Life is too short, think big !

When we accepted to host Raika and Anna from Germany for a couple of days we didn’t expect to get along so well, we didn’t expect to book a trip to Helsinki, and we sure didn’t expect that they would be such good cooks ! Anna baked several stuff that always turned out to be ENORMOUS.

We got to try HUGE apple pancakes…YUMMY
♥ Nous avons eu droit à d’enorme pancakes aux pommes, délicieux♥

 And A GIANT brioche that grew so much it almost couldn’t fit in the oven by the end !
♥ et une brioche GÉANTE qui tenait à peine dans le four !♥

We also got to try great pastas and a carrot soup to die for ! Good thing we also got to walk around a lot in Helsinki 😉
♥ Nous avons aussi pu déguster une soupe aux carottes extraordinaire ! Heureusement que l’on à eu l’occasion de bien nous dépenser à Helsinki♥

Helsinki, Sibelius monument

Life is too short, feed your senses

For a long time I thought i didn’t have any passions in life. Now i know i was wrong. I have several including languages and travels. And I think all along i’ve also had a passion for food. Cookies and cakes in particular. Those things are a gift for all your senses:

  • Smell: smell is really important for me, i need to smell stuff, and let’s face it, cookies and cakes smell delicious
  • Vision: they are sa georgous most of the time you hesitate to eat them
  • Touch: like the smell,  i love to touch the different texture..even if you’re not really supposed to do that
  • Hearing: ok that’s a tough one BUT, you can actually hear when you remove a cake from the oven or from it’s paper or just when you take a bite
  • Taste: well, duh !
Find all the adresses here.

The red velvet from Hummingbird in Notting Hill, Am…..azing.
♥Le Red velvet de chez  Hummingbird à Notting Hill, MER….veilleux.♥

Veggie burger at the Rain Forest Café, yummy yummy
♥le burger vegetarien de chez Rain Forest Café, super bon♥

Most giant and most delicious chocolate muffin ever from 202
♥Le plus gros et meilleur muffin du monde chez 202♥

A delicious frozen yogurt with brownies and fresh raspberries from Snog
♥Un succulent  frozen yogurt de chez Snog♥

A delight for the eyes and the taste buds from CandyLand
♥Un plaisir pour les yeux et les papilles chez Candy land♥

and of course, i coudln’t leave London without my annual “shot” of Cadbury Creme Egg
♥Et evidement je ne pouvais pas quitter Londres sans ma dose annuelle d’oeufs Cadbury♥

♥Longtemps j’ai cru que je n’avais pas de passions. Plus le temps passe plus je me rend compte que c’est faux, entre les langues et les voyages il y a des tonnes de choses que j’adore ! Et principalement, la nourriture ! Et surtout les gateaux et toutes sortes de cookies. Ce sont des cadeaux pour nos sens:
  • L’odorat: l’odeur est très important pour moi, j’adore sentir les choses, et c’est clair que les gateaux sentent merveilleusement bons !
  • Vue: souvent, ils sont presque trop beaux pour être mangé
  • Toucher: comme l’odeur, j’adore toucher les differentes textures…même si ça ne se fait pas trop…
  • L’ouïe: bon, un peu plus compliqué, mais il y a des petits bruits bien agréable, comme lorsque l’on sort un gateau du four ou que l’on retire le muffin du papier !
  • Le gout: … well..MIAM !

Retrouvez toutes les adresses ici. ♥

Life is too short, haz el sueco!

There is a saying in spanish that goes: “Hacer el sueco” (doing the swede)  which means that you’re pretending not to hear someone either asking for help or pointing out that you’re doing something wrong. It made me laugh a lot when i lived in Madrid (mostly cause Im not swedish i guess).
But for me “Hacer el sueco” as a totally diferent meaning. It would be: “stand against a wall, facing the sun, eyes closed. Stay.”

