Life is too short, i’m behind !

I haven’t written in days…even weeks.  I have good excuses. Well excuses. First i spent 10 days off in Paris w/ the family and friends and it was awesome and i was just too lazy and too busy eating brunch to actually take time to write.
Then i got a job, and believe it or not, it takes away a lot of your free time !
And on top of that I have a swedish exam i have to pass next week if i wanna be able to study at the university next semester !

So hang on,  i’ll catch up !

Je n’ai pas écrit depuis des semaines ! MAis j’ai de bonnes excuses. Enfin des excuses en tout cas. Tout d’abord j’ai passé 10 jours en France avec ma famille et mes amis, c’était merveilleux et j’étais beaucoup trop occupée à me détendre et à bruncher pour me mettre à écrire.

Et puis, j’ai trouvé un travail, et mine de rien, ça prend beaucoup de temps !
Et pour couronner le tout, j’ai un exam de suédois la semaine prochaine que je dois réussir si je veux pouvoir étudier à l’université au prochain semestre !

Busy, beautiful and sad week

this week was great and sucked at the same time.

I took monday and tuesday off since it was älskling’s last week in Stockholm before leaving for Africa next weekend.

We did a lot for the appartement. And i finally got my eyes checked and got some lens !!

Then we made some Mojitos in our tiny kitchen !!!

Then on wednesday we went to the south of Sweden.

Kristianstad first for a student fair and then Lund on friday for a presentation about French Higher Education (pretty cool & stressful).

We took the train home on friday night and enjoyed the sunny saturday eating kannelbullar and drinking hot chocolate by the sea !!!

Tonight älskling left. he will be back in June. I’m so sad. I’m watching Friends, drinking tea and eating chocolates. Not helping.

life’s playing with me

so here it goes. He’s leaving.

Voilà, il s’en va.


He got a job. Great right? No. He’s leaving. He’s gonna be a marine for a year, on a EU mission. In Somalia. He’s leaving. Monday. Training for 6 months 500 km away from here. Coming back maybe every weekends. Then leaving for 6 months on a boat. He’s leaving.

Il a trouvé un boulot. Super? Non. Il va être dans la marine pendant un an. Une mission de l’UE. En Somalie. Il s’en va. Lundi. Entrainement pendant 6 mois à 500 km d’ici. Peut être de retour le weekend. Puis 6 mois sur un bateau. Il s’en va.

I came here for him. For us. We’ve been living together for a month. And he’s leaving. He’s leaving me alone here, in a country i don’t know, a language i don’t understand, with a job that stresses the hell out of me.

Je suis venue pour lui. Pour nous. On a vécu ensemble un mois. Et il s’en va. Il me laisse ici, dans ce pays que je ne connais pas, avec cette langue que je ne parle pas, un boulot qui me stress.

I’m being selfish. I know. It’s really good money and he’s broke. But OMG, am i not allowed to be mad and freaking frustrated? I am so mad at him for leaving, so mad at me for even coming here in the first place. So sad and disappointed. Here you go.  That’s me. Lonely, pensive and well, getting fat from comfort eating.

Je sais que je suis égoiste. C’est très bien payé et il n’a plus d’argent. Mais, pfff, j’ai le droit de devenir folle et frustrée nan? Je suis tellement folle de rage contre lui d’avoir accepté, contre moi d’être venue ici. Si triste et déçue. Voilà. C’est tout moi: seule, pensive, et…de plus en plus grosse à forme de me réfugier dans la bouffe.


oh, and ironicly enough it was our 2 , 5 years anniversary yesterday…

min första helg i Stockholm

my frist weekend in Stockholm“. It’s still so unreal. Thank God it’s weekend. And sunny. Apparently that “much” sun is totally unsusal for mid september and we’re supposed to really enjoy it! Second day was a little better, i went to a meeting held by 2 collegues, (my collegues happen to be really really fun and nice!!) then met with 2 superiors to define my tasks a little more… hopefully monday will be even better. We went out on thursday to have a drink with älskling and my new collegues, i found out they totally speak swedish !! i was so impressed. Im working on my own swedish but i really suck.

stockholm kitch

(the Kitschest sponge: Crown princess Victoria and her futur husband)

Saturday we went to a very small flee market (in the basement of a church!) and then to Gröna Lund, an amusement park, by boat, the entrance was free so we just went in for an icecream and have a look. Was really nice. We spent the afternoon cleaning up the place and trying our best to get rid of the weird stuff here. 😦

älskling is now having a beer with an old friend and i realize…thank God he’s here. Even if we fight like cats and dogs sometimes..I would be so lost without him now.


