shoes: because they are your size, your color, your taste, your price….they are yours but just don t know it yet.     

I can t wait for the weather to get better so i can actually wear them !  

Il est 22h, c’est officiel je n’ ai pas dormi depuis 40h !!!!   Flippant ! Mais à peine descendu de l’avion j’étais déjà en train de faire les boutiques dans Paris, fin des soldes oblige !!!  Et j’ai fait quelques trouvailles, mais maintenant, DODO !!! 

Malin Foxdal at Berns

yesterday night we went to the Berns salonger, a georgous restaurant/bar/hotel/club/entertainement place in the center of the city

That night, they had 3 events going on, a party in the club downstair, a poker tournament and a show case. That’s where we went.

It was Malin Foxdal

I had a video of a song but the quality turned out quite bad so i wont bother you with it but you can check her website. It’s some kind of swedish folk music, really cool, kinda relaxing / depressing

It was super nice ! We were on the balcony overlooking the whole georgous room, having very expensive drinks (ok i got one and i still have to pay my friend back), chatting and laughing, enjoying the music. Really nice evening with the french team.

Tonight i had swedish class again and at the train station i actually asked my question in swedish instead of taking the easy way out with english. He UNDERSTOOD and answered in swedish and I UNDERSTOOD. I had the biggest smile on my smile for 15 min after that. Im on my way to ” fluentness” (yes it’s a word)

Hier soir, la french team est allé à Berns, un magnifique restaurant/bar/salle de concert dans le centre, pour écouter Malin Foxdal une chanteuse folk suédoise. C’était super sympa.
Ce soir, après le cours de suédois, mise en pratique; j’ai posé une question en suédois et l’on m’a répondu en suédois, je n’en pouvais plus de joie !!!