Spring is here ! It must be ! My friend JP disagree and says it’s gonna snow again. I do not accept that pessimistic point of view. It’s been so sunny the last few days, and i would even say “warm”, ok “warmer”. 10 degres yesterday afternoon ! That’s when i decided it was time for me to “Hacer el sueco” and I had a fika with myself in the sun. It felt awesome.

It’s also time to say goodbye to my beloved snow boots. Thank God for them, well for Mom who gave them to me actually. First time in my life i didn’t suffer from cold feet during the whole winter.  See you next year my precious!

On a “cooking note”, yesterday i tried a “goat cheese/bacon/walnut cake” and it wasn’t bad at all 🙂

Life is too short, lo que no mata engorda.

I find that the spanish language has tones of sayings. Some that are really similar to our french ones, and some that are really new.
Such as this one that i learnt today: “what doesnt kill you makes you fat” basically. Sounds super strange no? But it’s super appropriate.
My super friend Dine was visiting last weekend and well…it started to get pretty cold here…and well…let’s say we tried a bunch of food. You know. To keep us warm and stuff. 

Fun fact about this last pic. Hours later, before going to bed, Dine told me she owed me money. I asked what for. She told me for the cookies and the tea. I said i didn’t pay for that. And apparently she didn’t either. Oups…

Life is too short, spend quality time with the family

Most of you already know that in my mom’s family, we don’t really celebrate Xmas. We have another tradition. On the first weekend of December we  meet (the whole 28 of us) at my grandparents place to celebrate Saint Nicolas. It’s what we all wait for all year long. It’s just the best weekend of the year.

Quality time with my family that weekend means:

  • cooking together and eating a LOT

  • shopping in the only clothes store of the village
  • freezing our asses off to enjoy the parade and the fireworks

  • organizing a family vote for the election  Miss France (we never get it right)
  • Finding beds for every cousins (most of the time you end up sharing with more than 1 person)

  • waking up early and pile up on our grandpa’s bed to sing (bad)


  • queuing in the hall lined up according to age (starts to be unfair cause the younger guys don’t seem to stop growing)

  • entering the living room whose floor is now made of presents

  • opening presents !

  • eating some more
  • trying on the clothes, playing with the games

  • going to my aunt and oncle to eat some more
  • digestive 3 min walk

  • leaving and starting the count down for next year 😦

Life is too short, let people in.

So lately i have been sick / and i forgot my camera at Masiel’s last Saturday, hence, the lack of posts.

Last weekend i was invited by Masiel at her appartment for lunch.  We met on Couch Surfing, she is from Chile, has been living and working here 5 years and she really is one of the sweetest girl ever!
I hade decided to make a cake. I chose to do a crumble cause according to Crispin it’s one of the easiest thing to do, even for me.
Well, it was easy until i realized the guys i lived with didn’t have any pan that could be put in the oven. I had to use some kind of pasta dish, hence the super weird shape of my cake. 😦

Masiel and her boyfriend had 7 other friends from Chile over, we all gathered around 3pm and enjoyed Masiel’s bf food. It was delicious. And it also was the longest lunch in my life. But in a good way. When i left at 21H45 because i was feeling really tired (having to concentrate really hard to understand and talk the whole time) they were about to start singing and play guitare ! The atmosphere was amazing, it was like they were re creating a family here in Madrid. And it’s exactly the kind of atmosphere i ‘ve been missing lately 🙂

Life is too short but you can’t have too many friends

I have about a week in Paris and as always it feels like i have no time to see everyone and it makes me sad ! I miss my family and friends so much when i’m in Stockholm and it sucks to have only a few hours with them to catch up, but it’s better than nothing and we always make the best of it !

So Sunday, home made brunch with the EMT gang !

I hade made some more chocolate and peanut butter cupcakes, unfortunatly i forgot the recipe in Sthlm so they were not as wonderful as the first time but still pretty eatable.

Everyone had brought something really yummy, and Gui treated us with his famous m&m’s cheesecake ! It was great to see each other again and to watch ridiculous shows on tv (les mystères de l’amour).

