Life is too short, ESCAPE !

argh how many times did i say it: I love my job. Well i’ll say it once more.

Got invited to the release party of the new Romantic Escape magazine after work: Champagne, finger food and tones of fun people to chat with…and of course…gooooooodies !

Combien de fois ai-je d’éjà mentionné à quel point j adore mon boulot? Et bien une fois de plus.

Hier j étais invité à l’After Work pour le lancement du nouveau magazine de voyages “Romantic Escape“: Champagne, amuse-bouche et plein de gens sympathiques …et surtout…des goodies 🙂



Today, in excrutiating details.

I thought it could be fun (or not) to have some kind of “live post” about my day today. Like i said im at a student fair in Umeå.
Right now it’s 9 am, i have been there for 30 min, my stand is ready and i already talked to 3 students. Great. But in english. Sucks. It’s too early and im too cold to concentrate on swedish. Plus, i don’t wanna be rude but people here have a weird accent.

9.06 am: got the “aren t french people rude?” question already. Bummer.

9.13 am: the girl at the stand in front of me has candies… bunch of students are blocking the way though….why do they wear their pants so low…might as well not wear anything…

9.28 am: i’ve been asked if i was swedish. The fact that i speak swedish like a spanish cow (total word for word translation of a wonderful french idiom) doesn’t seem to be giving them a clue.

9.53 am: im cold. im desperate to meet a student who actually knows about us. i think i made a friend. The guy on the other side offered to get me some coffee. What about a survival blanket?

10.11 am: jag pratade svenska !!! I spoke swedish. And she said i was good.

10.17 am: btw, i didn’t have time to say that but 127 hours was not good. I do not think it will win him an oscar. He can do sooo much better than that. Im sure of it. If you wanna know about the story, watch this instead. Honestly.

10.27 am: here we go. The “i need to pee but can i leave the stand alone” moment. I used to think “what the hell, we’re in Sweden” and twice that proved to be a bad idea. The first time my purse got stolen, the second time the trestle with our name was taken (still wondering what on earth you can do of a stolen trestle with another agency’s name on it..)

11.11 am: (make a wish) ok im gonna have to go to the restrooms. Of course that’s exactly when all the students are gonna come rushing to my stand asking about France. How typical.

12.39: so on my way to the restroom i came across the lunch room and thought what the hell, lets eat. It was nice. And warmed me up a bit. I also realized that “Blondinbella” was the guest speaker of the fair, a very famous swedish blogger. And honeslty im quite puzzled. I mean it’s a student fair, im not quite sure i understand what she is doing here…appart from the “attractive” thought of having a “famous/fashion/beautiful” speaker…the room was packed so i guess she has an important message to deliver. Im gonna have a look at 13.00

13.28: ok. I’ve been. I’ve seen. I’ve listened. And im shocked. Here comes this good looking, succesful, outgoing 20 years old in front of a room full of  very impressionable 16-18 years old. And what kind of message is she here to deliver? Basically “how to get tones of money through blogging so you don’t really have to work and can go out to super fancy parties every nights“. I mean OMG. I now understand swedish enough to know that saying “i started my blog at 15 and by 17 i could live off of it, so i got my own place, but i wanted more money so…”   to kids coming for a student fair, to pick their studies, their jobs, their future is NOT OK.
Don’t get me wrong. It’s great what happened to her. Wonderful. She is living her dream and she sounds like a smart girl who knows what she wants. And actually i understand that the main message to those kids must be “live your dream, be strong, you can set goals and achieve them” but unfortunatly they are just kids and i just don’t think it’s appropriate to tell a bunch of teenagers that that’s life. That if they start a blog they’ll get rich and succesful. Im afraid they might not be able to understand the core concept.

14.11: i wonder if i could be any good at drawing…. i never really tried. My sis is the artist so i never really given it much thoughts…

14.29: damn it The candy lady is packing up.

15.00: ok people are leaving. I m gonna go soon. Don’t really know where to go till my flight though. It’s not like i can walk around the city, it’s minus 20 people ! Anyway, that was fun. Bye bye.

Busy being crazy. BRB.

