you know you’re swedish when?

So i had a flash today during lunch break.

Im getting used to some swedish habits.

There is one that really  struck me when i first arrived, guys, and people in general, do NOT speak to strangers in the street. Guys do not look at girls, or if they do they are really subtile about it, they do not come to them and start chatting.

Not that i get a lot of that usually, but being from Paris, you get comments at least once a week (usually not the smartest ones), and people come up to you once in a while talking about God knows why.

So when i first arrived i was really surprised to see how people act in the streets of Stockholm, i guess that’s what make us (people from the “south”) say that nordic people are “cold”, which they are not actually but for that you need to get to know them. Anyway, im losing my point here which was:

Today, in a store a guy came up to me and started with: ” i am sorry but you do not look swedish, so i wanted to talk to you and ask you

And my answer was: ” no, i am not. And you must not be either, because a swedish guy would not come up to me like that”

I was quite surprised that he came up to me, and even more surprised to be surprised if you know what i mean.

Anyway, for those who are not lost with my rambling and who cares, he was indeed, not swedish.

I had another awesome weekend in another part of awesome Sweden and i can’t wait to tell you about it but it’s getting late so more about it later !

In the meantime here is what i wore last friday, and my new “Carrie” shoes as i call them


aujourd’hui j’ai réalisé à quel point on s’habitue facilement aux “coutumes” d’un pays, sans s’en rendre compte. Un mec m’a abordé dans une boutique ! oui et alors me direz vous. Et bien ici ca ne se fait pas. PAS. JAMAIS. Les garcons ne regardent pas les filles (ou alors très subtilement), ne les arrêtent pas pour leur proposer un café ou leur balancer quelques phrases un peu lourdes mais qui finalement font toujours du bien à notre petit ego. Non pas que je sois sollicitée toute les deux minutes quand je suis à Paris, mais ca arrive. Ici. RIEN. donc je m’y suis faite. Apparement. Car quand ce garcon s’est approché en me disant:

“désolé mais vous n’avez pas l’air suédoise alors j’ai voulu savoir…” je lui ai répondu ” non, je ne le suis pas, mais vous non plus car les suédois n’abordent pas les gens comme ca”

rien a voir mais j’adore mes pompes “carrie”

Det är inte lätt att vara svensk – (it’s not easy to be swedish)

on sunday we had a picnic brunch !  Really cool !  and yummy ! Paul had brought real Eclair au chocolat !!!

During brunch i passed an audition 😉 Paul wanted to see if i could play tambourine for his new band… im waiting for the call back 😉

In the afternoon we went to Hellasgarden for a typical swedish exercice:

Sauna and a jump in the lake

It was awesome !

But now…im sick; i’ve been feeling like crap the whole day and im now drinking liters of tea and watching topmodel.

I guess being swedish is not that easy !


last night we went out with some of my swedish class colleagues and it was really fun. One of them is from New Mexico and i realized how bad i miss the US and my friends over there….

But yesterday i was also thankful for being in Sweden. Swedes totally rock my world. I mean, they have an official Waffle Day for crying out loud !



today was a bad day. Really stupid bad day. One hour at the gym and raspberry icecream did help a little.

Now the only two good things about today:

  1. i picked up my lens at the Optician and when i asked for them in Swedish, the lady said my swedish was good !!! (doesn’t matter that we had to switch to english right after that)
  2. My new petit BAG !!!! present from mom, it matches my coat PERFECTLY !

congrats to me :-)

So, here we go, next tuesday im going to Paris for 2 days, and tuesday evening i’ll get my very first (and i assume last) graduation!!

For most people it’s normal. For french people…it never happens. You finish high school or university well good for you, if you’re lucky they’ll send your diploma in the mail, if not, you just pick it up in an office (usually open between 10am and 10.05 am).

 Anyway, this year they do it BIG. I’m getting my Master.  It feels unreal. I’m excited though. It’s nice to have something to look forward to. Work is just…overwhelming. I wake up in the morning feeling im already behind. Doesnt feel so nice. Im planning on registering to an evening swedish class, i so want to learn! It’s so frustrating to walk around and not being able to read newspapers or order in a coffee place…of course they speak english perfectly…but still. Frustrated i am.

So anyway, appart from work not much happened lately… but sometimes i just come across the cuttest people in the subway…


Voilà, je retourne à Paris mardi pour 2 jours, mardi soir, ça sera ma première (et dernière je suppose) remise de diplôme!

 Ce qui, pour la petite française que je suis est un évènement majeur ! D’habitude les “graduations” c’est dans les films . Nous, on va juste récuperer notre diplôme à la fac, dans un bureau ouvert entre 10.00 et 10.05. Et ben là ils sortent le grand jeu. Donc je vais avoir mon master. CooL. J’ai hate. Question boulot c’est la course. J’ai l’impression d’être déjà en retard en me levant le matin…  Sinon je vais surement m’inscrire à des cours du soir de suédois, ça me frustre trop de ne pas pouvoir lire un journal ou commander un café, même si ils parlent un anglais parfait, je veux me fondre dans la masse 🙂

Bref, à part métro boulot dodo, pas grand chose de neuf, ci ce n’est, des jolies rencontres dans le métro….

so what’s up?

well, i didn’t do anything and it was great, we took really long walks by the beach but i was not brave enough to swim though !! BB

I wore some of my dresses and my family started to call me “BB”…as a joke i guess…  remember BB?

Brigitte jupebleueBardot…yeah right.All i actually accomplished was reading.

I read the first Twilight….damn i didnt like it. I felt this Bella girl is totally dumb and this flying vampire dude pathetic. But that’s just my point of view of course. I guess it’s because when i read i can’t help picturing the actors they picked for the movie (that i didn’t see) and i really don’t like them…either.

I also learn some swedish verbs, I tried 10 a day but it was a lot for my goldfish memory….


monday off, new skirt on

so im only starting my new job on thursday 🙂 3 more days off…I’m trying to get myself to realize that it’s not vacations anymore, I tried to study a little…but ppffff ..  We took a walk to a bookstore and stayed for hours checking traveling books and dreaming ! Then we bought some food and got home. I tried to

concentrate on some swedish…Since I can’t follow the class this year at the cultural center 😦 I’ll have to be my own teacher and im not so good at that. I had my “new” skirt that I got at the secondhand market yesterday for 2 euros and I stole my mom’s new shoes cause they are precious ! my grandma made the beret 🙂

Je ne commence à travailler que jeudi 🙂 3 jours de liberté en plus ! j’essaie de me dire que ce n’est pourtant plus les vacances, j’ai essayé de relire mes cours…mais bon… On à fait un tour à Cultura et on a passé des heures à regarder des livres sur tout les pays du monde et à rêver ! Ensuite quelques courses de miam miam. A la maison j’ai tenté de me concentrer sur quelques cours de suédois, puisque je ne peux plus suivre les cours au centre culturel cette année je vais devoir être ma propre prof…je m’aime pas trop 😉 Je portais ma “nouvelle” jupe achetée hier à la brocante pour 2 euros et j’ai piqué les chaussures de mom, parceque je craque pour elles ! C’est ma grand mère qui a fait mon béret!