Back in the game

woooooooooooooooooooo im back !!!! it’s been so long i can’t believe it !!! i really missed blogging ! Soooo much happened in 2 weeks….

Ok so in a nutshell, we moved in to our new place. It took 3 whole weekends and it s not perfect yet but at least it looks like an appartement now. And i LOVE it, i am so happy about it, it’s so cute and i LOVE the location right in the middle of everything ! I just need to find a way to fit my 20 pairs of shoes and my million dresses…

I really wanna show the place but i rather wait till it’s done so here you can have a glimpse…

our first night in the appartement: Champagne and a memories book “our house”

some of the shots i get in every city i visit…

a little piece of home…

so much happened it’s hard to catch up in just one post but i’m definitly back now !

as for today, im sick ūüė¶

And one more thing, thank you very much to all of you for still checked on me while i was gone ūüėČ

Me revoil√†, pour de bon cette fois ! Dans un tout nouvel appartement, dans le super quartier de S√∂dermalm ! Voil√† un ptit preview mais l’appart n est pas encore pr√™t √† se montrer au public ūüėČ

Juste heureuse d’√™tre de retour


I am officially moving into my new appartement this week which means, no personal life, a mess everywhere you look, and… no internet at home until the weekend…. i miss blogging but it is essential that i take care of this first ! I’ll be back soon !


En plein d√©m√©nagement, et pas d¬īinternet √† la maison, j¬ī√®sp√®re √™tre de retour rapidement !

my life changed in exactly 2 days

well well well, turns out :

im moving to Stockholm!!!!!!


A swedish love story

 pics from here


¬†For at least 1 year,maybe 2, on september 14 or so!!!!!!!!!¬† I just¬†CANT believe it !!!!¬† I ¬†received a call on¬†wednesday, i got the interview friday morning and at 6 pm i was “IN” !!!!!¬† OMG OMG there’s so much to do !!!!¬†¬†¬†

I’ll be working in the cultural departement of the French Ambassy. Dealing w/ students who wanna study in France. No need to say it’s my dream job so im pretty excited. Eventhough it’s kinda scary and I had to cancel my trip to Seattle to visit my dear Sash…

I’m sorry for this post, im just too super excited, i just wanted you to know…¬† I’ll try to organize my thoughts and write something better later !!!!!!¬†¬†¬†¬†Now i just have exactly 3 weeks to be ready !!!¬†