Life is too short, ESCAPE !

argh how many times did i say it: I love my job. Well i’ll say it once more.

Got invited to the release party of the new Romantic Escape magazine after work: Champagne, finger food and tones of fun people to chat with…and of course…gooooooodies !

Combien de fois ai-je d’éjà mentionné à quel point j adore mon boulot? Et bien une fois de plus.

Hier j étais invité à l’After Work pour le lancement du nouveau magazine de voyages “Romantic Escape“: Champagne, amuse-bouche et plein de gens sympathiques …et surtout…des goodies 🙂




Life is too short to stay at the same place too long…

Friday 2nd was my last day at work. I don’t think i realized yet cause i have had so much on my mind. After 2 years at the Ambassy i cleaned up my office, said bye to m colleagues (got pretty cool presents) and that was it.

It’s tough to think that soon someone else will be at my desk, dealing with my colleagues, organizing events i organized before him…doing what i did for 2 years and probably doing it really well… how will people remember me? Will they?

(Lea, my favorite colleague) 

 and party one last time with your friends !

Plus, i have tones of new projects ahead of me… like… while you’re reading this i’m in a flight to San Francisco where i will meet up with älskling and his mom, then älskling and i will fly to Seattle to spend 3 weeks with our awesome friend Sash !!! SO EXCITED !

Make Musik STHLM 2011

It was awesome thank you very much.

The weather was amazing, i was in charge of the Normalmstorg stage with my great friend Romain and we had fun fun fun…we also had to deal with some line up problems and one irritated trumpet player but appart from that it truly was a success, all over the city. We even got to see the Royal Family pass by on their way to Skansen (let’s not forget it also was the Swedish National Day).

At 10pm all the volonteers joined the public at the after party. We were all exhausted after standing hours in a row in the sun but we used what little energy we had left to set the dancefloor on fire. can’t wait for next year ! Hope i’ll be around.


Make Musik STHLM D – 6

My friend and colleague Alice is organizing the Make Musik STHLM festival for the second year in a row. It is the Swedish version of the french festival Fête de la Musique created in 1982 in France and celebrated every year since then on June 21st. It has now spread in 350 cities all over the world. The idea is “celebrate music”, absolutely everyone can play, absolutely everywhere, and absolutely free !

Since it’s a pretty new concept here in Sweden it has to be a little more organized than in France. This year about 100 bands and more than 50 volonteers registered and in 6 days, on June 6th (Sweden national day btw) we will ROCK this city !

Yesterday evening was the first volonteer meeting and we helped out with the organization and the badges ! Sweet little helpers !

Today, in excrutiating details.

I thought it could be fun (or not) to have some kind of “live post” about my day today. Like i said im at a student fair in Umeå.
Right now it’s 9 am, i have been there for 30 min, my stand is ready and i already talked to 3 students. Great. But in english. Sucks. It’s too early and im too cold to concentrate on swedish. Plus, i don’t wanna be rude but people here have a weird accent.

9.06 am: got the “aren t french people rude?” question already. Bummer.

9.13 am: the girl at the stand in front of me has candies… bunch of students are blocking the way though….why do they wear their pants so low…might as well not wear anything…

9.28 am: i’ve been asked if i was swedish. The fact that i speak swedish like a spanish cow (total word for word translation of a wonderful french idiom) doesn’t seem to be giving them a clue.

9.53 am: im cold. im desperate to meet a student who actually knows about us. i think i made a friend. The guy on the other side offered to get me some coffee. What about a survival blanket?

10.11 am: jag pratade svenska !!! I spoke swedish. And she said i was good.

10.17 am: btw, i didn’t have time to say that but 127 hours was not good. I do not think it will win him an oscar. He can do sooo much better than that. Im sure of it. If you wanna know about the story, watch this instead. Honestly.

10.27 am: here we go. The “i need to pee but can i leave the stand alone” moment. I used to think “what the hell, we’re in Sweden” and twice that proved to be a bad idea. The first time my purse got stolen, the second time the trestle with our name was taken (still wondering what on earth you can do of a stolen trestle with another agency’s name on it..)

11.11 am: (make a wish) ok im gonna have to go to the restrooms. Of course that’s exactly when all the students are gonna come rushing to my stand asking about France. How typical.

