Life is too short, 10 stuff i like about you !

Today is Crispin’s bday. She is turning 23.  Gosh times flies.  Happy times 🙂
Here is a (very) short list of reason why Crispin is the coolest sister.

♥Aujourd’hui c’est l’anniversaire de Crispin. 23 ans. Ca passe vite…ca se passe bien 🙂
Voilà une (très) petite liste de raisons pour lesquelles c’est la plus cool des soeur.♥


Her creativity/ sa créativité

    Her cookies/ Ses biscuits

The way she sees me and looks up to me sometimes / Sa facon de me voir

Her adorable homemade postcards and enveloppes / son courrier fait main

Her determination / Sa determination

Our ability to finish each other’s sentences (especially when it comes to quoting stupid movies or Disneys) / Notre capacité à finir les phrases l’une de l’autre (surtout lorsqu il s’agit de films débiles et de Disneys)

 Her sense of family / Son sens de la famille

Her cakes / Ses gateaux

Her sense of humour / Son sens de l’humour

The fact that she is georgous and some people say, we look alike 😉

Crispin’s world

Since I’m going on and on about my sister’s talent to bake and create cute stuff I decided I’ll show it to the world as well. 😉 It might not be updated sooo often cause she has her moment of creativity but I think it’s worth sharing. So you can find “her” (my) blog in my blogroll now 😉   

Crispin’s world