today was a bad day. Really stupid bad day. One hour at the gym and raspberry icecream did help a little.

Now the only two good things about today:

  1. i picked up my lens at the Optician and when i asked for them in Swedish, the lady said my swedish was good !!! (doesn’t matter that we had to switch to english right after that)
  2. My new petit BAG !!!! present from mom, it matches my coat PERFECTLY !

Back to the future 3

so Back to the future is my favorite movie.

I know. it’s weird, but it’s the way it is.

I especially love the second one but the whole idea just rocks my world.

And the reason why i still didn’t take my driving licence test is only because it’s not possible to get a Flying Dolorean … yet.

So anyway, on friday 3rd, we decided to celebrate my bday way in advance cause älskling won’t be there on the 30th. And as a surprise he took me to this Wild West theme park. He said he took me there cause my trip to California w/ my family got canceled …how sweet !!  It was soooo adorable there! i had a blast playing the cow girl and the indian !!!! 

I just  have ONE QUESTION for you people, WHEN and WHY did we stop wearing hats and feathers?


 you can catch a glimpse of my new bag from La Halle aux vetements (as usual) 


I heard purple was the new..hit.  I already have shoes and a top in that color. But in Milan (wooaa feels so cool to write that) I found yellow ! a color I’m not used to wear, but when you have a nice tan it looks great !

älskling got me the little bag! jag gillar det sa mycket…if you can say that.