L’art est dans la rue*

yesterday night i was a real parisian. One of my friend was on a trip for work and she left me the keys of her appartement in the 5th “arrondissement” of Paris. For the very first time it only took me 30 min to get “home” from work instead of the usual 1h30 !  It was nice…but kinda weird to be alone. It felt really nice to sleep a little longer, to buy a pain au chocolat in a Boulangerie on the way to work… I work in an adorable corner of Paris, la butte aux cailles… and in la butte aux caill es, l’art est dans la rue. Many amazing pieces of art on the walls…. they could be on a museum wall…


* Art is in the street   

Crispin’s world

Since I’m going on and on about my sister’s talent to bake and create cute stuff I decided I’ll show it to the world as well. 😉 It might not be updated sooo often cause she has her moment of creativity but I think it’s worth sharing. So you can find “her” (my) blog in my blogroll now 😉   

Crispin’s world