Weekend was GREAT.  Went so fast though. As always. Saturday was soooo sunny and sunday sooo…snowy …at least my family got to enjoy both kind of weather !!  We walked a LOT, actually didn’t take the subway once. We went to Skansen, and saw funny animals, walked in Gamla Stan, shopped, of course and went to the ICE BAR !!! (AWESOME but more about that in another post).

I just got back from leaving them at the bus station and they had left awesome presents for me to find when i got back

a new M&M’s limited edition eastern package !!!

A new perfume !!! ( damn i love the commercial for that perfume !!)

now i’m gonna try to prevent myself from depression by doing this:

Thank you Crispin

Busy, beautiful and sad week

this week was great and sucked at the same time.

I took monday and tuesday off since it was älskling’s last week in Stockholm before leaving for Africa next weekend.

We did a lot for the appartement. And i finally got my eyes checked and got some lens !!

Then we made some Mojitos in our tiny kitchen !!!

Then on wednesday we went to the south of Sweden.

Kristianstad first for a student fair and then Lund on friday for a presentation about French Higher Education (pretty cool & stressful).

We took the train home on friday night and enjoyed the sunny saturday eating kannelbullar and drinking hot chocolate by the sea !!!

Tonight älskling left. he will be back in June. I’m so sad. I’m watching Friends, drinking tea and eating chocolates. Not helping.

Inflyttningsfest !

Yesterday was the first time in my life i had a house warming party. In 24m2 it was a challenge but i think it went pretty well. I was glad to have my friends over. I just wish my best friends from France would have been here.

I got we got a very georgous Orchids from one of  älskling’ s friends. I hope i’ll be able to make it survive since im not that good with plants.

So for those who’ve been wondering how it looks here is our new place almost totally done (we’re still missing some drawers and stuff).

As you can see we managed to all (18) fit in the appartement for about 3hours !

Then we went to a bar called from the Boule Bar, it is the weirdest bar i have ever been to, there is tables and seats and then suddenly there is gravel everywhere,  foosball tables and spots to play Boules !!! CRAZY !

Ma toute première pendaison de crémaillère ! A 18 dans 24m2 ca restera un bon souvenir !!!!

Back in the game

woooooooooooooooooooo im back !!!! it’s been so long i can’t believe it !!! i really missed blogging ! Soooo much happened in 2 weeks….

Ok so in a nutshell, we moved in to our new place. It took 3 whole weekends and it s not perfect yet but at least it looks like an appartement now. And i LOVE it, i am so happy about it, it’s so cute and i LOVE the location right in the middle of everything ! I just need to find a way to fit my 20 pairs of shoes and my million dresses…

I really wanna show the place but i rather wait till it’s done so here you can have a glimpse…

our first night in the appartement: Champagne and a memories book “our house”

some of the shots i get in every city i visit…

a little piece of home…

so much happened it’s hard to catch up in just one post but i’m definitly back now !

as for today, im sick 😦

And one more thing, thank you very much to all of you for still checked on me while i was gone 😉

Me revoilà, pour de bon cette fois ! Dans un tout nouvel appartement, dans le super quartier de Södermalm ! Voilà un ptit preview mais l’appart n est pas encore prêt à se montrer au public 😉

Juste heureuse d’être de retour

Retro and Beyond

Yesterday i met with some friends and we went to Sofo in Södermalm. Sofo is supposed to be the “hip – bobo” area. We found some really cool vintage stores there, and eventhough i was freezing my ass off just walking from a store to another, i had a great time !  Some stores are really special and beautiful. But some prices kinda scared me.

One of them is called Beyond Retro, and it’s really cool. I especially loved all the colorful tutus they used as decoration items.

Let’s not forget it’s the REA (sales) here too, so of course we had to stop by Dröttningatan and go to Zara where i found a georgous vest, for a “ridiculously high though on sale” price.

Now i just have one question, or more like an observation :

Shouldn’t a kannelbulle be big enough to last a whole episode of “The Hills”?

Hier, petit vintage trip dans le quartier “bobo” de Sofo, à Södermalm. Les boutiques sont extras (et les prix aussi).
Ici aussi c’est les soldes, alors j’ai craqué pour une veste Zara pas du tout approprié pour les – 20 degrés et pas du tout abordable bien qu’en solde !

