So you think you can SATS?


that was me on tuesday evening.
Remember? First aerobic class at Sats.
First level aerobic class.
Or so we thought.

It was crazy, it was liked they all had met after work for months to practice for this first day in order to make us look ridiculous.
Well done.
First of all we couldn t understand anything of what the hot blond teacher on the stage was screaming in the microphone
Then, we couldn’t follow the CRAZY high speed choreography.
Yes choreography !

I felt even more lost than on sunday….and i LOVED IT !!
It was soooo relaxing to completly let off steam !

And as a reward for not fainting at the end, we got cool Sats bags so we can show off in the subway ūüėČ

“Best wishes” lunch at the french residency (the embassador’s house) today !!!

One more thing : Lovely Anna from Much Love did a great project and one of my pics is in it !! Check it out

1er cours d’aerobic mardi soir, FOLIE totale, c’√©tait cens√© √™tre un cours niveau 1 tranquille…
Ba voyons, √ßa allait √† une vitesse ! On √©tait compl√®tement paum√© du d√©but √† la fin mais c’√©tait GENIAL de se d√©fouler !

Ce midi, “les voeux” de l’ambassadeur √† la r√©sidence, miam !

Dernier truc, Anna de Much Love à utilisé des photos de plein de bloggers pour un de ses projets, dont une des miennes !


First post of the year…wooaa. I can’t believe i’ve been blogging since 2008. Thank you everyone for being “here”¬† my blog really became an important part of my life, and you too;-)

Well, first of all, of course, happy new year, Gott Nyt Ar, Bonne Année to everyone.

Then, of course, the resolutions. I take some every year, and after february i don’t even know what it was anymore.
So this year, i only have 2.

my classes at the university start in 2 weeks and im super excited.

I ‘ve been complaining for months how i don’t feel comfortable anymore, how i don’t like myself so much anymore, it’s time to use the complaining energy to actually move my ass.

And thanks to a last minute Xmas present i know i CAN DO IT !!

Mes bonnes r√©solutions pour cette ann√©e (et cette fois je m’y tiens ! Promis √† moi m√™me)

Apprendre le suédois

Me bouger les fesses pour un corps de d√©esse ūüėČ

there when i need you

HUGE NEWS : We got an appartement !!¬† 2 rooms, 30 min trains from my job !! PERFECTION. unfortunatly it’s only for 6 months but it’s better than the streets of Stockholm ! I can’t wait to see it for real !


this said, it’s being a very tough week and the next one will be worst.

But i must be thankful for my blogger friends who’ve been soo nice to me lately and made me feel better !¬† I got many awards from Sher and Daria & Willow this week, thank you so much girls !!!

blogger hug award




Once you receive this award,
you must give it to ten other bloggers and write ten facts about yourself.

  1. Im a very very shy person when it comes to talking in public and im petrified when i think about my next presentation

  2. Im 25% Italian from my mom’s side (My grandpa’s name is Mario after all !)

  3. I eat cereals without milk

  4. I can’t really walk with heels and it really bugs me

  5. my Résumé says i can speak spanish.

  6. i can’t. (but i understand it !!)

  7. I own a Robbie Williams Tshirt and im proud of it

  8. I day dream a LOT (hence, doesn’t always accomplish anything)

  9. Im actually struggling to find 10 things to say about myself and it scares me. (don’t i have anything fascinating to say?)

  10. ….ok I prefer mystery…

 So im passing those on to : Maria, Ariella, Regine, Laura, Dionne, Sher, anna, tea cups and bows, Hanne, strawberry kitten playground & Marissa  = grab them all girls!!




so im still not over it. I can’t get myself to do anything when there is so much to do. Wanna know what i spent my morning on?¬† a new banner for my blog…. OMG MO wake up !

But honestly im gonna need some changes around here, i assume some family and friends will wanna follow my new Swedish life so i’ll have to write in english & in french…and who knows one day pa svenska¬†… (in my dreams).¬†¬†

to totally change subject, here’s a pic from my new dress…. i love it love it love it ūüôā¬†Pour changer totalement de sujet, ma nouvelle robe que j’aiiiime :


Ok, im not quite sure why but i I thought some of you  might interrested in the kind of questions they asked at the interview (i know i always like to check some questions before interviews) so here is a little summury of the 1h interview i got :

1) I had to introduce myself and my studies/ se présenter et expliquer son cursus :  

Then they (they were 2) just talked about the job and asked if i had questions…. ūüôā Puis ils ont parl√© du poste en lui m√™me.

  • why i choose this bachelor, this master ? ( in english)¬† Pourquoi cette licence, pourquoi ce master ? (en anglais)

2) then (in french) they asked a bunch of questions about my work experience / puis, en français, des questions sur mon experience pro :

  • which experience was the best and why? Quelle fut ma meilleure experience?¬†
  • which on was the worst? why? Quelle fut ma pire experience? Pourquoi?
  • How did i react to the¬†conflict situation? how would i react to it now, being more mature? Comment j’ai r√©agit √† une situation conflictuelle? Comment je r√©agirais maintenant avec l’experience?
  • im a a fast learner? Do i learn by doing? Est ce que j’apprends vite? Sur le tas?
  • do i have experience in organizing events?¬†How? Est ce que j’ai d√©j√† organiser des √©v√™nements? Lesquels?
  • Did i work w/ a team? How did i handle it? Est ce que j’ai travaill√© en equipe? Comment?
  • what would i bring to the job? Why me? Quelle est ma valeur ajout√©e pour le poste?
  • Do i have other jobs offer?¬†Est ce que j’ai d’autres offres ?

Then just talked about the job and asked if i had any questions…¬† YES : when can i start? ūüôā

Plans med älsklingen


So you heard,¬†√§lskling’s back. For almost 2 weeks. Needless to say my dissertation won’t progress¬†much.¬† Actually we¬†left for Gerardmer on saturday, for a week, it’s a beautiful city¬†by a lake in the moutain, my grandparents have a house there, it’s georgous and i loooove it. But once again, no internet ….oups.¬† But I scheduled some post so you don’t forget all about me ūüėČ

I’ll miss you’ll



Cannes Festival…and I get the award ;-)

The lovely Sarah¬†from Kissing her cage goodbye¬†gave me an award today !! it’s so nice of her and it gave me a big smile!!

award talking to unicornsl

1. Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.
2. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered. Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen.
15…that’s a lot…especially that some¬† have already been rewarded…
Back to work today…kinda depressing…

While i’m gone…

lunette-1√Ąlskling¬†arrives tomorrow night

Needless to say I won’t study a thing while he’s here

And i won’t have so much time to blog either…

Pauline mentionned them in a cute note today…

So i felt like wearing them…

Really need to adjust them to my sight though…

Today I sent away my package for the springswap…to INDIA !

Tonight..Idol at my friend Gui…

I should be studying, i know, but guess what, im 22 and i need to live first.  

√§lkling arrive demain soir, je m’arr√™te donc de travailler et de blogger pour¬†quelques jours…envie de ressortir mes lunettes verte et bleue apr√®s ton post…faut que je les fasse ajuster √† ma vue…Paquet pour¬†le SpringSwap envoy√©..en INDE…et ce soir IDOL ūüôā¬†¬†¬†

Don’t forget about me while i’m gone, I’ll be thinking of you ūüėȬ†¬†

Crispin’s world

Since I’m going on and on about my sister’s talent to bake and create cute stuff I decided I’ll show it to the world as well. ūüėČ It might not be updated sooo often cause she has her moment of creativity but I think it’s worth sharing. So you can find “her” (my) blog in my blogroll now ūüėȬ†¬†¬†

Crispin’s world