Life is too short, St Nicolas lasted a minute

The second weekend of December was the BEST time of the year. We do not celebrate Xmas in my family. We celebrate St Nicolas. And im sorry to tell you, but St Nicolas kicks Santa’s ass. Well mostly cause it means the whole family gathered in one house, chatting, catching up, painting each others nails, watching stupid tv, going shopping, eating, eating, eating and of course…a sea of presents.
And as usual, when you wait for something the whole year and have a blast, it seems like it goes by in a minute.
During that minute i took in all the love (and kilos) i could to survive another year. stnic



Le 2e weekend de décembre fut le meilleur moment de l’année. Dans ma famille nous ne célébrons pas Noël mais St Nicolas, et désolée de vous le dire mais St Nicolas bat Le Pére Noël à plate couture. Enfin c’est surtout ma famille qui se retrouve dans une maison pour papoter, faire des ateliers manucures, regarder des emissions débiles, faire du shopping, manger, manger, manger, et ouvrir des tonnes de cadeaux.

Comme toujours lorsque l’on attend quelque chose pendant longtemps et que l’on passe un super moment, le temps passe à la vitesse de l’éclair.
Pendant cet eclair, j’ai emmagasiné assez d’amour (et de kilos) pour tenir jusqu’à l’année prochaine.

Life is too short, spend quality time with the family

Most of you already know that in my mom’s family, we don’t really celebrate Xmas. We have another tradition. On the first weekend of December we  meet (the whole 28 of us) at my grandparents place to celebrate Saint Nicolas. It’s what we all wait for all year long. It’s just the best weekend of the year.

Quality time with my family that weekend means:

  • cooking together and eating a LOT

  • shopping in the only clothes store of the village
  • freezing our asses off to enjoy the parade and the fireworks

  • organizing a family vote for the election  Miss France (we never get it right)
  • Finding beds for every cousins (most of the time you end up sharing with more than 1 person)

  • waking up early and pile up on our grandpa’s bed to sing (bad)


  • queuing in the hall lined up according to age (starts to be unfair cause the younger guys don’t seem to stop growing)

  • entering the living room whose floor is now made of presents

  • opening presents !

  • eating some more
  • trying on the clothes, playing with the games

  • going to my aunt and oncle to eat some more
  • digestive 3 min walk

  • leaving and starting the count down for next year 😦

Life is too short, share your traditions

Eating Crêpes is a tradition at home. Not only because some obscure ancestors of my dad were born in the region of Bretagne, but because it’s just freaking delicious.

It’s one of, if not the only, thing that i can make. When we were kids, our parents started the tradition to make crêpes every Tuesday night. When i moved to Stockholm i tried to bring it with me but our kitchen is so tiny i have to admit i kinda gave up. But still, once in a while i treat myself.

So this Tuesday i thought it would be a good idea for an afternoon activity with 3 friends from my class. I had prepared the dough in the morning, we had bought 3 different kind of cheese, ham, eggs, and of course sugar, nutella, bananas and jam. And some spanish wine.

It was indeed really nice. Helped me feel more “at home”.

Afterwards i made some more for my roomates and i think i gained plus points there. They kept coming into my room to tell me how yummy and how many they had taken.

News flash

just learnt, through Facebook…, that my cousin was getting married. Im not blaming her for not telling me directly since 1) we are not that close, she is brittish (and by this i mean that we did not grow up together, not that i cannot get close to brittish people!) and last time i saw her we were 15 and 2) she probably sent a note to my parents about it…so i blame my parents.

Anyway, she is my age. My age exactly. And she is getting married when my major concern right now is finding out if the weather will be nice enough to go to the beach this weekend. I’m so confused. I’m also super happy for her. But really, so confused that 2 people sharing the same last name, the same blood, at least half of it, and that at one point also shared a desastrous fashion sense….could grow to have such different lives. But it’s great !!  HAPPY WEDDING DAY JENNIE !

Jennie, myself, nicola and Crispin in the back sitting.


In english: Two weeks ago my cousin Olivia visisted us for the weekend; we had been waiting for this for so long. And it was a really wonderful weekend. We stopped by every secondhand stores, discovered a new and adorable little café, Sturekatten offering lovely lunch and tiny muffins, we got to eat at that awesome Thai restaurant in our neigbourhood. It’s like stepping in Thailand. But there is always a 2h queue…so we got lucky !
Of course we went brunching at String, and enjoyed Stockholm’s sun in between stores.  

