Happy US day ( lite för sent)

what a bad blogger i am  !

On wednesday, April 28th it was our Happy Us Day !

älskling and i have been together for 3 years !

I can’t believe it’s been that long !

Since he is away stucked on a boat i didn’t expect anything special but a phone call and a message on facebook, or maybe a letter.

I got all this. And more.

I was sooo surprised and soo happy !!!

So thank you so very much  and  “happy Happy Us Day” älskling !

glad påsk?

First of all, thanks a LOT to all of you for your sweet messages about my hair !! really means a lot ! I m still adjusting to it but i really enjoy it too !!

Then, i had a BLAST with my family, my adorably funny cousins, my hilarious uncles and aunts, my awesome grandpa,  and all the chocolates in the world.
I even had time for a drink (ok 3) with my best friends in Paris on friday.

I hope everyone had a great long weekend too !

Here is the dress i got at Cubus (not Bocus like i wrote before), the tights are from H&M

Today is älskling’s bday…he’ll be somewhere around Djibouti and i’ll be here in Stockholm. Sucks.


miss him? wear him !

wooaa today was cool. So sunny ! Really felt like spring was on its way ! We had lunch in the park (home made salmon pie was awesome thank you very much) and when we left work it was still sooo sunny !!! People were sitting outside bars and coffee places… i LOVE it !

on a totally different subject, i miss älskling. And i found a great way to feel closer to him. Don’t tell him but i stole a shirt.

oh and one more thing, today is lovely Anna from Much Love’s birthday, and for her birthday she is giving US a great present !! check her blog’s out !

Vad saknar du idag?

what do you miss today?

this weekend älskling works so he’s not coming back to Stockholm…what’s the point of the weekend then?
And  i can’t have candies eventhough it’s lördagsgodis… 😦

Qu’est ce qui vous manque aujourd’hui?

ce weekend älskling travaille et ne rentre pas 😦
et pas de Lördagsgodis pour moi, je tente de limiter les bonbons mais c’est pô drôle.

earings from him

For St Nicolas älskling couldn’t come, but he had made sure to send a little package for me in advance. 3 pairs of earings, perfect for the season !!!!!!!!  I’ve been using them all week, matching Santa with the Xmas tree or snow flake with Santa and everybody loved them !!

Yesterday night the guys (älskling and JP) had to beg me to make me go out in the cold again, we went to a restaurant in Södermalm called Kelly’s, was really loud, but really nice food 😉
Today, it’s snowing again !!! And im blogging while the 2 guys are making breakfast !

Voici les cadeaux de St Nicolas de la part d’älskling, très adaptés , j’adore !
Hier, soirée chez Kelly’s a Södermalm avec les garçons, ce matin, ils font le ptit dej !!

i’m the host…

so my family is visiting this weekend. They arrive this afternoon so i guess there won’t be so much blogging this weekend. But a lot of walking around, snacking, chatting and shopping which i love.  Unfortunatly my dad realized too late his ID had expired and he doesnt know if he’ll be able to come too.. sucks.

It’s kinda weird to be the host…it’s my family…and they’re gonna stay at my place… It sound so adult..something i really don’t feel i am. älskling must think we’re welcoming the royal family, he bought Champagne, cleaned up the place, bought food for a month… i’m just sitting there being exhausted by his activity.

It’s super cold here already and i was so happy with my new hat and gloves today 😉 i love those goldy buttons…


Ma famille débarque ce weekend. Ils arrivent cet aprèm donc pas de blogging ce weekend mais beaucoup de promenade en ville, de cookies, de fou rire et de shopping, tout ce que j’aime. Malheureusement papa s’est rendu compte trop tard que sa carte d’identité n’était plus valide.. il ne va peut être pas pouvoir venir 😦

C’est un étrange sentiment de recevoir ma famille…chez…moi. Ca fait bien trop adulte pour moi. Je crois qu’älskling pense recevoir la famille royale: il a acheté du champagne, nettoyé l’appart de fond en comble, rempli le frigo pour un mois…. et moi je bulle sur le canap, épuisée par tant d’activité.

Il fait vraiment froid ici maintenant, j’étais bien contente de mes nouveaux gants et de mon nouveau bonnet aujourd’hui 🙂 j’adore ces petits boutons dorées !

min första helg i Stockholm

my frist weekend in Stockholm“. It’s still so unreal. Thank God it’s weekend. And sunny. Apparently that “much” sun is totally unsusal for mid september and we’re supposed to really enjoy it! Second day was a little better, i went to a meeting held by 2 collegues, (my collegues happen to be really really fun and nice!!) then met with 2 superiors to define my tasks a little more… hopefully monday will be even better. We went out on thursday to have a drink with älskling and my new collegues, i found out they totally speak swedish !! i was so impressed. Im working on my own swedish but i really suck.

stockholm kitch

(the Kitschest sponge: Crown princess Victoria and her futur husband)

Saturday we went to a very small flee market (in the basement of a church!) and then to Gröna Lund, an amusement park, by boat, the entrance was free so we just went in for an icecream and have a look. Was really nice. We spent the afternoon cleaning up the place and trying our best to get rid of the weird stuff here. 😦

älskling is now having a beer with an old friend and i realize…thank God he’s here. Even if we fight like cats and dogs sometimes..I would be so lost without him now.


Mon premier weekend à Stockholm. Je n’arrive toujours pas à réaliser. Dieu merci c’est le weekend. Un weekend sous le soleil. Ce qui est apparement tout a fait inhabituel, il faut donc en profiter. Deuxième jour de boulot fut un peu mieux, mes collègues sont vraiment sympa et cool! On verra lundi pour ce qui est du boulot en lui même. Jeudi soir on a bu un verre avec älskling et mes 3 nouveaux collègues. Samedi matin nous sommes allés à une miniscule brocante dans la cave d’une église (!!) puis on a fait un tour à Gröna Lund, un parc d’attraction car l’entrée (mais pas les attractions) était gratuite, c’était très sympa. Aprèm réservé au nettoyage à fond de la cuisine et aux tentatives d’aménagement du salon ! GOooood luck!

For those who really care here is a video of the place BEFORE being re decorated/ Pour ceux que ça interresse, une vidéo de l’appart AVANT réaménagement perso

back and forth…

wooaaa trött… I can’t believe i arrived friday night at midnight and im already leaving today, very early…and for 2 weeks this time…2 weeks without the internet…must be some kind of record…

Anyway, i had a blast, it was all about long walks in the forest, swiming in the lake and eating…  perfectness. 🙂  


But today älskling left 😦 and we won’t see each other for at least 2 months…kinda sucks big time 😦 

At least i got cheered up this morning when i found out … I WON LULU LETTY ‘s GIVEAWAY !!!   

I couldn’t believe it !! i never won anything !!  I could pick  the cutest Le Teeny Beret from “Pretty good things“!!!!

I’ll let you guess the one i pick and show it to you when it gets here, i’m sooooo super excited about this !    

So i’m off for 2 more weeks and i barely  had time to check on you my raspberry friends… 😦  I’ll miss ya !!

Plans med älsklingen


So you heard, älskling’s back. For almost 2 weeks. Needless to say my dissertation won’t progress much.  Actually we left for Gerardmer on saturday, for a week, it’s a beautiful city by a lake in the moutain, my grandparents have a house there, it’s georgous and i loooove it. But once again, no internet ….oups.  But I scheduled some post so you don’t forget all about me 😉

I’ll miss you’ll