Make Musik STHLM D – 6

My friend and colleague Alice is organizing the Make Musik STHLM festival for the second year in a row. It is the Swedish version of the french festival Fête de la Musique created in 1982 in France and celebrated every year since then on June 21st. It has now spread in 350 cities all over the world. The idea is “celebrate music”, absolutely everyone can play, absolutely everywhere, and absolutely free !

Since it’s a pretty new concept here in Sweden it has to be a little more organized than in France. This year about 100 bands and more than 50 volonteers registered and in 6 days, on June 6th (Sweden national day btw) we will ROCK this city !

Yesterday evening was the first volonteer meeting and we helped out with the organization and the badges ! Sweet little helpers !

i forgot the laundry

what a lovely sunny day. The Love Stockholm Festival is now at its height. Tones of concerts in every corners of the city, events everywhere such as, from the top of my head ” DJ classes for singles on the love bridge”, have coffee in an IKEA Tent, take a spinning class at Normalmstorg… pretty cool. But the best of all is gonna be OUR event, Make Musik STHLM festival organized by the french Embassy.

So a very good friend came back after 3 weeks in France tonight, we had fun walking around Stockholm, chatting and enjoying the wonderful Macarons he brought back, i totally lost track of time and forgot about the laundry….

So i thought i’ll make the best of it

And yes girls, my shoes match my dress ! And that is, according to  me, super cool !  (  i do realize it also match the laundry room floor but that is less cool)