Life is too short, some things change, some don’t.

Last weekend we had an Arkansas State University Reunion here in Stockholm. älskling, JP and I who live here welcomed Delph, Laura and Betina who we met 5 years ago in the US. I hadn’t seen Laura in 2 years and Betina in 5 years!  We had a lovely weekend walking around in the city and taking long and nice fika breaks. It had been so long since we were all together last time but it didn’t feel like it.

Unfortunatly, all good things come to an end, and they had to leave.

 Another good thing coming to end? Camelia’s cupcakes is closing down her store in östermalm. She’ll keep her catering business though, but no more “teddybear chai latte hug” and georgous chocolate peanut butter cupcakes break for us 😦

Life is too short, surround yourself with the bests.

with your best friends.

I would say i have a normal amount of friends. I have some really good friends. I have some really special friends. And i have the EMT.

How do i even begin to explain the EMT? I don’t think i can. To be brief, it’s started in the 2nd year of Uni 2006. 3 girls and 2 guys who had picked the same path but were not really sure why. 5 people who didn’t really have a life plan but enjoyed the every day little pleasure, good food, stupid movies and laughing. A LOT.

It’s been almost 5 years, we all left the Uni now, some moved to another country, some found a job…we don’t see each other everyday anymore…but we still are the EMT (with an additional member now, älskling). We still laugh, we still love each other and we miss each other like crazy.

This weekend, one of them was visiting. And it was, Awesome. As it should be.

Great food.

Good drinks

Lots shopping and site seeing

Life is too short, share your traditions

Eating Crêpes is a tradition at home. Not only because some obscure ancestors of my dad were born in the region of Bretagne, but because it’s just freaking delicious.

It’s one of, if not the only, thing that i can make. When we were kids, our parents started the tradition to make crêpes every Tuesday night. When i moved to Stockholm i tried to bring it with me but our kitchen is so tiny i have to admit i kinda gave up. But still, once in a while i treat myself.

So this Tuesday i thought it would be a good idea for an afternoon activity with 3 friends from my class. I had prepared the dough in the morning, we had bought 3 different kind of cheese, ham, eggs, and of course sugar, nutella, bananas and jam. And some spanish wine.

It was indeed really nice. Helped me feel more “at home”.

Afterwards i made some more for my roomates and i think i gained plus points there. They kept coming into my room to tell me how yummy and how many they had taken.

Life is too short, admire your friends.

I met Martina 5 years ago in Arkansas where she was also doing an exchange program there, from her university in Austria. We became good friends and after the semester, we spent a wonderful month with another austrian girl on a true american road trip.

After finishing her studies and working hard for several years Martina decided it was time for a change. And she did it. She did what a lot of people dream of but are terrified to do. She got rid of everything, bought a ticket and left. She started her journey with me, 2 days in Madrid before flying for Brazil and a lot of new adventures !

Being new myself in the city i was a really poor guide for Martina but with a good map and some advices from my roomates we ended up seeing quite a lot and i already feel more aclimated to Madrid !

Life is too short, laugh hard.

Fou rire [to get the giggle]. One of my favorite things to do/get. There are different kind but when i’m with my friends from the uni, it’s the crazy kind. The kind you can’t stop even if it’s appropriate. I remember one, 5 years ago, sitting in the office of our student advisor in the US, just the 4 of us, and we just couldn’t take it anymore.

Yesterday, we got another one. And it was just like old times. “Old school” as Elo said. And that made me feel sooo good.

I guess i’m trying to say thanks.

Life is too short but you can’t have too many friends

I have about a week in Paris and as always it feels like i have no time to see everyone and it makes me sad ! I miss my family and friends so much when i’m in Stockholm and it sucks to have only a few hours with them to catch up, but it’s better than nothing and we always make the best of it !

So Sunday, home made brunch with the EMT gang !

I hade made some more chocolate and peanut butter cupcakes, unfortunatly i forgot the recipe in Sthlm so they were not as wonderful as the first time but still pretty eatable.

