The mushrooms and the pumpkin dress


In english:

How to explain…. found the dress in a secondhand shop Rue de la Roquette, the guy was super nice and gave me a good price.
The giant mushrooms in the middle of my livingroom? What we got Mom for her bday.

In French:

Comment expliquer….j’ai trouvé la robe dans une friperie Rue de la Roquette, le mec était super sympa et m’a fait un bon prix.
Les enormes champignons au milieu du salon? Le cadeau d’anniversaire que l’on a fait à Mom.

A swedish attempt:

Hur kan jag förklara? Hittade klädningen på en SecondHand affär, försäljaren var jätte snäl och gav mig ett bra pris.
De jättestora svamparna i mitten av vardagsrumet? Mammas födelsedags present.

glad påsk?

First of all, thanks a LOT to all of you for your sweet messages about my hair !! really means a lot ! I m still adjusting to it but i really enjoy it too !!

Then, i had a BLAST with my family, my adorably funny cousins, my hilarious uncles and aunts, my awesome grandpa,  and all the chocolates in the world.
I even had time for a drink (ok 3) with my best friends in Paris on friday.

I hope everyone had a great long weekend too !

Here is the dress i got at Cubus (not Bocus like i wrote before), the tights are from H&M

Today is älskling’s bday…he’ll be somewhere around Djibouti and i’ll be here in Stockholm. Sucks.


Goldilocks is the bear

Yesterday night we went out for one of our friend’s last day , he’s going back to France today.  😦  Sad to see people leaving one after another.

We went to the Spy Bar, a club at Stureplan that i’ve heard a LOT about ! And is was super fun !! im not a club type of girl but i had a blast dancing on good music! Plus, God knows why, they gave away masks with bear and sheep faces. We all looked really weird 😉

i was wearing my black lace dress from Bikbok and the “belt” i made with a ribbon i got from the lovely Maria

Today i went to the gym and it felt great, im really starting to believe it is the way to prevent yourself from a hangover !

At 4 we’ll have a fika with my friends and then, laundry.

there it is !

my New Year Dress !

I know what you’re thinking but NO, i couldn’t find a better picture of it. It’s a shame cause i look…ridiculous on this one. Meet one of my best friend Guillaume (by my feet).

Today was the second day at work… it’s quite empty still cause tomorrow is a red day here in Sweden (yeah), tonight was Crêpes Party at my friends/colleagues, we bought what we thought was milk but turned out to be …not milk but some kind of clabber milk. Sounds gross right? It was good anyway.

Voilà ma robe du nouvel an, dans une pose ridicule je vous l’accorde mais qui permet de faire connaissance avec mon pote Guillaume à mes pieds.
2e jour de boulot aujourd’hui…et soirée crêpes (au lait caillé..oups) ce soir ! Miam !

Blue, blue & some more blue

to introduce some of my presents today, i picked the BLUE theme. Cause blue is pretty and makes me happy.

Les cadeaux d’aujourd’hui sont bleus. Tout bleus.

blue shinning shoes from my parents

De belles chaussures bleues brillantes

Blue, very soft, dress from my parents

une robe bleue toute douce

Blue vintage butterfly necklace from Crispin

un collier papillon bleu

ps: i still need to get the hang of my new camera… so sorry for the weird..quality sometimes…

Lovely british accent…

so shopping  usually leads to owning new stuff. I looooved all those little shops in Portobello, and i was amazed how different clothes are from here in Paris… i fell in love with about 10 dresses but ended up buying only one…and now i can’t remember why i didn’t take the others too…

One thing i noticed is that the dresses are wayyy shorter ! I first felt a little weird but realized everyone around me was wearing them so i assumed it was ok. I wore it yesterday with my friends and they felt it was short too but i felt ok wearing it. I really like it.

On sunday morning, Elio (our 5 months old giant puppy) kinda took his revange for being “left out” from the London trip and litteraly ate a book and…my shoes 😦

So we went shoes shopping and we found adorable little bow shoes !! Plus another really cool pair of boots (but they’re already packed !)

Anyway, im off to Stockholm TOMORROW ! Until i can access the Internet, enjoy the new header 🙂 (appropriate right?)



Je suis tombée amoureuse des adorables petites boutiques de fringues de Portobello, j’ai été impressionnée par la différence de “style” avec Paris…j’ai craqué sur 10 robes et je ne comprends pas pourquoi je ne reviens qu’avec une seule..( c’est surement financier)

Un truc qui m’a frappé c’est la longueur des jupes ! vachement plus courtes que celles que j’ai l’habitude de mettre ! 

Dimanche matin Elio (mon enorme chiot) s’est venger (de ne pas avoir été enmené à Londres), il a “dévoré” un livre et…mes chaussures… 😦

Donc on a été faire un tour chez Besson ou l’on a trouvé ces adorables ballerines !

