Midsommar 2nd episod

On the friday evening my 2 great friends fom France arrived. The fact that they were here for Midsommar made this weekend even more special.

We took a boat trip to an island of the archipelago, the name of the harbour we stopped at is Linanäs, and just that for me made it worth it ! We spent the day looking for ananas (pineapple).

We had a picnic with great food and Champagne from France, and an “en gang grill” (one time grill) which is such an awesome invention !

Then we had strawberries and whipped cream on a pier and jumped in the water in underwear !!

After playing around for a while we all fell asleep in the sun on the pier……and woke up with uneaven tan (especially for the one of us that puts her camera in her bra)




Midsommar 2e jour. Perfection. Une ile avec un nom rigolo, du champagne, des fraises, des amis chéris et des traces de bronzage pas très catholiques

4 thoughts on “Midsommar 2nd episod

  1. O,so much fun!Strawberries and whipped cream & Champagne & friends !OOOOO I love it!
    So cool pic where u jump to the water 🙂
    Have a great weekend my friend!

  2. I know !! It’s so weird 😛 I thought of you when I was in Sthlm.. so crazyyy !
    aww, I love your midsommar posts ! 🙂 seems like you had a great time 🙂 I’m glad

  3. i love this so much! your trip looks like so much fun, and it’s nice that your friends visited.

    this makes me wanna jump off a pier in my underwear too, hehe.

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