Sinon, question:
Est ce qu’un kannelbulle ne devrait pas être assez gros pour tenir tout un épisode de “The Hills”?

snö sunday

today, my plan was : staying home, doing nothing. Just looking thru the window i was confident i wasn’t putting a toe outside. Unfortunatly, it was counting without älskling and his “i wanna enjoy Stockholm in the snow” speech. What got me out is that he actually had to buy a present for his mom. So yes, we went out. And it looked like this the whole time.

Now, it’s my turn to make the rules, and the rules are: couch, kannelbullar, and the 15th anniversary special edition FRIENDS box that we received yesterday !!!!!

I’m glad to have my älskling home 😉
(that’s a bracelet i got this summer…)

J’avais prévu de passer le dimanche au chaud, mais c’était sans compter Älkling qui a réussi à me trainer dehors, sous des flocons de la taille d’une balle de ping pong, j’ai quand même négocier la fin d’après midi au chaud à regarder l’édition spéciale 15e anniversaire de FRIENDS 😉

Jul bord

Jul Bord, or “Xmas table”, is a swedish tradition, and i love it. We had a Jul Bord at work today, everyone had to bring something (i was in charge of bread, not too hard), and we all gathered around the meeting table and talked, sang swedish Xmas songs and told jokes. It was a really nice moment and i ate way too much. It kinda sucks i cannot show more, but apparently im not allowed to take pics inside the embassy.

During lunch, there was a snow storm outside, again. It’s getting quite crazy here.  It’s wonderful. JP and i were like 2 kids on the way home tonight, we took pics of everything.
JP? I didn’t mention him yet did i? He is my french friend i met in Arkansas in 2006, he just got a job here and is staying at our place the time to find an appartment. 😉

(she must be FREEZING)

Jul Bord, ou table de Nöel, est une tradition suédoise que j’adore. C’était la Jul Bord au bureau aujourd’hui, beaucoup de bonnes choses à manger, beaucoup de chansons suédoises et de blagues un peu lourdes 😉
Pendant ce temps, la neige continue de tomber, ça nous rend fou, c’est magnifique. On se croirait en vacances au ski.

duck in the snow

it started to snow on sunday and didn’t stop until this morning ! Stockholm is WHITE ! TOTALLY WHITE. I’ve never seen that before, and i’m like a little kid.

(see the tiny french flag? That’s where i work !)

What do you do when it’s COLD outside? You take a nice hot bath…with your…my new duck is a floating RADIO !!!!!
(on-off and volume with the head, and switch stations with the tail ! Isn’t he adorable??)

Il neige ! IL NEIGE ! Depuis 3 jours ! Stockholm est magnifique !
Pour me réchauffer je prend mon bain avec mon nouveau copain, qui est en fait une radio!!!

i m a tourist who lives here…


so we just left my family at the airport. 😦 a weekend is sooo short ! i barely had time to realize they were actually here. Ma famille vient de repartir. ;( un weekend c’est bien trop court, je n’ai même pas eu le temps de réaliser qu’ils étaient là.

I met them after work in the old city on friday evening, Crispin was buying shoes (she has big feet and gets over excited when she finds girly shoes her size) then we had tea in a nice coffee place and went home. Je les ai retrouvé dans la veille ville après le boulot vendredi soir, Crispin était en train de s’émerveiller devant des chaussures de fille à sa taille (elle a des grands pieds), un petit thé dans la vieille ville et direction maison.


at the Vasa museum, in the diving bell… (yes yes, people used to stand on this and go under water just breathing thanks to the “air pocket” on top of the bell…SCARY!)   you can have a glimpse at my new awesomely warm and fun tights mom offered me, from Indiska, a store full of amazing (and expensive) items !!  Au musée Vasa, dans la cloche de plongé (oui oui, les gens se tenaient sous cette cloche et plongaient en respirant grace à la poche d’air en haut de la cloche…AU SECOURS). Un petit appercu de mes tout nouveaux collants tout douillés offert par ma maman chez Indiska, une boutique pleine de merveilles (assez cher les merveilles).