On Monday i spent the afternoon with Amandine. First we had a picnic by the Seine and then a Cupcake workshop ! It was so much fun !

In the evening i met Aïda and Marine in Paris where they both live for now. It was a really nice and warm evening so we took chinese food and ate by Notre Dame, walked around in St Michel, had an icecream and a free massage !

Crispins brunch

my first day home was wonderful. It started at 8.30 when the sun woke me up. I was so happy and so amazed by the weather that i decided to take a long promenade with my dog along the river. It was so beautiful, i got lost in all the smells and the sounds of spring.
Then we got ready to have breakfast in the garden when my sister and my Mom went out with trays of food. Not any kind of food. Wonderful “wonderland style” home baked madeleines, brioches and all sorts of cookies. It was like a dream. Then my cousin Olivia arrived. We spent the morning in the sun, in loungers, stuffing ourselves and reading trash magasines…can life get any better?

 Ma première journée à la maison a été idyllique. Reveillée à 8.30 par le soleil, j’étais tellement emerveillée par le temps que j’ai décidé d’aller faire une grande promenade matinale avec mon chien. J’étais sous le charme des odeurs et des couleurs du printemps. Puis nous nous sommes installées dans le jardin pour le petit déjeuner. C’est là que ma maman et ma soeur sont arrivées avec des plateaux remplis de madeleines, de brioches, de cookies fait maison par ma soeur. On se serait cru dans un compte de fée !!!! Puis ma cousine Olivia est arrivée et nous avons passé la matinée sous le soleil, dans des chaises longues à déguster ce brunch féérique et à lire des magazines ! PERFECT.

 min första dag hemma var underbar. Det började vid 8,30 när solen väckte mig. Jag var så glad och så förvånad över vädret som jag beslöt att ta en lång promenad med min hund längs floden. Det var så vackert, jag förlorade i alla dofter och ljudet av våren.
Sen fick vi redo att äta frukost i trädgården när min syster och min mamma gick ut med brickor med mat. Inte någon form av mat. Underbart “Wonderland stil” hembakta madeleines, briocher och alla typer av cookies. Det var som en dröm. Då min kusin Olivia kom. Vi tillbringade förmiddagen i solen, i solstolar, stoppning oss själva och läsning magasines … kan livet bli bättre?

the kouign amann family

a kouign amann is an amazing traditional cake from britany made of butter…and …sugar.

Days with my family are always wonderful.

Full of laughter, games, crazy outdoor activities,

funny and lovely cousins,

dogs running around

and FOOD

breakfast, lunch and diner for 20 people and 6 dogs for a week…..activities in between were just a way to kill time till the next dish !


Toujours la même chose les vacances en famille. Le bonheur.
Cousins, chiens, jeux débiles et encore et toujours, des bons ptits plats.

jag lagar mat, det är inte så lät

so i went to my swedish class tonight. With my classes at the embassy at lunch, i have 6 hours of swedish a week…. but it’s not enough, i feel im sooo bad !

Tonight we spoke about food (mat), and i was soo hungry ! I got home at 9pm and cooked. That might sound totally boring but for me it’s a first. Appart from crêpes and making myself a sandwich, i never ever cook. I had köttbullar och ris och en gurka. (meatballs, rice and a cucumber) and it was ok, but för salt (Too much salt).

Now, some basic rules on super adorable plates we got from Crispin !!

” I do not put my elbows on the table”

“I do not put my knife in my mouth”

” I sit straight at the table”

Affamée en sortant de mon cours de suédois sur la nourriture, je n’ai pas eu d’autre choix que de cuisiner, MOI ! Moi qui ne différencie pas une louche d’une grande cuillère.  Je me suis fait des boulettes de viande et du riz, pas trop mal pour une première, mais trop salé.

Et pour les règles de la bienséance, les super assiettes offertes par Crispin !