12.39: so on my way to the restroom i came across the lunch room and thought what the hell, lets eat. It was nice. And warmed me up a bit. I also realized that “Blondinbella” was the guest speaker of the fair, a very famous swedish blogger. And honeslty im quite puzzled. I mean it’s a student fair, im not quite sure i understand what she is doing here…appart from the “attractive” thought of having a “famous/fashion/beautiful” speaker…the room was packed so i guess she has an important message to deliver. Im gonna have a look at 13.00

13.28: ok. I’ve been. I’ve seen. I’ve listened. And im shocked. Here comes this good looking, succesful, outgoing 20 years old in front of a room full of  very impressionable 16-18 years old. And what kind of message is she here to deliver? Basically “how to get tones of money through blogging so you don’t really have to work and can go out to super fancy parties every nights“. I mean OMG. I now understand swedish enough to know that saying “i started my blog at 15 and by 17 i could live off of it, so i got my own place, but i wanted more money so…”   to kids coming for a student fair, to pick their studies, their jobs, their future is NOT OK.
Don’t get me wrong. It’s great what happened to her. Wonderful. She is living her dream and she sounds like a smart girl who knows what she wants. And actually i understand that the main message to those kids must be “live your dream, be strong, you can set goals and achieve them” but unfortunatly they are just kids and i just don’t think it’s appropriate to tell a bunch of teenagers that that’s life. That if they start a blog they’ll get rich and succesful. Im afraid they might not be able to understand the core concept.

14.11: i wonder if i could be any good at drawing…. i never really tried. My sis is the artist so i never really given it much thoughts…

14.29: damn it The candy lady is packing up.

15.00: ok people are leaving. I m gonna go soon. Don’t really know where to go till my flight though. It’s not like i can walk around the city, it’s minus 20 people ! Anyway, that was fun. Bye bye.

on the road again…

in english:
argh. No time to tell you about Tallinn yet. I’m going to Umeå for a student fair tonight.  I should be excited but i ve been feeling sickish lately, im exhausted et stressed AND im scared of flying. I’ll be back Thursday night.

In french:
Argh. Pas le temps de raconter mon séjour à Tallinn. Je vais à Umeå ce soir pour un salon étudiant . Je devrais me réjouir mais je ne me sent pas très en forme, je suis crevée et assez stressée, et en plus j’ai peur de l’avion. Je serrai de retour jeudi soir.

A swedish attempt:
Argh. Jag hann inte att berätta om Tallinn. Jag åker till Umeå ikväll för en student mässa. Det låter kul men jag känner lite sjuk, jättetrött och nervös, OCH jag är rädd att flyga. Kommer tillbaka pa torsdag kväll.

Sarah Moon @ Fotografiska

I love my job. I love my friends. I love STHLM. Everything combined does that i usually end up taking part in really cool / VIP events 😉
So when Sarah Moon, a french photographer was honoured at Fotografiska, we were at the party.

J’adore mon travail. J’adore mes amis. J’adore STHLM. Et tout ca combiné fait que je me retrouve souvent à des evenements très VIP.
Donc quand Sarah Moon, une photographe francaise a exposée au Fotografiska, nous étions de la partie.

Jag älskar mitt jobb, jag älskar mina vänner, jag älskar STHLM. Och allting tillsammans gör att vi ofta är inbjudna på ganska häftiga evenemanger. Så när den franska fotografen Sarah Moon avtäckade sin uställning på Fotografiska. Vi var också där.


Hej Hej,

I am sorry for the lack of posts, it’s not a lack of inspiration, i have billions of stuff to say and show, it’s just a lack of time. I m having the busiest days lately !

So here you can pick out my friend Dine, she is the weird one with the hat…

We went a little crazy at Beyond Retro


today was a bad day. Really stupid bad day. One hour at the gym and raspberry icecream did help a little.

Now the only two good things about today:

  1. i picked up my lens at the Optician and when i asked for them in Swedish, the lady said my swedish was good !!! (doesn’t matter that we had to switch to english right after that)
  2. My new petit BAG !!!! present from mom, it matches my coat PERFECTLY !