Life is too short, open the golden box

Today started “blaaaaa“.

First: got to the cycling class at 6.45 am and once i was sitting there on the worst comfortable bike seat ever made i realized i really couldn’t do this. I just did not want to. I did not have the energy. I felt almost sick, plus, to my disapointement, my hip is still hurting from last Sunday’s run. Anyway, i just bailed. ūüė¶ ¬†not so good for your self estime.

Then: i walked for 1hour to the Crossroads center were i’m a volonteer every now and then and help with languages or whatever then need. Well, seems like they just didn’t need me today. ¬†So after 20 min i just walked back home. Depressing. Even as a volonteer, i’m not needed. :-/

and to finish: the flash on my camera seems to have given up on me and refuses to open ūüė¶

But when i got home, i hade 2 letters and a package waiting for me ! From Crispin !  The best of the sisters !
It was a square box covered in a shiny/goldish paper. After removing it i realized it must have been a survival blanket (she studies to be a doctor).

And in the box… aaaaah, lots of tiny treasures and sweet messages !! It made me so happy i almost cried !

What a nice day it turned out to be ūüôā¬†

Life is too short, spend quality time with the family

Most of you already know that in my mom’s family, we don’t really celebrate Xmas. We have another tradition.¬†On the first weekend of¬†December we ¬†meet (the whole 28 of us) at my grandparents place to celebrate Saint Nicolas. It’s what we all wait for all year long. It’s just the best weekend of the year.

Quality time with my family that weekend means:

  • cooking together and eating a LOT

  • shopping in the only clothes store of the village
  • freezing our asses off to enjoy the parade and the fireworks

  • organizing a family¬†vote¬†for the election¬† Miss France (we never get it right)
  • Finding beds for every cousins (most of the time you end up sharing with more than 1 person)

  • waking up early and pile up on our grandpa’s bed to sing (bad)


  • queuing in the hall lined up according to age (starts to be unfair cause the younger guys don’t seem to stop growing)

  • entering the living room whose floor is now made of presents

  • opening presents !

  • eating some more
  • trying on the clothes, playing with the games

  • going to my aunt and oncle to eat some more
  • digestive 3 min walk

  • leaving and starting the count down for next year ūüė¶

Sthlm from above

on July 7th i had a REALLY early bday evening with my friends in Sthlm cause everybody is gonna be away on the 30th, me included.

We had raspberry cocktails on my friend Alice’s roof terrasse and then had a super nice diner in the greatest thai restaurant in Stockholm, Koh Phagam. This place is amazing, it’s like taking a trip to Thailand, in the rain forest or something. So fun.

And i even got presents. And omg great ones. My friends went crazy.

Can you guess what i got?

I could not believe it myself at first.

IT IS GONNA BE LEGEND…..wait for it…..AIRY !!!

Happy US day ( lite f√∂r sent)

what a bad blogger i am  !

On wednesday, April 28th it was our Happy Us Day !

älskling and i have been together for 3 years !

I can’t believe it’s been that long !

Since he is away stucked on a boat i didn’t expect anything special but a phone call and a message on facebook, or maybe a letter.

I got all this. And more.

I was sooo surprised and soo happy !!!

So thank you so very much¬† and¬† “happy Happy Us Day” √§lskling !


For my parents’ birthday (february for mom and today for dad, happy bday dad !), √§lskling paid for the four of us to have a drink in the ICE BAR in STockholm on saturday evening !!!!¬† It was a big surprise for my parents¬† and Crispin and they loved it ! and so did i !

It minus 5 degrees in there, and you can only stay about 45 minutes.

You get a special cape and gloves, so we all looked like weird Santa’s helpers.

Absolutly everything is made of ice

and you get one vodka based cocktails …yummy !

It was GREAT !!! Thanks älskling !

Inflyttningsfest !

Yesterday was the first time in my life i had a house warming party. In 24m2 it was a challenge but i think it went pretty well. I was glad to have my friends over. I just wish my best friends from France would have been here.

I got we got a very georgous Orchids from one of¬† √§lskling’ s friends. I hope i’ll be able to make it survive since im not that good with plants.

So for those who’ve been wondering how it looks here is our new place almost totally done (we’re still missing some drawers and stuff).

As you can see we managed to all (18) fit in the appartement for about 3hours !

Then we went to a bar called from the Boule Bar, it is the weirdest bar i have ever been to, there is tables and seats and then suddenly there is gravel everywhere,  foosball tables and spots to play Boules !!! CRAZY !

