a whole new dimension of stress…BUT a lovely friend

I’m so stressed i can’t even think clearly. Here is a TO DO LIST for the next 10 days:

  • – book a ticket to Stockholm
  • – Find an appartement in Stockholm
  • – finish my master dissertation
  • – prepare a PPT for my 3 presentations (!!) of my master dissertation
  • – present my master dissertation
  • – meeting at the bank
  • – pack
  • – call the firm which ‘s gonna pick up my stuff and decided on a date before the 13th of september
  • – fill up about 100 forms and send them back before yesterday
  • – organize a goodbye party

looking gooooood.

But i always have stuff that make me smile…this week it’s dear Maria from Lulu Letty who was nice (and patient) enough to make me a love button AND she interviewed me for her blog of the week !!!! She is just ADORABLE ! Check her out !

and here’s the code if you wanna trade 🙂 :


<a href=”https://memoandmyself.wordpress.com/” target=”_blank” title=”Me, Mo and Myself”><img src=”http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2572/3849731196_3e4cf72916_o.jpg” width=”150″ height=”177″ alt=”3848731897_cbc668dc79_o” /></a>

Je suis tellement stressée que je ne peux plus penser ! Voici ma TO DO LIST pour les 10 jours à venir:

  • – reserver un billet pour Stockholm
  • – trouver un appart à  Stockholm
  • – finir mon mĂ©moire
  • – prĂ©parer un PPT pour mes 3 soutenances
  • – passer ma soutenance
  • – RDV Ă  la banque
  • – faire mes cartons
  • – prendre RDV avec les dĂ©mĂ©nageurs
  • -remplir une centaines de docs pour hier
  • – organiser une fĂȘte de dĂ©part

Mais il y Ă  toujours quelque chose ou quelqu’un pour me redonner le sourire, et cette semaine c’est la charmanteMaria de Lulu Letty qui m’a fait un adorable love button ET qui m’a choisi comme “blog de la semaine” !!! Allez voir ma ptite interview sur son adorable blog 🙂

le code est au dessus si ça vous tente 🙂 :

Plans med Àlsklingen


So you heard, Àlskling’s back. For almost 2 weeks. Needless to say my dissertation won’t progress much.  Actually we left for Gerardmer on saturday, for a week, it’s a beautiful city by a lake in the moutain, my grandparents have a house there, it’s georgous and i loooove it. But once again, no internet ….oups.  But I scheduled some post so you don’t forget all about me 😉

I’ll miss you’ll



2 days before happiness

I went out w/ my friends yesterday in a club on a “fly boat” (bateau mouche) in Paris. Sounds super cool like that right? yeah, wasn’t. It was expensive and the boat looked like it was about to sink, the DJ was soooo bad. But thank God my friends are awesome so we had a great time anyway, we even had free shots paid by some dudes 🙂 Today was tough though, i woke up late and i had so much to do. I’m now trying to finish my dissertation about cultural globalization. On monday and tusday i’m going to work but on tuesday night I’m going to Sweden for the holidays !!! yeah !!!   Now they’re gonna talk about the macaron on the news so I have to go !