Mon premier weekend à Stockholm. Je n’arrive toujours pas à réaliser. Dieu merci c’est le weekend. Un weekend sous le soleil. Ce qui est apparement tout a fait inhabituel, il faut donc en profiter. Deuxième jour de boulot fut un peu mieux, mes collègues sont vraiment sympa et cool! On verra lundi pour ce qui est du boulot en lui même. Jeudi soir on a bu un verre avec älskling et mes 3 nouveaux collègues. Samedi matin nous sommes allés à une miniscule brocante dans la cave d’une église (!!) puis on a fait un tour à Gröna Lund, un parc d’attraction car l’entrée (mais pas les attractions) était gratuite, c’était très sympa. Aprèm réservé au nettoyage à fond de la cuisine et aux tentatives d’aménagement du salon ! GOooood luck!

For those who really care here is a video of the place BEFORE being re decorated/ Pour ceux que ça interresse, une vidéo de l’appart AVANT réaménagement perso

a whole new dimension of stress…BUT a lovely friend

I’m so stressed i can’t even think clearly. Here is a TO DO LIST for the next 10 days:

  • – book a ticket to Stockholm
  • – Find an appartement in Stockholm
  • – finish my master dissertation
  • – prepare a PPT for my 3 presentations (!!) of my master dissertation
  • – present my master dissertation
  • – meeting at the bank
  • – pack
  • – call the firm which ‘s gonna pick up my stuff and decided on a date before the 13th of september
  • – fill up about 100 forms and send them back before yesterday
  • – organize a goodbye party

looking gooooood.

But i always have stuff that make me smile…this week it’s dear Maria from Lulu Letty who was nice (and patient) enough to make me a love button AND she interviewed me for her blog of the week !!!! She is just ADORABLE ! Check her out !

and here’s the code if you wanna trade 🙂 :


<a href=”” target=”_blank” title=”Me, Mo and Myself”><img src=”” width=”150″ height=”177″ alt=”3848731897_cbc668dc79_o” /></a>

Je suis tellement stressée que je ne peux plus penser ! Voici ma TO DO LIST pour les 10 jours à venir:

  • – reserver un billet pour Stockholm
  • – trouver un appart à  Stockholm
  • – finir mon mémoire
  • – préparer un PPT pour mes 3 soutenances
  • – passer ma soutenance
  • – RDV à la banque
  • – faire mes cartons
  • – prendre RDV avec les déménageurs
  • -remplir une centaines de docs pour hier
  • – organiser une fête de départ

Mais il y à toujours quelque chose ou quelqu’un pour me redonner le sourire, et cette semaine c’est la charmanteMaria de Lulu Letty qui m’a fait un adorable love button ET qui m’a choisi comme “blog de la semaine” !!! Allez voir ma ptite interview sur son adorable blog 🙂

le code est au dessus si ça vous tente 🙂 :


so im still not over it. I can’t get myself to do anything when there is so much to do. Wanna know what i spent my morning on?  a new banner for my blog…. OMG MO wake up !

But honestly im gonna need some changes around here, i assume some family and friends will wanna follow my new Swedish life so i’ll have to write in english & in french…and who knows one day pa svenska … (in my dreams).  

to totally change subject, here’s a pic from my new dress…. i love it love it love it 🙂 Pour changer totalement de sujet, ma nouvelle robe que j’aiiiime :


Ok, im not quite sure why but i I thought some of you  might interrested in the kind of questions they asked at the interview (i know i always like to check some questions before interviews) so here is a little summury of the 1h interview i got :

1) I had to introduce myself and my studies/ se présenter et expliquer son cursus :  

Then they (they were 2) just talked about the job and asked if i had questions…. 🙂 Puis ils ont parlé du poste en lui même.