The training is CRAZY. 8h45 am to 6pm everyday, knowing it takes me 1h30 to get there and get home, i basically just have time to eat and sleep. It’s interesting but so hard to stay concentrated  during all the presentations ! The cool thing is that i get to meet with people doing the same job as me all over the world !!!
Anyway, i  have many ideas but  not so much time to blog 😦


Pas trop le temps de “blogger” en ce moment, bien trop occupé à faire des journées de dingues pour me mettre à jour sur l’enseignement supérieur français. Passionnant mais crevant. 

when you feel low…

ok, so the only thing that stops me from entering depression city is the fact that my friend Delphine is here for a few days. So i have to put it together. But bad news + stressing work are really hitting me bad. So what do we do?

Ok donc le seul truc qui m’empèche d’entrer en totale depression est le fait que mon amie Delphine soit là pour quelques jours, donc je me tiens. Mais la mauvaise nouvelle + le boulot qui me stress…j’ai du mal à gérer. Résultat?


you eat raspberry muffins / Je me tape des muffins à la framboise


raspberry pies drawn in cream / des tartes à la framboise noyée dans la crème anglaise


and wait for lördags godis… / et j’attend les bonbons du samedi


Yeah, baiscally i eat and stress. Perfect combo right? I promise no more “suspens” for next post. I’ll let you know. I miss blogging.

Voilà, je mange et je stress. Parfaite combinaison. Bon, plus de supsens, la prochaine fois j’annonce la couleur. Ca me manque de “blogger” …

don’t ask

…i didn’t have time to write in days..i feel bad. Days are getting busier and busier…and…i got some bad news im not ready to discuss now.

Anyway, on monday evening i went to a “French short movies night” organized by the embassy. It was 13 shorts films subtitled in swedish + sandwishes and wine. It was really good and most of them really fun. I enjoyed it a lot !

On tuesday i went to the movie again….but to watch a concert. Robbie Williams first concert in 3 years ! He was performing in London and the show was broadcasted all over the world via satellite in movie theater !! AWESOME. Yes i’m a RW fan. It’s been…well 8 years. It was a very small cinema and they offered kannelbullar and tea !

Work’s been crazy lately. Today i got an intern for a month. Can you  believe it? An intern. My boss actually told her “Mo is your boss”. I can’t believe i’m someone’s boss. I can barely handle myself. Plus, we are the same age. 

Here is what i wore on monday, i’ve been looking for this jacket for months, back in Paris, after a while i kinda got ever it until we literaly bumped into it in H&M last weekend !!!!!!!!!



je n’ai rien écrit depuis des jours…c’est mal. Mais mes journées deviennent impossible…et puis..j’ai eu une nouvelle..pas top…que j’évoquerai surement plus tard…

Lundi soir je suis allée à une soirée “films courts français” organisée par l’ambassade. 13 films de quelques minutes avec sandwishes et vin rouge. Les films étaient très bon, la soirée très sympa.

Mardi je suis retournée au ciné..voir un concert. Le premier  concert de Robbie Williams depuis 1996 ! (oui oui je suis fan, et c’est pas récent !) Il faisait un concert à Londres, rentransmi live dans le monde entier par satellite dans des salles de ciné. Celle ou on été offrait kanelbullar et thé !

Les journées de travail sont de plus en plus longues…et aujourd’hui ma stagiaire est arrivée. Oui, j’ai une stagiaire. Moi. Mon boss lui a dit “Mo est ta boss”. Moi qui ai déjà du mal a me gerer moi même. En plus elle a mon age. C’est vraiment bizarre.

Voilà ce que je portait lundi, j’ai cherché cette veste pendant des mois à Paris, puis je me suis fait une raison jusqu’a ce que l’on tombe littéralement dessus dimanche dernier à H&M !

congrats to me :-)

So, here we go, next tuesday im going to Paris for 2 days, and tuesday evening i’ll get my very first (and i assume last) graduation!!

For most people it’s normal. For french people…it never happens. You finish high school or university well good for you, if you’re lucky they’ll send your diploma in the mail, if not, you just pick it up in an office (usually open between 10am and 10.05 am).

 Anyway, this year they do it BIG. I’m getting my Master.  It feels unreal. I’m excited though. It’s nice to have something to look forward to. Work is just…overwhelming. I wake up in the morning feeling im already behind. Doesnt feel so nice. Im planning on registering to an evening swedish class, i so want to learn! It’s so frustrating to walk around and not being able to read newspapers or order in a coffee place…of course they speak english perfectly…but still. Frustrated i am.