In french: il y a 2 semaines, ma cousine Olivia est venue passé le weekend à Stockholm, depuis le temps que l’on attendait ca !  Ce fut bref, mais super ! Nous nous sommes arrêtées dans toutes les boutiques de frippes, nous avons découvert un adorable petit café qui propose de très bons lunch et de miniscules muffins, Sturekatten; nous avons eu la chance d’avoir une place au restaurant Thai de mon quartier, celui qui donne l’impression que l’on est allés jusqu’en Thailande ! Et puis evidement, brunch à String et boutiques boutiques, tout cela sous le soleil de Stockholm !

A swedish attempt: För tva veckor sen besökte min kusin Olivia under helgen. Det var nanting vi hade väntat för sa lange ! Och det var underbart !
Vi besökt alla Secondhand affärer, upptäckte en ny café med sma muffins, Sturekatten, vi fatt chansen att äta pa den Thai Restaurangen nära min lägenhet som ser ut som Thailand och var det alltid finns en 2 timmer kö. Förstas hade vi Brunch pa String och njöt Sotkcholms sol !!

ooo Paris.

In english:

Spent a week in Paris thanks to my job again. 3 days training and 4 days enjoying myself with my family and friends. It was LOVELY. Mom had taken days off as well and we wandered the streets of Paris for 3 days in a row, window shopping or shopping, enjoying “hot chocolate from Angelina” and “macarons” breaks, eating brunch rue de la Roquette and enjoying a manucure and a face massage. 


In french:

J’ai encore passé une semaine à Paris grâce à mon travail.  3 jours de formation et 4 jours de pure hédonisme entre amis et en famille. C’était d’un relaxant ! Mom avait pris quelques jours de repos et nous avons déambulé dans les rues de Paris, léchant les vitrines, ne nous arretant que pour un chocolat chaud Angelina, un macaron, un brunch rue de la Roquette, un massage et une manucure.

A swedish attempt:

Jag var i Paris i en vecka igen, tack vare mitt jobb. 3 dagar träning och 4 dagar av ren hedonism med mina vänner och min familj. Mamma hade tagit semester och vi promenerade i Paris: vi shoppade, njutade Angelinas varma choklad och macarons, åt brunch Rue de la Roquette, och fått ånsikt massage och manucure.


ooookey, so tomorrow night i’m going to FRANCE !! I’ll be staying at my oncle’s place for a week with my whole family for the 14th of July and it is gonna be pretty awesome !!!!

I did not have a whole week off since Xmas, damn im gonna enjoy this one ! Hopefully the weather is gonna be as AWESOME as it is here right now.

This is exactly how it’s gonna be…ice cream on the beach, my aunts amazing cakes and pies, fruitsalads and evening drinks !

(present from mom last time she visited, i am IN LOVE with this bracelet)


Enfin en vacances ! Je n’ai pas eu une semaine entière depuis Noël. Je vais la savourer celle ci. Une semaine en famille en Bretagne, ce qui veut dire: glaces sur la plage, gateaux et tartes de mes tantes, salade de fruit et drinks en soirée… mmm

glad påsk?

First of all, thanks a LOT to all of you for your sweet messages about my hair !! really means a lot ! I m still adjusting to it but i really enjoy it too !!

Then, i had a BLAST with my family, my adorably funny cousins, my hilarious uncles and aunts, my awesome grandpa,  and all the chocolates in the world.
I even had time for a drink (ok 3) with my best friends in Paris on friday.

I hope everyone had a great long weekend too !

Here is the dress i got at Cubus (not Bocus like i wrote before), the tights are from H&M

Today is älskling’s bday…he’ll be somewhere around Djibouti and i’ll be here in Stockholm. Sucks.



For my parents’ birthday (february for mom and today for dad, happy bday dad !), älskling paid for the four of us to have a drink in the ICE BAR in STockholm on saturday evening !!!!  It was a big surprise for my parents  and Crispin and they loved it ! and so did i !

It minus 5 degrees in there, and you can only stay about 45 minutes.

You get a special cape and gloves, so we all looked like weird Santa’s helpers.

Absolutly everything is made of ice

and you get one vodka based cocktails …yummy !

It was GREAT !!! Thanks älskling !


Weekend was GREAT.  Went so fast though. As always. Saturday was soooo sunny and sunday sooo…snowy …at least my family got to enjoy both kind of weather !!  We walked a LOT, actually didn’t take the subway once. We went to Skansen, and saw funny animals, walked in Gamla Stan, shopped, of course and went to the ICE BAR !!! (AWESOME but more about that in another post).

I just got back from leaving them at the bus station and they had left awesome presents for me to find when i got back

a new M&M’s limited edition eastern package !!!

A new perfume !!! ( damn i love the commercial for that perfume !!)

now i’m gonna try to prevent myself from depression by doing this:

Thank you Crispin