  • why i choose this bachelor, this master ? ( in english)  Pourquoi cette licence, pourquoi ce master ? (en anglais)

2) then (in french) they asked a bunch of questions about my work experience / puis, en français, des questions sur mon experience pro :

  • which experience was the best and why? Quelle fut ma meilleure experience? 
  • which on was the worst? why? Quelle fut ma pire experience? Pourquoi?
  • How did i react to the conflict situation? how would i react to it now, being more mature? Comment j’ai réagit à une situation conflictuelle? Comment je réagirais maintenant avec l’experience?
  • im a a fast learner? Do i learn by doing? Est ce que j’apprends vite? Sur le tas?
  • do i have experience in organizing events? How? Est ce que j’ai déjà organiser des évênements? Lesquels?
  • Did i work w/ a team? How did i handle it? Est ce que j’ai travaillé en equipe? Comment?
  • what would i bring to the job? Why me? Quelle est ma valeur ajoutée pour le poste?
  • Do i have other jobs offer? Est ce que j’ai d’autres offres ?

Then just talked about the job and asked if i had any questions…  YES : when can i start? 🙂

my life changed in exactly 2 days

well well well, turns out :

im moving to Stockholm!!!!!!


A swedish love story

 pics from here


 For at least 1 year,maybe 2, on september 14 or so!!!!!!!!!  I just CANT believe it !!!!  I  received a call on wednesday, i got the interview friday morning and at 6 pm i was “IN” !!!!!  OMG OMG there’s so much to do !!!!   

I’ll be working in the cultural departement of the French Ambassy. Dealing w/ students who wanna study in France. No need to say it’s my dream job so im pretty excited. Eventhough it’s kinda scary and I had to cancel my trip to Seattle to visit my dear Sash…

I’m sorry for this post, im just too super excited, i just wanted you to know…  I’ll try to organize my thoughts and write something better later !!!!!!    Now i just have exactly 3 weeks to be ready !!! 

24 & 25.09.08

Yesterday was my last day off…I was so lazy and so “bla” about  going to work…for real the next day. The weather in the morning was just crap but during the day it got better, so much better actually that I used the bench and table my dad worked on and I studied (yeah) under the sun 🙂 it was sooo nice! älskling is our petit chef this week and made food yesterday and is now in the kitchen cooking for tonight 🙂 I heard something about a brocoli pie and some pancakes à la Sverige mums !! I just came home from my first day at work. I’m exhausted and my head hurts so bad im scared it’s gonna explode but other than that it was ok. Of course I had to take the subway in the wrong direction for the very first time of my life TODAY, cause it’s more fun when you’re stressed ! The man im working with seems great (a british man with a strongest parisian accent than mine), my job seems so interesting and…tough…do they really think I can do all that? cause I don’t. this is gonna be a long year.

Hier, dernier jour de liberté, j’ai donc fait ma

faignasse, il a fait bien moche toute la matinée mais dans l’aprem le soleil est apparru , c’était si agréable que je me suis installée dehors pour travailler (oui oui). älskling est notre petit chef, il était de cuisine hier, et il est encore dans la cuisine ce soir 🙂 j’ai entendu parlé d’une tarte aux brocolis et de pancakes à la Sverige miam ! Je viens de rentrer de ma premiere journée de travail, je suis épuisée et ma tête me fait tellement mal qu’elle ne devrait pas tarder à exploser, sinon ça a été. Evidement, il a fallu que je prenne le métro dans le mauvais sens pour la toute première fois de ma vie, parceque c’est plus marrant quand on est stréssé. Mon tuteur semble génial (un anglais avec un accent parisien meilleur que le mien), mon job semble trés interressant et…trés woooaaa…ils croient vraiment que je sais faire tout ça? parceque moi perso nan pas trop. L’année va être longue. 



what should I wear?

I got a phone call 30 min ago. I have an interview on Friday with the director of the OIP of a private school in Paris !! i’m really excited, little stressed of course..cause..well i’m ME, but im glad it’s finally paying I need to get really prepared..i checked their website, they have a really cool international policy…  🙂  let’s cross our finger people ! that would just be awesome if I could get a job just before the interview for the master… 🙂

what should I wear..should I wear a suit? I don’t know..isn’t it too much…then again it’s a job interview..suit is required I guess