On saturday we made a girls group and a boys group (dad and älskling), they visited …stuff, and we walked around and shopped 🙂   we met for lördagsgodis and dinner (planka !!). On sunday we had a nice brunch at home, then took the boat to the Vasa museum which is really an amazing place. And there it was already time to leave 😦  Samedi on a fait un groupe de filles et un groupe de mec, ils ont visité des…trucs, et on s’est baladé tout en faisant du shopping 🙂 On s’est retrouvé pour les bonbons du samedi et une planka à drottninggatan. (MIAM). Dimanche, brunch puis le musée Vasa, magnifique. Et voilà, c’était déjà le moment de repartir 😦

I feel they forgot me behind, i m having the hardest time undertand this is where i live now. And it’s hard to be by yourself. J’ai l’impression qu’ils m’ont oublié. J’ai un mal fou à comprendre que j’habite ici maintenant. C’est dur d’être indépendante.



here is the top of the look 😉  et voilà le look entier 😉

it’s getting late and im feeling…down, I’ll write more about this weekend later…/ Il est tard et j’ai le cafard, la suite plus tard…

a whole new me…

well, not really. Im still me. But it is soo nice to treat yourself with a new playsuit and a new haircut 🙂

Yes. I did it. It always takes me weeks to decide on silly stuff like that, and today we just dropped in and got it done. Going to the hairdresser is always an adventure but trust me, explaining what you want in english (which is not your mother tongue) to someone who then, translate it in swedish…it is just SCARY. But it turned out..well. I think.


This weekend, i also discovered (silly me i had no clue) that they had a topshop in Stockholm !!  Actually it’s thanks to my collegue (and friend) Isabelle who was wearing this exact outfit on friday at work and i just fell in love with it. So i ran to Topshop on saturday and they still had 3 of them, in my size and…50% off (still expensive though ) anyway, i won’t have to dribble on Topshop’s website and get pissed at their shipping prices anymore. It’s right there. In front of me. Happy Mo.

lazy weekend like i love them, friday evening i got back from work and älskling had prepared a hot bath and a glass of wine for me!  Then we made ourselves pretty and went out for drinks in a club. Saturday in the sun in the old Stockholm, having candies (swedish kids usually get candies on saturday: lördagsgodis), planka (piece of meat, mashed potatoes and bacon served on a piece of wood with bearnais sauce)  in a tiny restaurant, little shopping…perfect.

you might have noticed the “Forum Higher Education in France” on the right side, it’s the big event i’m working on right now. We are trying to promote it all over Sweden, so, spread the word 🙂


Enfin, pas vraiment. Mais ça fait du bien de se faire plaisir de temps en temps avec un nouvel ensemble et une nouvelle coupe !

oui, enfin. Ca fait des semaines que j’en parle, et voilà. C’est toujours un peu l’incertitude d’aller chez le coiffeur, mais alors là, expliquer ce que l’on veut en anglais à quelqu’un qui le retraduit en suédois, c’est l’angoisse. Finalement c’est pas mal nan?

Ce weekend, j’ai découvert (sort de ton trou Mo) qu’il y avait un Topshop à Stockholm ! Grace à ma collègue Isabelle qui est arrivé au boulot vendredi avec cet ensemble sur lequel j’ai absolument craqué. J’ai couru chez Topshop samedi, et il en restait 3, un dans ma taille…et … moins 50% (heureusement car c’est quand même monstrueusement cher). Donc je n’aurai plus à baver sur leur site internet et à raler contre les frais de port, j’ai juste à prendre le métro. Happy Mo.

Super weekend de feignants comme je les aime. En rentrant du boulot vendredi, älskling m’avait fait couler un bain et servi un verre de vin ! Ensuite on s’est fait tout beau pour aller danser et boire un verre. Samedi, sous le soleil dans la vieille ville, on a mangé des bonbons (selon la tradition les petits suédois recoivent des bonbons uniquement le samedi, lördagsgodis), et une planka (un morceau de viande, purée de pomme de terre et becon servit sur une planche de bois avec sauce béarnaise) dans un petit restau, un peu de lèche vitrine, parfait.

Vous avez peut être remarqué le “Forum Higher Education in France” sur la droite, c’est l’évènement sur lequel je travaille en ce moment et dont on fait la promotion dans tout le pays, donc…fait passer le message 😉