Everyone had brought something really yummy, and Gui treated us with his famous m&m’s cheesecake ! It was great to see each other again and to watch ridiculous shows on tv (les mystères de l’amour).

On Monday i spent the afternoon with Amandine. First we had a picnic by the Seine and then a Cupcake workshop ! It was so much fun !

In the evening i met Aïda and Marine in Paris where they both live for now. It was a really nice and warm evening so we took chinese food and ate by Notre Dame, walked around in St Michel, had an icecream and a free massage !

Life is too short, “enjoy life, respect nature, love bags”

This post would have started with “OMG OMG OGM OMG OMG” if i had written it on Saturday, but it’s Tuesday and i had a little time to diggest the info, so i’ll just say it once “OMG”.

I don’t know if you’re familiar with the brand Lancel, but a little while ago they launched a new bag inspired by Brigitte Bardot. I love bags, and i’ve always really liked the Lancel bags but this one, i just fell for it. It was love at first sight. My friend Amandine and I both loved it and we started to discuss the idea of getting one for our 25 bday and share it. Yeah cause, minor detail, it’s 800 euros. But even shared, it was way too much money for us to spend on a bag, even this one. So we slowly got over it.

Until…Saturday. I got home from Stockholm and Crispin said ” Amandine dropped this off for you“. I read the card that said “We are not 25 everyday, it is yours for a week” (she had rented it). And it was it. The BB bag. I could not breath. I could not believe i was allowed to touch it (yeah they don’t really let you do that in the stores), carry it, kiss it, take it with me everywhere for a whole week !!!  This is seriously one of the best present ever !!!!! Im still quite shaken, every morning, when i wake up and see it …

I know what you might think. It’s just a bag. Nope, for me it’s more than a bag. It’s a concept. Plus, now, it’s way much more than that. It’s the symbol of our friendship. Nothing is impossible.


I’ll be there for you…

News flash: I love Friends. I watch like an episod a day…still. I  know every lines by heart.  So when we found out there was a mini  hotel Friends in St Petersburg, we knew we had no choice. And it was a great idea. It was sooooooo CUTE and Friendly ! Location was really good and it was a really fun atmosphere.



bye bye Bison.

our dear friend and colleague for the last 9 months went back home for good on Saturday. It was a sad sad Friday evening…well after the party i mean. We all cried. I hate seeing good friends leave. And it also reminds me that one day it might be me. You’ll be missed JAM. I’ll miss your stupid phone calls at work every 20 minutes, your determination to tell me what happens in 24 when you know i don’t give a damn about Jack Bauer, our Tueday lunch watching the last Gossip Girl episode, your red pants and you ability to turn make everyone laugh, at you or with you. 

as usual, the only guy in the gang

ooo Paris.

In english:

Spent a week in Paris thanks to my job again. 3 days training and 4 days enjoying myself with my family and friends. It was LOVELY. Mom had taken days off as well and we wandered the streets of Paris for 3 days in a row, window shopping or shopping, enjoying “hot chocolate from Angelina” and “macarons” breaks, eating brunch rue de la Roquette and enjoying a manucure and a face massage. 


In french:

J’ai encore passé une semaine à Paris grâce à mon travail.  3 jours de formation et 4 jours de pure hédonisme entre amis et en famille. C’était d’un relaxant ! Mom avait pris quelques jours de repos et nous avons déambulé dans les rues de Paris, léchant les vitrines, ne nous arretant que pour un chocolat chaud Angelina, un macaron, un brunch rue de la Roquette, un massage et une manucure.

A swedish attempt:

Jag var i Paris i en vecka igen, tack vare mitt jobb. 3 dagar träning och 4 dagar av ren hedonism med mina vänner och min familj. Mamma hade tagit semester och vi promenerade i Paris: vi shoppade, njutade Angelinas varma choklad och macarons, åt brunch Rue de la Roquette, och fått ånsikt massage och manucure.