play me a song…

it’s only thursday and i feel like 2 weeks passed already. Not a minute for myself since i came back. 2 “goodbye parties” in a row  for my friend Cody going back to the mother ship after a semester in Paris. Work work work and tired tired tired. Can’t wait for the weekend… didn’t even have time to check on Roland Garros !  

That’s the second dress i bought 2 weeks ago… you can see it better here 🙂 



Dress: La Halle aux vêtements

If you add a yellow bag you get the swedish flag

Blue…what a wonderful color. It’s, with Green, my favorite.

Here’s one of the dresses i bought this weekend.

It’s simple and so me. 

Belt or bow in the back, i can’t decide. 

It’s so fluid and soft.

and Blue.

the shoes are new too but more about that later. 

dress from la Halle aux vêtements, shoes from Besson,  Bag from blue Sand




im on a plane on my way to Sweden to surprise älskling !!!


1.40pm lunch break wisely spent.

ASOS Check Chiffon Pocket DressSo yeah, I’m at work (but I’m allowed it’s my break!) and I checked stuff on the net, like this suddenly “famous” but anonymous French lawyer’s blog, Eolas, and Asos’website, and I saw that dress, and I can’t explain why, cause it’s not usually what I would go for…but damn I love it. It’s 38.58 euros. It’s more than  I usually spend on dresses, and  + I have to add the shipping cost from UK. Is this really reasonable?

Je suis au boulot (mais j’ai le droit, c’est ma pause ! ) et je surf un peu sur le net, jsuis passée voir le blog de cet avocat dont tout le monde parle en ce moment Eolas, et aussi Asos. Et là j’ai vu cette robe. C’est bizarre c’est pas du tout le genre de truc qui m’attire d’habitude mais je la trouve super. Bon, c’est 38.58 euros. Plus que mon budget habituel, en plus il faut compter les frais de livraison…Est ce vraiment raisonnable?

september 3rd


I had such a great evening yesterday night with my friends !! We had a great dinner and I got presents !!! Plus we watched “Mean Girls” …I’m just in love with Rachel McAdams (heard she was dating Ryan Gosling again..I know..Gossip Gossip..but those people are so hot 😉 check her out

more pics of the evening


I was wearing my new dress that I just adore 🙂

super soirée hier soir avec mes amis, plein de bouffe et des cadeaux ! en Plus on a regardé “Lolita malgré moi”…je suis juste In love w/ Rachel McAdams (il parait qu’elle re sort avec Ryan Gosling…je sais, comérage, lol )


je portais ma nouvelle robe que j’ADORe 🙂