So anyway, appart from work not much happened lately… but sometimes i just come across the cuttest people in the subway…


Voilà, je retourne à Paris mardi pour 2 jours, mardi soir, ça sera ma première (et dernière je suppose) remise de diplôme!

 Ce qui, pour la petite française que je suis est un évènement majeur ! D’habitude les “graduations” c’est dans les films . Nous, on va juste récuperer notre diplôme à la fac, dans un bureau ouvert entre 10.00 et 10.05. Et ben là ils sortent le grand jeu. Donc je vais avoir mon master. CooL. J’ai hate. Question boulot c’est la course. J’ai l’impression d’être déjà en retard en me levant le matin…  Sinon je vais surement m’inscrire à des cours du soir de suédois, ça me frustre trop de ne pas pouvoir lire un journal ou commander un café, même si ils parlent un anglais parfait, je veux me fondre dans la masse 🙂

Bref, à part métro boulot dodo, pas grand chose de neuf, ci ce n’est, des jolies rencontres dans le métro….

jag har talat svenska ! I spoke swedish ! j’ai parlé suédois !

hej hej. what an exhausting, but fun week. The fair on thursday turned out great. We had 2 stands with my collegue/friend from the french institute and we spent the day answering people’s questions about studying in France, studying french… it was actually really interesting and rewarding to feel a little useful ! Even if i really have to read and learn a lot to be able to answer all the questions. THe best part was definitly when a woman started to talk to me in swedish and i actually answered her ! ” förlat men jag talar inte svenska, om du vill ha mer information om franska kurser du kan ringa Claudine, hon talar svenska”. I felt awesome.

On top of that we had free lunch and we were posted right by the coffee/tea & cookies area. Perfect. But wooaa exhausting.


une semaine bien chargée ! Le forum de jeudi c’est très bien passé finalement. J’ai passé la journée avec ma collègue/amie de l’institut français à répondre aux questions des gens interessés par les études en France ou les cours de français. C’est sympa de se sentir utile. Même si il y a pas mal de chose qu’il faut que je lise pour me mettre à jour. Le meilleur moment fut quand même lorsque j’ai été obligé de parler suédois !! “ förlat men jag talar inte svenska, om du vill ha mer information om franska kurser du kan ringa Claudine, hon talar svenska”. Ca restera dans les annals. Et puis, on été placé juste à coté des gateaux et du thé… parfait.

On friday evening, it was the Autumn Party at the British Embassy ! The theme was Mickael Jackson with a moon walk contest ! Felt so fancy to be on the guest list. We had a great time with my friends from work and met some cool people from the american embassy (we heard great stuff about their Halloween party). Next goal, Finish embassy, we heard they have a sauna there !

This weekend, SLEEP. And appointement taken at the hairdresser for next tuesday.

here’s what i was wearing dress & jacket from Sinequanone/ ma tenue pour la soirée


Vendredi soir c’été l'”Autumn Party” à l’ambassade de Grande Bretagne ! Sur le thème Mickael Jackson , avec concours de moon walk ! C’était vraiment sympa, et on en a profité pour faire ami ami avec des membres de l’ambassade américaine (il semble que leur soirée halloween soit super !). Prochain objectif, l’ambassade de Finlande, on a entendu parler d’un sauna !

Ce weekend, DODO. Et rdv pris chez le coiffeur pour mardi.

i’m living w/ a swede !!!

When you live with a swede… (second row, second from the left)

Quand on vit avec un suédois (deuxième rang, deuxième en partant de la gauche)


there are certain rules that must be followed….


loving Abba, spending sundays at IKEA, eating meat balls, recycling everything…

Il y a quelques règles à suivre:

aimer Abba, passer son dimanche à IKEA, manger des boulettes de viande, recycler tout ce qui nous passe sous la main…


But most of the time… mais la plupart du temps…


(here is something you didn’t expect/ voici quelque chose que tu n’attendais pas)

moving in with someone is … always an adventure and never quite what you expected. / Enménager avec quelqu’un est une aventure, et ce n’est jamais exactement ce que l’on attendait.

This week is being crazy. I come in at 8h30 and leave at 6h30, im exhausted and really stressed. Tomorrow is my first “student fair”. I’m supposed to answer people’s questions about going to study in France. I’m nervous. / Cette semaine est super chargée. je fais du 8h30 – 6h30, je suis crevée et stressée, demain, premier forum étudiants….