Ma toute première pendaison de crémaillère ! A 18 dans 24m2 ca restera un bon souvenir !!!!

Xmas is over :-(

so here it is. Xmas is oficially over. I have to wait a whole year to feel this wonderful spirit again.
I will not have my Crispin’s xmas surprises anymore ūüė¶
I’m already checking when i can go back to visit my family, and also maybe some trips with my friends, we would love to go to Helsinki or Lapland !!!

(one of the beautful windows at the Galeries Lafayette)

Today i did something i had never done before.

I register to a GYM !!

I still can’t believe it. It was unreal. We walked in with my friends and it was like entering another world. God they are good ! They welcome you with the cuttest smile, talk about your feelings, your goal, your dreams, show you the place around full of people looking damn happy… and before you know it, all you want is joined !!!¬† And we did !
It’s pretty cool actually, you can go to all classes, dance, african dance, steps, aerobic, cycling, everything, whenever we want…

So we are scheduled for our first aerobic class on monday !

But let’s face it, that wasn’t the hardest part. The hardest part is to actually go to the gym now.

aujourd’hui j’ai pas le moral parce que je r√©alise que No√ęl c’est vraiment fini ( et avec les cookies de ma Crispin) mais je suis fi√®re de moi, je me suis inscrite √† un club de sport pour la 1ere fois de ma vie. Ca a l’air g√©nial. Plus qu’√† me motiver maintenant (le prix devrait faire l’affaire)


First post of the year…wooaa. I can’t believe i’ve been blogging since 2008. Thank you everyone for being “here”¬† my blog really became an important part of my life, and you too;-)

Well, first of all, of course, happy new year, Gott Nyt Ar, Bonne Année to everyone.

Then, of course, the resolutions. I take some every year, and after february i don’t even know what it was anymore.
So this year, i only have 2.

my classes at the university start in 2 weeks and im super excited.

I ‘ve been complaining for months how i don’t feel comfortable anymore, how i don’t like myself so much anymore, it’s time to use the complaining energy to actually move my ass.

And thanks to a last minute Xmas present i know i CAN DO IT !!

Mes bonnes r√©solutions pour cette ann√©e (et cette fois je m’y tiens ! Promis √† moi m√™me)

Apprendre le suédois

Me bouger les fesses pour un corps de d√©esse ūüėČ

earings from him

For St Nicolas √§lskling couldn’t come, but he had made sure to send a little package for me in advance. 3 pairs of earings, perfect for the season !!!!!!!!¬† I’ve been using them all week, matching Santa with the Xmas tree or snow flake with Santa and everybody loved them !!

Yesterday night the guys (√§lskling and JP) had to beg me to make me go out in the cold again, we went to a restaurant in S√∂dermalm called Kelly’s, was really loud, but really nice food ūüėČ
Today, it’s snowing again !!! And im blogging while the 2 guys are making breakfast !

Voici les cadeaux de St Nicolas de la part d’√§lskling, tr√®s adapt√©s , j’adore !
Hier, soir√©e chez Kelly’s a S√∂dermalm avec les gar√ßons, ce matin, ils font le ptit dej !!

the days before Xmas…

I love that time of the year, people are more relaxed, knowing they’ll be on vacation with their family soon,¬† they drink gl√∂g and eat heart shaped pepparkakor, the streets get all kind of pretty lights, especially here, every single window has this kind triangle shaped chandelier, it’s adorable.

Since we’re not spending Xmas here, i’ll be in Paris, he’ll be in Malm√∂, we didn’t really got all “Xmas” crazy on the decoration, but i still wanted a little tree. And it feels more like Xmas now.

Some more presents from St Nicolas, to complete our never ending M&M’s collection:

limited edition Xmas package

    M&M”s Dominos (had NO idea that existed !)

    M&M’s from CHINA !!

    Awesome Winterish M&M’s dispenser !

    J’adore la periode avant no√ęl…les rues qui s’illuminent (surtout ici!), les gens plus relax √† l’id√©e des vacances qui approchent, et ici, le gl√∂g et les gateaux √† la cannelles !! M√™me si on ne passe pas No√ęl ici j’ai investi dans un √©chantillon de Sapin pour nous mettre dans l’ambiance ūüôā¬† De nouveaux M&M’s sont venu compl√©ter notre collection !