Happy 14th of July !


okey, just so you don’t forget about me for a week i scheduled a post

So right now im guessing im at the beach w/ my cousins and we might be able to see some fireworks in the dark sky….  

here are some post cards i saw in the american store in Malmö and i found so fun ! 

I miss catching up on your blogs girls ! i’ll be back on sunday !


rule number 29675 : “don’t play w/ your food ! “

my sunburn is getting a little better 🙂  finally !

What a relaxing week i’m having, tuesday we went to the lake and just read and swam…  wednesday we went to Malmö and to the other Myrorna and  i found a really fun Coca Cola bag for Crispin, she’s a fan. In the evening we went to see “The Ice Age 3” and they still crack me up !!!! 

We had crêpes for dinner (that i made myelf 😉 )  and some crumbs had really fun shapes …



now we’re getting ready for a picnic in the woods !!!  


Burnt by the sun…i’m a cooked raspberry

ok. So Sweden’s sun can burn you. I learnt my lesson. I look like a crayfish. No kidding.

Despite that, sunday was awesome, we drove to Ales Stenar (a place were Vikings put up big rocks in circle…),Ystad, we went to a beautiful sand beach, and passed some beautiful churches.

On monday we went to  one of the 2 Myrorna second hand shop….damn i love that place… I tried on a lot of stuff and got myself a pair of Tiger of Sweden jeans (apparently they are super expensive) for 5 euros, and a dress that can’t be described so I’ll try to post a pic as soon as i look human again (the dress is pink, and red and pink are not a perfect match).  

So i’ll just  show you how Crispin drew me !!!!! Finally a pic of me i like 😉



Malmö i mitt hjärta !

Girls (boys?), I’m back in Malmö for 12 days  !! woot woot ! I arrived on friday morning and didn’t even had time to rest, we were already on our way to Göteborg (beautiful city w/ lovely churches) to see the soccer “U-21” (under 21 for those who don’t know, like me)  european semi-final between Sweden and England. I said it already im absolutly not a soccer fan but the city was YELLOW, sooo many people were wearing the swedish jersey (including me, älskling actually made me change in the middle of the street, but it’s ok i had a nice bra 😉 )and there was so much excitement in the air that i kinda enjoyed myself !  Even if Sweden lost. Then we went to Lisaberg, the amusement park, it’s really adorable !    well….busy busy first vacation day !  Oh yeah i forgot to mention the weather is AWESOME !!!   can’t wait to go to the beach!



the very first thing i saw when i got off the train was the Metro newspaper saying ” Mickaël Jackson död inatt” I stood there in shock. My swedish is getting better.  

back again…

first of all, thanks for all the sweet comments about Mario 😉

Weekend was lovely, as usual, just sleeping, eating, and shopping…(oookey and watching High School Musical 3 but i kinda HAD to).

I of course, bought new stuff, mostly underwears this time…

Back to work today, but just until thursday, and on friday morning im flying to Malmö (well Copenhaguen)

yesterday night i was a waitress again for one night cause it was the Music Festival and my former boss needed extras, damn it was exhausting but so much fun to be back , and well…much money too 😉 

I’m a little disappointed i missed the Midsommar celabration in Sweden but  at least the sun is shinning and you can wear dresses again !



Dress stolen from Crispin’s closet

Belt stolen from Mom’s closet

Shoes from Besson (mine !)

i’ve come a long way…

you can say that.  I booked my ticket so late that for it to be afordable i   had to stop in Zurich. So after a 15h trip, 2 planes, 2 trains, 2 subways and 1 bus i made it to the house, but the hardest part was to make älskling open the door ! He did not. I had to sneak in.

Well, it was a success. He was chocked. It was a lot of fun to see him confused and repeat “how? how?”

Tack to you all for your really nice comments 😉 really means a lot

now we’re baking scones ! Then, shopping och fika in Malmö, jag älskar fika!


Dress from La Halles aux vêtements


a life i Norden?

Talking appartments, new job and  new fournitures…it’s really fun and so cary at the same time… so “adult”…




but ONE thing i’m sure I’ll I’ll always enjoy here in Malmö is SHOPPING, all those malls and second hand shops…helloooo here i come.

Plus, an actual icecream truck stopped by 2 days ago, playing the little icecream truck music and all…it’s just like living in the 50’s !

just a short post cause it’s not my comp and it’s not my internet, we’re going on a 1 day cruise to Poland tomorrow, back saturday night. Can’t wait !!!!

ps: Crispin‘s been working 

here comes the sun…





Been in Sweden for a day and I feel i already got a tan…

The weather is amazing

the countryside is so colorful

and Malmö has a new shopping center…

Vi älskar Sverige 😉










weather was ok in Paris on thursday so i got the nerves to actually wear a dress to class… my red “winter” dress from urban outfiters that cost more than i could afford, and a vintage green leather jacket my grandma gave me years ago…oh…and mom’s shoes 😉

btw girls, Ji Ji KiKi has a competition to win an adorable piece of jewellery, you should totally check it out