a whole new dimension of stress…BUT a lovely friend

I’m so stressed i can’t even think clearly. Here is a TO DO LIST for the next 10 days:

  • – book a ticket to Stockholm
  • – Find an appartement in Stockholm
  • – finish my master dissertation
  • – prepare a PPT for my 3 presentations (!!) of my master dissertation
  • – present my master dissertation
  • – meeting at the bank
  • – pack
  • – call the firm which ‘s gonna pick up my stuff and decided on a date before the 13th of september
  • – fill up about 100 forms and send them back before yesterday
  • – organize a goodbye party

looking gooooood.

But i always have stuff that make me smile…this week it’s dear Maria from Lulu Letty who was nice (and patient) enough to make me a love button AND she interviewed me for her blog of the week !!!! She is just ADORABLE ! Check her out !

and here’s the code if you wanna trade 🙂 :


<a href=”https://memoandmyself.wordpress.com/” target=”_blank” title=”Me, Mo and Myself”><img src=”http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2572/3849731196_3e4cf72916_o.jpg” width=”150″ height=”177″ alt=”3848731897_cbc668dc79_o” /></a>

Je suis tellement stressée que je ne peux plus penser ! Voici ma TO DO LIST pour les 10 jours à venir:

  • – reserver un billet pour Stockholm
  • – trouver un appart à  Stockholm
  • – finir mon mémoire
  • – préparer un PPT pour mes 3 soutenances
  • – passer ma soutenance
  • – RDV à la banque
  • – faire mes cartons
  • – prendre RDV avec les déménageurs
  • -remplir une centaines de docs pour hier
  • – organiser une fête de départ

Mais il y à toujours quelque chose ou quelqu’un pour me redonner le sourire, et cette semaine c’est la charmanteMaria de Lulu Letty qui m’a fait un adorable love button ET qui m’a choisi comme “blog de la semaine” !!! Allez voir ma ptite interview sur son adorable blog 🙂

le code est au dessus si ça vous tente 🙂 :

December 6th, Saint Nicolas

My mom’s family lives in the east of France where we celebrate Saint Nicolas rather than Xmas, so for us, the huge excitement was last weekend. And, it was, as usual awesome. Not perfect, because of previously “evoked” reasons, but still.  My family is awesome, we laugh, we eat ALL THE TIME and…woooaa I got sooo spoiled. I won’t even list all the presents i got cause that would be too long ! But just as an example, i got a gorgeous Ipod Nano 4G Green, a software to learn Svenska by myself 😉 good luck on that, a great skirt and a beautiful neckless…that I’ll show ASAPS dsc00098

Now it’s back to work… and real life. Cool news today, the dude I was supposed to do my english presentation with on tuesday 17th dropped out ! I now have one week to re write a whole new presentation ! Yeah, I only accepted to talk about sustainable energies because he said he knew a lot about it but now I’m gonna talk about something I find much more interresting : sustainable tourism. My problem is/ are: I have sooo much to do ! I’m leaving to Sweden on december 23rd and before that I need to :

  •  find 2 presents for älskling (actually MAKE one)
  • find one present for his mom
  • find myself a dress for new year
  • go to the beauty shop to get my facial (present from my parents from last year that i need to use before the end of the year !)
  • find a present for my friend Flo (I’m his secret Santa)
  • organize a formal get together with my old classmates from 6th grade (december 19th)
  •  work work work works
  • I still didn’t find time to watch the new “how I met your mother” or “gossip girl”  😦 
  • i also need to catch up on everyone’s blogs !!!!