On monday we went to see swedish Idol live (we got free tickets somehow). It was fun. The stage is freaking small. As well as the candidates actually !/Lundi soir on a été voir “la nouvelle star” suédoise en live (pour une raison inconnue on a eu des tickets gratuits), c’était marrant. le plateau est minuscule, mais pas autant que les candidats ! (en tout cas bien meilleur niveau qu’en France!)

On tuesday we went to the premier of a french movie here in Stockholm, called “Je l’aimais” in french, ” i loved her” in english and weirdly enough “jag älskade honom” in swedish (honom meaning “him”). We got free tickets from the embassy. Kinda cool ! / Mardi, c’était la première en Suède du film français “je l’aimais” avec Daniel Auteuil, ils ont traduit ça par “jag älskade honom” (sachant que honom veut dire “lui”, j’ai pas compris…) Bref, on a eu des tickets gratuits par l’Ambassade…la classe 😉

i’m super trött nu (tired now) so …pizza och …bed. Je suis épuisée, pizza et dodo.


weekend. Thank you. What an exhausting week. But today i actually felt “damn, i like my job!”. It’s stressful but can also be a lot of fun. 🙂

My stuff FINALLY arrived today !!!  I spent the evening looking for a place for everything, well..I didn’t but still put up  most of my frames and stuff. Girl stuff, älskling says. Well im sorry i love colorful and cute objects. I feel much more “at home” now. Eventhough it still looks weird cause all “her” stuff are still here. I guess we just have to live with it.

My family (minus Elio 😦 ) are visiting on october 17th 🙂 !!

Now im sitting on the couch in my pjs drinking hot chocolate and watching “Red eye” with swedish subtitles 🙂

Here is the scarf my friend Dine gave me as a “goodbye” present and i just love it, it makes me think of the ones Kaja always has.


Ca fait un moment que je voulais montrer cette belle echarpe que Dine m’a offert comme cadeau de départ !

Weekend. MERCI. Cette semaine a été bien chargée. Mais aujourd’hui le boulot a été très sympa. Stressant mais interessant.

Mes affaires sont enfin arrivées à destination !! J’ai passé la soirée à chercher une place à toutes mes affaires. C’est pas facile avec tout les trucs (moches) de la proprio. Mais au moins il a de la couleurs maintenant !! Tout comme j’aime.

ma famille (mais sans Elio 😦 ) débarquent pour le weekend du 17 octobre !!

Et maintenant, pyjama, chocolat chaud et “Red eye” sous titré en suédois 🙂

 Ok now serious talk…im really thinking about getting bangs, again. And i want it just like this (i m allowed to dream right?)


Je pense serieusement à me refaire couper la mèche, dans ce genre là (on peut rêver)

1st days are tough.

SO. I cried the whole tuesday and wednesday. I arrived wednesday around 1pm and was picked up by a Embassy car (kinda fancy right? ) and älskling. And we drove to our place. It’s big. Im impressed. But really REALLY not my taste when it comes to decoration. I’ll have to take care of that later. When my stuff arrive. The afternoon was spent cleaning up, crying, hugging and resting. Yes, im a cryer. And today was…so weird. My boss is about to be a father (any second now) so i saw him 30 min and then  nothing. I was introduced to some people and then…well, i guess they expected i’ll turn on the comp and work but i had nooo clue what they wanted from me so i kinda panicked. Yeah that’s me. So not a very great first day no.

1 thing that was cool was my first swedish class ! “Jag talar inte svenska” 🙂


Donc, j’ai pleuré mardi toute la journée. Je suis arrivée mercredi vers 1h de l’après midi ou une voiture de l’ambassade est venue me chercher (la classe quand même) avec älskling. Pour nous enmener à l’appart, qui est assez grand mais à une déco de chiotte ! On a passé l’aprèm a ranger, moi à pleurer aussi beaucoup (oui je pleure tout le temps), et à manger. Aujourd’hui premier jour au boulot, mon boss est sur le point (questions de minutes) de devenir papa, résultat je l’ai vu 30 min avant d’être en quelques sortes livrée à moi même. Je ne sais pas à quoi ils s’attendaient..que j’allume l’ordi et que je me lance? Bref…journée pas facile, je suis totalement stressée et je ne sais pas quoi faire.

petit moment sympa de la journée, mon premier cours de suédois 🙂