Bon, je part demain pour Stockholm, en attendant, profitez de la nouvelle bannière 🙂 (appropriée non? ?)

The dress did it

So i had 3 huge presentations yesterday and today. The 2nd one counts for my Master degree. I was so stressed i actually had to take pills to calm down. And i usually HATE to take these kind of stuff.

I needed an outfit that says “im totally confident, and i know everything im talking about” ….  I bought this dress (from Sinequanone) last saturday with mom and Crispin… felt quite perfect for the job.

It turned out pretty great actually, i surprised myself. It’s the very first time in my life people tell me i seem so confident and give good oral presentation ! My teatcher was actually thrilled and gave me a 18 out of 20 which is just wayyyyyyyyy  more than i ever expected. I’m happy. And SO RELIEVED. Now i just have to concentrate on moving to another country. piece of cake.


2 présentations devant les big big boss et une soutenance en 2 jours autant dire que je ne suis que stress depuis 3 jours. J’avais donc besoin d’une tenue qui annoncait clairement:

“Je maîtrise parfaitement le sujet” Et je pense que cette petite robe achetée ce weekend chez Sinequanone à bien rempli son rôle.  C’est la première fois de ma vie que l’on me félicite sur mon aisance à l’oral. Ma prof a adorée et m’a gratifié d’un 18 sur 20…autant dire que je ne m’attendais pas à ça. Quel soulagement. Maintenant je n’ai plus qu’a m’expatrier. Les doigts dans le nez.


so im still not over it. I can’t get myself to do anything when there is so much to do. Wanna know what i spent my morning on?  a new banner for my blog…. OMG MO wake up !

But honestly im gonna need some changes around here, i assume some family and friends will wanna follow my new Swedish life so i’ll have to write in english & in french…and who knows one day pa svenska … (in my dreams).  

to totally change subject, here’s a pic from my new dress…. i love it love it love it 🙂 Pour changer totalement de sujet, ma nouvelle robe que j’aiiiime :


Ok, im not quite sure why but i I thought some of you  might interrested in the kind of questions they asked at the interview (i know i always like to check some questions before interviews) so here is a little summury of the 1h interview i got :

1) I had to introduce myself and my studies/ se présenter et expliquer son cursus :  

Then they (they were 2) just talked about the job and asked if i had questions…. 🙂 Puis ils ont parlé du poste en lui même.

  • why i choose this bachelor, this master ? ( in english)  Pourquoi cette licence, pourquoi ce master ? (en anglais)

2) then (in french) they asked a bunch of questions about my work experience / puis, en français, des questions sur mon experience pro :

  • which experience was the best and why? Quelle fut ma meilleure experience? 
  • which on was the worst? why? Quelle fut ma pire experience? Pourquoi?
  • How did i react to the conflict situation? how would i react to it now, being more mature? Comment j’ai réagit à une situation conflictuelle? Comment je réagirais maintenant avec l’experience?
  • im a a fast learner? Do i learn by doing? Est ce que j’apprends vite? Sur le tas?
  • do i have experience in organizing events? How? Est ce que j’ai déjà organiser des évênements? Lesquels?
  • Did i work w/ a team? How did i handle it? Est ce que j’ai travaillé en equipe? Comment?
  • what would i bring to the job? Why me? Quelle est ma valeur ajoutée pour le poste?
  • Do i have other jobs offer? Est ce que j’ai d’autres offres ?

Then just talked about the job and asked if i had any questions…  YES : when can i start? 🙂

candy cane and cotton candy dress !!


I always dream of  spending my days at a fair, eating candy canes, cotton candies and Pommes d’Amour, my favorite,

riding the beautiful, shiny and colorful horses on the merry go round,

pulling a string and winning a little stuffed friend…. 

unfortunatly for me i’m 22, 23 so soon and i heard im getting to old for these stuff… 

well, last week, i found myself a dress that make me feel like I AM the cotton candy ! Na !   


I know, it’s crazy pink, but what’s the hell…I LOVE PINK.

And for my defense, my hair looks…well, like this cause i went to the swimming pool for lunch today 🙂 


jag åker till Bretagne…och eat a lot of crêpes !



I’m off to Bretagne, to my oncle’s house to celebrate the 14th of July w/ my family ! it’s gonna be beach, beach, food, and markets 🙂 

But no internet so im sorry if i don’t write back to your nice comments this week ! But i’ll be back soon !!

Yes, i’ll have to go back to work and seriously start on my huge Master dissertation….sooo stressful. But the good news is..I MIGHT have had a job offer on friday…more on that later…

Here’s me and älskling ….not so many pic of him around here but i like this one cause we look like we’re going to prom or something…and since i never had a prom, at least i get a pic 😉 

plus, for once, i feel i look a little bit like a swede 😉 And actually, i’m taking my Swedish Grammar book w/ me on vacation…(everything but my dissertation !)

dress is my last year bday present from älskling, shoes from Besson